Trawers is the debut project of Hania Stoszek and Jan Gałosz. It's a combination of songwirting that comes from the Polish backyard, but also with inspirations from the UK scene, classical and improvised music or underground hip-hop. They were both enthralled by Polish songs from the 1970s and the album Korowód by Marek Grechuta (An album that is a combination of folk, chamber music, rock and jazz. It became the foundation of Polish songwriting). In their music, at least in a small way, they wanted to refer to the climate and style on which they were largely raised. However, by reinterpreting it and using it in a new musical context. Their music is often likened to Black country New road.

The album features five musicians. The producer of all the material as well as the drummer is Albert Karch, known for his duet albums with Ichiko Aoba. All bass parts are played by Max Mucha who is also a member of Christian Scott's band. And on saxophones, Miłosz Pieczonka, with whom Gałosz co-founded USO 9001.

Gałosz and Stoszek have known each other from an early age and grew up in a small town in the mountains in southern Poland, where they started creating together. They have completely different backgrounds, Hania is a classical pianist and as well as a young conductor. Jan is actively involved in the Warsaw improvised music scene. This makes their music an eclectic collection of very different inspirations.

fot. Dawid Misiorny