Holistic Academic and Research Reflective Practice By Dr Nahielly Palacios

Holistic Academic Reflective Practice (HARRP) is a series of online seminars that offer an online space for Master students from across different Master programmes in the Manchester Institute of Education to come together and reflect on their academic and research experiences during their MA studies.

Through an experiential pedagogical approach which enables to facilitate peer-led group reflective practice, HARRP provides opportunities for students to learn from each other, develop reflective, critical and presentation skills. More importantly, it provides opportunities for students to develop a learning community which will benefit their MA experience.

The following video provides information regarding: 1) the purposes of the HARRP online seminar project; 2) its relevance to your academic and research journey and; 3) its connection to the core unit Engaging with Education Research.

HARRP originated from a series of online seminars which were referred to as 'the Share Your Research Ideas (SYRI) project' (March to August 2020). If you would like to know more about what students think about the benefits of attending the SYRI sessions (online face-to-face/synchronous) please click this link. The evaluation of the SYRI project found that attendees considered the online sessions helpful, they added that they were a good use of their time and that they would recommend the SYRI project to their fellow students. Some students said:

It was helpful having a discussion, bouncing off each other's ideas, receiving questions and comments on my project... even when I did not have much to say, I learned a lot from what other people shared in the sessions". MA International Education Student
Knowing that there are more people having similar experiences and feelings helped me to understand that this is also part of the process". MA Education Leadership student
Taking the time to stop and think about my own research process ... and then articulate it to others helped me to understand my own research project". MA DTCE student
Meeting with students from various MA programmes, talking to them and listening to their ideas gave me the opportunity to see things from different perspectives". MA TESOL student

HARRP is an extension of the SYRI project. We hope and expect that it will provide the same benefits to all students who attend the seminar sessions.

The next two videos provide information regarding HARRP live (online face-to-face/synchronous) seminar sessions and the online etiquette expected from participants.

This video gives information about the seminar sessions: what they are, the types of interaction involved, what to do before, during and after each session and what your roles as participating student may be. Click video below.

The next video provides information about the online etiquette or norms of conduct expected from all participating students. Click play on the window below.

Because our sessions are student-led, the following video gives you some tips on how to become a facilitator of the reflective conversations in HARRP. These tips were created by a alumni from 2020/2021.

Seminar sessions for semester one (September-January) of the academic year 2023/2024 will take place in Zoom. Sessions are on Thursday from 9:00 am to 10:00 am (UK time) in weeks 3, 5, 7 and 9.  We understand that these times could be challenging for those living outside the UK, but to get the benefit from the social interactions promoted in the HARRP project attendance and commitment are important. *Note that group work won't be video recorded due to the emphasis on peer group interaction*.

HARRP programme (2023/2024)

To access the materials for the HARRP online seminar sessions please self-enrol or register to our Canvas course. Click on the link below:

If you are already registered in Canvas please join the HARRP course using the code: PWBN8C

As previously mentioned, our online face-to-face seminar sessions take place in Zoom. You will be asked to honour the course rules of the game if you wish to take part in the HARRP seminar sessions. See the Course rules here.

Research on the HARRP project has been conducted in the past and it is planned to carry on this exploration. E.g., the impact of the project on MA students and its link to enabling Flexible Learning. All students will receive an invitation to take part in this study in due course.

Contact information: nahielly.palacios@manchester.ac.uk

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