My ITEC Journey Kimberly Holmes

I am Kim Holmes and I have a passion for teaching biology. I taught 7th Grade Life Science for 21 years at W. W. Lewis Middle School and this is my 7th year teaching Advanced Biology at Sulphur High School 9th grade campus. This is a showcase of my growth and teaching practices and techniques I have learned throughout my journey.

ISTE Focus - 1.6 Creative Communicator

Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals.

Creative Communicator

The students had to analyze their case study to determine a list of characteristics they believed could increase the potential of a nonnative species to become invasive. They were able to choose which platform to communicate their findings, such as FlipGrid, Infographic, PowerPoint, video, etc. They were then able to compare each groups platforms to look for similarities among each case study. They communicated those similarities through Canvas Discussion Board. Based off their findings, they had to make a real-world decision whether or not to introduce a nonnative oyster to Chesapeake Bay and support their decision with evidence.


The students did a great job analyzing their case study and communicating their findings from their case study with FlipGrids, Infographics, PowerPoints, video, etc. Their communication through Canvas Discussion Board was constructive and vital to helping them draw conclusions. They were able to provide detailed evidence to support their real-world decision on whether or not to introduce a nonnative species of oyster to Chesapeake Bay to help recover the declining native population. One success was the students having a choice to display their learning. It gave them ownership and empowerment in the learning process and enhanced their motivation. Challenges were a few technology issues that may have extended the process and time constraints of the lesson.

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