St Mary's College Newsletter Term 4, Issue 1

Message from the Principal

Ngaji gurrjin!

I am filled with a sense of joy and gratitude for the incredible journey of the College during Term 3, as a community grounded in faith, it is both humbling and inspiring to witness the growth, achievements, and spiritual development of our students.

Our students continue to excel, supported by our dedicated teachers who strive to nurture the whole student. This term, we have witnessed countless moments of discovery, creativity, and academic achievement. Our students have not only embraced the curriculum but have gone beyond, exploring new ideas, challenging themselves, and showcasing their talents in every aspect, we are so proud of them all and their achievements.

As we now commence Term 4, we are excited about the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. We have an enriching teaching and learning planned, filled with engaging experiences designed to further develop our students' skills, talents, and gifts. Additionally, we will continue to plan and work with students to look forward with eagerness to 2024 and beyond.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers, staff, and families who have tirelessly supported our students throughout Term 3 and who commence Term 4 with enthusiasm and passion. Your dedication and commitment to your children’s development is truly valued. To our students, I commend you for your courage, love, empathy, acceptance and resilience. May you carry the light of these values with you throughout the term ahead.


Presentation Night Invitation

Families Term 4 Calendar

Shamisen Performance

On Monday 4th of September our Kindy, Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2 students and secondary Japanese studies students enjoyed a performance by Shamisen artist Noriko Tadano

Noriko is a Shamisen performer and has also performed internationally in countries such as China, Korea, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and so on.

The shamisen is a three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument derived from the Chinese instrument sanxian. It is played with a plectrum called a bachi.

The construction of the shamisen varies in shape, depending on the genre in which it is used. The instrument used to accompany kabukihas a thin neck, facilitating the agile and virtuosic requirements of that genre. The one used to accompany puppet plays and folk songs has a longer and thicker neck instead, to match the more robust music of those genres.

Noriko’s solo shows are captivating. It is not often that a single performance is deeply traditional, entertainingly quirky and refreshingly new.

Assistant Principal - Antonietta Scriva

Writing Snapshot on Primary

Year 2 students have been learning how to write Narratives. The students in year 2 Bilari wrote some scary narratives. The students became authors as they created their own books, complete with blurbs to hook the reader into their story.

Teacher - Rose Mitchell

Digital Technologies on Primary

In Term 3, Year 1 and 2 teachers have been engaged in Digital coaching from Rose Mitchell in her role as an Apple Professional Learning Specialist with Pivital. Teachers have been learning how to integrate digital technologies into other learning areas.

Year 1 students have been gathering data by taking videos and photos as they did an experiment to make a storm in HASS as part of their Geography unit. They have used magic movie in iMovie to easily create a short movie of their learning which also tied in nicely with learning about procedures.

The year 1 and 2 students learned about how to design a book in Book Creator to publish their own writing. Students played with backgrounds, fonts, colours, sizing and pictures that would attract the reader’s attention.

The year 1 students looked at the features of towns and then designed their own town to drive an Indi robot through. The Indi robots were kindly donated by the P&F .

The year 2 students placed natural and manmade landmarks onto a map of Australia and then drove spheros around the map of Australia to visit the different landmarks.

This is just a short snapshot of what the year 1s and 2s have been exploring. They also explored Google earth, Google Maps, learned how to take a screenshot, mark up a photo, turn on and receive an airdrop. It has been a very exciting term of learning.

Teacher - Rose Mitchell

Jarlangardi Assembly

Year 3 Jarlangardi had the pleasure of presenting a poetry themed assembly on Monday of Week 8. This term we have been exploring poems and this was a fantastic way to present what we have learned.

As a class, we decided an acrostic poem would be the best visually, so we put our heads together and got writing!

The kids worked in pairs to construct an acrostic poem that summed up our classroom. We explored some of the poems we had read earlier in the term and even a few that our classmates had written. We then decorated our letters with things relating to that line of the poem.

I am beyond proud of how beautifully everyone supported each other on the day and gave it their all. It was wonderful for the kids to show off their poetry knowledge and creativity.

Teacher - Emily Hagan

Year 4 Walag Mass

Year 4 Walag hosted a special Mass on the topic of Baptism. Together we celebrated the importance of Baptism and new life in Christ. We sang some beautiful songs and even danced at the end.

The students were incredible – so reverend and respectful. The speakers spoke clearly, and we all shared our knowledge with confidence and enthusiasm.

Thank you to Father Liam, who even got into the singing and dancing at the end! And thank you to all the families, who celebrated with us. It was a special and magical time to be at Nulungu Chapel and Walag did the College proud ♥️

Teacher - Melissa Murphy

Interschool Spelling Bee

Six primary students participated in the Interschool Spelling Bee held at Cable Beach Primary School in week 9. Congratulations to the following students who represented St Mary’s.

  • Year 2: Scarlett Blight and Masonrey Saraza
  • Year 3/4: Lila Sibosado (2nd overall) and Reuben Taverner (3rd overall)
  • Year 5/6: Joseph Mitchell and Jonni Ockerby (2nd overall)

Congratulations to those students who placed in the top 3.

Teacher's - Rose Mitchell & Noreen McKee

Poetry Family Sharing in Year 4

Year 4’s invited their families to school for a morning tea where we shared our amazing poetry books with them. We worked so hard all term in creating these books, and it was a beautiful way to celebrate our amazing efforts.

Teacher- Melissa Murphy

Indigenous Literacy Day

On the 6th September, in Pre-Primary, we celebrated Indigenous Literacy Day! The day started with a live stream from the Sydney Opera House where Jessica Mauboy sent us on a plane for a virtual tour around Australia to visit some special places!

We visited Burunga School in the Northern Territory, and the students there taught us about their special place, “Shordi Krik.” They wrote a song and a book all about this special place.

We were so inspired and had a go at writing about places that are special to us. Here is some of our AMAZING WORK!

Assistant Principal - Sara Burroughs

Tournament of the Minds Competition

Tournament of the Minds is a competition that requires teams of 7 to solve an open-ended challenge from one of the disciplines: The Arts, Language Literature, Social Sciences and STEM. The problems do not have a solution, instead, the students are assessed on the creative and divergent thinking and collaboration applied to solving the solution.

Our primary had three teams in the competition and have worked hard in preparing their problem presentations for the online judging. The teams worked hard to prepare for the final and all students performed well for the judges.

Teacher - Belinda Mitchell

Primary Interschool Athletics Carnival

The West Kimberley Primary Interschool Athletics carnival took place over two day on Thursday and Friday, Week 8. Students who performed at the top level in the House Carnival were selected to represent SMC in a competition with 8 schools across the West Kimberley.

All students represented the school extremely well and after two days of competition, SMC came out with the overall win and a number of champion and runner up champion athletes. Mr Ben would like to thank all the parents and students for their dedication to training over Week 6-8 in preparation for the carnivals.

Teacher - Ben Goldie

Season of Creation Celebration

During Week 10, students celebrated the Season of Creation and International Day of Peace. Students came together to participate in various activities that centred around the themes of peace, creation, and environmental stewardship. The Season of Creation theme for this year is ‘let justice and peace flow’ - As the people of God, we must work together on behalf of all Creation, as part of that mighty river of peace and justice.

Students created prayers for peace, sending their hopes out into the world. They looked at the biblical narrative of the 7 days of creation and completed activities to reflect this connecting their faith to the importance of environmental stewardship. Students also looked at this year's Season of Creation logo and created a beautiful art piece that reflected its message. Special thanks also to Father Liam for joining us in our celebration today. 🌏✝️🕊️

Teacher - Hannah Hunter

Book Fair

Our last Book Fair for 2023 has opened in the Primary Library and it will continue until Thursday of Week 2. Primary students have had a chance to browse and find the books they want during Week 1 during Library time, and will have the opportunity to buy during Week 2. Sale times are 7.30 – 7.50 am and 2.10 – 3.00 pm and students also have the chance to purchase items at lunchtime.

Parents and friends are all invited to come in, browse and choose a book or two to buy. There is an amazing range of books and activity kits to choose from and prices will suit every budget. Our school benefits from the sales so come and check it out!

Open Monday -Thursday 7.30 – 7.50 am, 2.10- 3.00 pm

Cash sales preferred but online payment available.

Primary Library Manager - Dianne Leitch

New Books

A big thank you to Chloe Cordiner’s Mum Sarah Cordiner for donating three of her own published and illustrated books to the primary school library.

Sarah is an author, qualified trainer, professional speaker and respected consultant in 'Edupreneurship', 'Edu-marketing', Entrepreneurship, Workforce Development, Instructional Design, Education & Training and online learning.

She is a specialist in training development and curriculum design, as well as trainer of trainers in adult learning.

The wonderful books she has written will be enjoyed by our primary students.

Assistant Principal - Antonietta Scriva


As part of our Wirlburu Creativity and Learning Celebration, the Art Studio transformed into an open gallery. A display of all students learning and creativity in the primary. It was an inspiring reflection and honourable way to showcase each child’s capability and efforts in the Visual Arts domain.

Kindness is an art form., and our hard-working Art Curators, Miss Tarlena, Miss Margie, Miss Dawn, Sister Dorcas and Miss Mel, worked so hard to put this together and I THANK them so much. “Teamwork makes the Dream work!”

A big THANKYOU also goes to our ‘live body art canvas’ and painting artists, who participated in putting on an artist inspired competition and show on Monday night. Did you guess the artist? It was so much fun watching this take shape! Love your work💗 Thanks everyone.

Year 6 Raffle Winners

Primary Admin

R U OK? Week

This year SMC acknowledged and celebrated the importance of RUOK? Day with a week of wellbeing across the college.

RUOK? Day works to raise awareness to empower everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and to start a conversation with those in their world who may be struggling.

We started off the week with some mindful meditation followed by connecting through some laughter and silliness with Tutu Tuesday – it was great to see teachers and so many students (big and small) embrace this day! The wellbeing learning continued in the week in the classroom and with celebrations on both campus’ on the official RUOK? Day 14th September.

We are so grateful to Garnduwa, Broome Shire, Boab Health, Anglicare and Headspace for showing their support and making the day fun and engaging!

We are proud to report that the visiting services feedback was that our students were wonderful and respectful and made the most of the day's activities. Our staff were also taken care of with delicious morning teas on each campus, encouraging staff to take the time to check in on each other.

A special thank you to our newly formed Wellbeing Action Committee for all their hard work in putting the week together.

Director of Wellbeing K-12 - Melita Waters

Physical Education - SEN Class

"Throughout Term 3 the last 3 weeks in PE, the SEN students have had the opportunity to head off campus and partake in activities such as kayaking and Body Boarding."

Teacher - Teagan Butler

Year 8, 9 & 10 Life Skills

"This Term the year 8/9/10 Lifeskills class have been busy planning, organising and running their own cafe called ‘Blueys cafe’. They had to decide on a cafe name, create and hand out invitations to their invites guests, create a menu for their guests, make the food and set up the cafe.

They all did such an amazing job and only had positive feedback from their cafe guests. Well Done to Rosco, Emma-Kate and Thor for an amazing cafe."

Teacher - Teagan Butler

Year 10 Outdoor Education Camp

Last Term Year 10 ODE camp ventured to Barn Hill for their Kayaking and Fishing expedition. When we arrived everyone was really excited to kayak, but after setting up for camp we realised that the conditions would be too windy to kayak. Instead we decided to make light of the situation and enjoy a lovely swim down at the beach and fish. After cleaning up and cooling down, we played footy whilst the sun set. Having such a long day everyone was really hungry so we made dinner, Preston made us a fire and we ate s’mores. To end the night we all decided to head to the playground and muck around on the rope swing, everyone had a go including Miss Teagan.

We kicked off Thursday nice an early so we could go for a Kayak, everyone ate breakfast and prepared and we were on our way, we walked down to the beach, had our safety talk and it was time to head onto the water. Everyone had fun kayaking and looking for big bash ups so we’d be granted a catch, not everyone was successful but a few caught some decent sized fish. We enjoyed our time on the water then headed in so we’d be back in time. We packed up camp (Mr Braidan forced us to laugh at his jokes or there’d be consequences ) and make our way to the roadhouse to indulge some delicious food. After arriving back at school everyone got involved in helping to pack up and we all got to go home and sleep in our way comfier beds.

-Charlize Mofflin (Year 10 Student)

Teacher - Teagan Butler

Year 11 Outdoor Education Camp

On Wednesday the 6th of September the Year 11 Outdoor Education students set off on their kayaking adventure to Cygnet Bay (Borrogon). The trip commenced with a cultural tour, led by Terry Hunter, which enriched the students’ learning about Bardi Jawi Country and Aboriginal Culture.

On Thursday students embarked on a kayak across Cygnet Bay to a section of the coast where they spent the day eating fresh oysters off the rocks, catching fish, snorkelling and hooking for mud crabs. Around the trangia’ s that night many yarns were had, and two-way learning took place.

On Friday the day started in the morning hooking for mud-crabs and then we hit the road. Exhausted by joyous, the students returned singing karaoke on the bus, each with their own stories to share and a smile to show for it.

This was another great opportunity for On Country learning in Outdoor Education.

Teacher - Brooke Bennett

Year 11 & 12 Certificate II

The year 11/12 Certificate II class have been busy throughout their last unit of the course. Students have been participating in conditioning for sport and have done strength and conditioning sessions at PCYC as well as a rehab and recovery session with Mel and Evolve Studio.

Here they had the opportunity to ask Mel any questions to do with recovery, nutrition and strength and conditioning. Students also took part in a mobility/strength session as well as an Ice Bath.

Teacher - Teagan Butler

Year 12 Marine Studies

Broome has 4 new Recreational Skippers Ticket holders from the St. Mary's College Year 12 Marine and Maritime Studies class. Congratulations to Edward Jones, Grant Leong, Luken Powers, and Kelysse Richardson.

Thanks go to St Mary's College Broome, Deadly Sista Girlz, and our Clontarf Academy for making this event possible. Thanks also go out to Grant at ABC Boating for the professionalism and support he provided to our students, he made the students feel safe, comfortable and confident.

The students are now looking forward to sharing many hours of safe and rewarding boating in the unique and amazing environment of the Kimberly region.

Deputy Principal in Curriculum - Simon Jones


Last Term in the Drama studio, students have been delving into a captivating array of theatrical styles and techniques. Here is a glimpse into the exciting happenings across different year groups this term:

Year 7: The young talents of Year 7 have been honing their skills by clowning around and perfecting their mime acts. Laughter and creativity fill the studio as they embrace the art of physical expression, big gestures, and interactions with the audience.

Year 8: Year 8 students are diving into the fundamentals of drama. They have been hard at work, delving into script analysis, character development, and the thrilling world of improvisation. They have started devising their own pieces of children theatre and will be performing them next term.

Year 9: The Shakespearean spirit is alive and well in Year 9. Students have been immersing themselves in the timeless works of William Shakespeare, diligently learning lines, and bravely stepping onto the stage to perform in front of an eager audience.

Year 11 (ATAR and General): Year 11 brings a touch of the Italian Renaissance to the drama studio with their exploration of Commedia Dell 'Arte. From crafting iconic masks to delving into intricate script work, they are truly mastering the art of this historical comedic form.

With each year group's unique journey through the world of drama, our students are not only developing their acting prowess but also gaining valuable life skills in communication, creativity, and teamwork. Stay tuned for more captivating performances and creative endeavours from our talented drama enthusiasts!

Performing Arts Festival

It was an extremely busy time in the world of performing arts last term, with some wonderful opportunities to showcase our incredibly talented students. At the end of August, three drama students embarked on a journey to Perth to participate in the prestigious Performing Arts Festival. Amelia Mitchell performed a monologue titled “Dog Anxiety,” which received a Merit award, Lei Yuen performed a monologue titled “A Girl’s Guide to Coffee,” which received an Excellence award, and Dann Oswald performed a monologue titled "Connected." While in Perth, students experienced an inspiring visit to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), a renowned institution that has nurtured some of the brightest stars in the entertainment industry.

They were given a tour, attended a couple of workshops, and gained invaluable insights into Performing Arts at the university level. We were also fortunate to be treated to VIP seats at the Choral Performance held at Trinity College it was a wonderful evening listening to angelic voices.

All three students represented our college with grace, talent, and passion and should be extremely proud of their achievements. A big thank you to Mr Naish who supported us also during our time in Perth and got us safely to all every destination, we are very grateful.

YOH Fest

The second opportunity was the local Youth On Health Festival (YOH Fest) held here in Broome, which saw 14 passionate drama enthusiasts leaving an indelible mark on the events with some very thought-provoking performances. Under the theme “Respect,” Abigail Nairn, Anna Gatt, and Cherry Leong from year 7 took centre stage to showcase their creativity and talent. Their production, “Plants Are Alive Too!” written by Cherry, was a thought-provoking exploration of the importance of respecting nature and the environment.

The brilliance did not stop there! Two duologues, “Utopia,” performed by Kira-Bo Rudd and Dann Oswald, and “The Doomsday Clock,” by Grant Leong and Tyler Nunn, captivated the audience with their thought-provoking and innovative performances on stage. Adding a touch of humour and satire to the evening, our students presented a unique take on pop culture with their renditions of “Mean Girls,” featuring Amelia Mitchell, Leena Muller, and Lei Yuen, and “The Bachelor,” written and directed by our very own year 11 student, Leena Muller, and starring Micah Hegarty, Lei Yuen, Amelia Mitchell, Bethany Clarke-Leaver, Jesse Roberson, Kaedan Mcpherson-Stanbridge, Kira-Bo Rudd, Leena Muller, Tyler Nunn, and Grant Leong. These performances were met with resounding laughter and applause, and it was evident that our students’ talent extended beyond the dramatic to the comedic.

The accolades kept pouring in as the night unfolded, with all performances receiving an award. “The Bachelor” proved to be a standout, earning a spot in the grand finals in Mandurah, Perth. This is no small feat, as the competition was state-wide, and only the top eight group performances across Western Australia made it through.

The theme of "Respect" was at the heart of all these performances, and our students embodied it brilliantly. Their portrayals and narratives served as a reminder that respect is a universal value that should guide our interactions with one another and the world around us. The success of all our drama students at YOH FEST in Broome is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and exceptional talent, and I thank you all at home, Miss Coby, and Mr. Justin for your unwavering support and to Miss Achan and Miss Nat for your help on the day.

Many congratulations, and we eagerly await “The Bachelor” performance at the grand finals in Mandurah next term!

Teacher - Cara Webling

Market Day

Last term, we have been learning about Economics. We've been learning about Demand and Supply, inflation and many more important things that complete the subject of Economics. Our main assessment for this term was to create a market stall in order to learn about the business industry. We began by brainstorming ideas about what we would sell. Later on, we started creating logos, slogans, and themes for our markets. By the end of the term we had created our very own business.

Finally, Tuesday of week 10, we set up our tables and started selling all our products at lunch. Business was booming! Products were being sold out and customers were very happy with what they had received.

By the end of the day, all students had made around $250 profit. All of this money was donated to the SAFE charity to help out with their support of stray, ill and injured animals. It was a very good term and making the stalls was very fun for everyone. We learnt lots about economics and had fun while doing it.

By Molly Jones

Happy O'Brien Feast Day


Thank you amazing O'Brien team for being a part of today's Feast Day Celebrations.

Particularly a huge thank you to Brett, for leading us in the Aboriginal Our Father at Mass; Wendi for hosting just dance and helping me cut and serve the cake; Cherie and Tessima for also helping out with the cake (and crowd control), Jane for helping supervise the afternoon and being our Eucharistic Minister for Mass.

The wonderful Junior School Team who brought the youngsters over (Antonetta, - sorry, I don't know all their names) It was a great day, and was wonderful to get both campuses having fun together!!

And of course, Fr Liam, thank you for celebrating our Mass with us, and making it back for cake (even though the surf was pumping), and Miss Coby, for coming along and enjoying the fun! O'Brien House certainly did flourish, celebrating our Patron admirably.

Head of House for O'Brien - Caroline Tompkin

Residential College Day Out

Last term the Broome St Mary’s Residential College students were treated to a ‘Big Day Out’ full of fun activities.

The day started with a trip to Cable Beach for a surf and some beach games followed by a trip out to Roebuck Roadhouse for some lunch afterwards.

We were lucky to score some rare quality surf and the boys didn’t want to get out of the water! It was a fantastic way to end the term for these boys who all head back home for the holidays in week 10.

Clontarf Operations Officer - Jack Schyman

SMC Clontarf Trip to Barred Creek

Some Broome St Mary's Academy students and staff travelled out to Barred Creek last term for an overnight camp. Day one started with camp setup and some fishing, followed by a WWE style wrestling match in the creek that saw Cody Torres and Eshua Jacky tied for the title.

We finished the day with a swim, followed by some firewood collection and a cook-up. The following day we packed up and were all treated to a Roadhouse lunch. We returned home to Broome with some happy students who had hopefully learned a thing or two about camping!

Clontarf Operations Officer - Jack Schyman


Shinju Art Awards

This year works from years 7-12 were entered into the Shinju Art Awards. The level of technical skills displayed by students was outstanding. The winner of the Youth Prize was 2022 Dux student Sophie Little with her untitled pencil drawing. St Mary's Alumni also entered incredible artworks.

Student artworks included textiles, ceramics, photography and paintings exhibited in the show. Well done to all our talented students.

Teacher - Marie Little

SMC Student Women's Rising Star

Congratulations to our very own Nevada Croft!

Teacher - Teagan Butler

Well Being Support Services Hot Lines

Helpful to have a handy reference to some online and phone wellbeing support services. It is really important that we are looking after ourselves and accessing supports when needed and encouraging those around us to do the same!

Director of Wellbeing K-12 - Melita Waters

Parenting Connection

Anglicare WA

Free Webinar for Parents

Anglicare WA

The Missing Piece Surveillance Study

Telethon Kids Institute