LPA Newsletter Friday 5th January 2024

Head of School Welcome

Dear families,

A Happy New Year to you all. Welcome to the first newsletter for 2024.

Over the next weeks, we will be updating you on some of the changes we are making as part of our response to our recent Ofsted along with student voice. It is clear that the majority of students feel that the behaviour of a minority should not impact on their learning. It is with this in mind that we are revisiting our expectations to ensure they are clear to all students and that when sanctions are required that these are clear to students and families. One of our first areas is punctuality and truancy with our expectations set out below as this week's Spotlight.

We will be continuing with our 20 minute lunch time detentions for lates and as a sanction for out of learning behaviour concerns with the escalation to 20 minutes after school. If the after school detention is not completed there will be a 40 minute Friday after school detention. Parents will be notified if an after school detention has been set.

We have set the students two Reward point challenges to emphasis the value of completing reward cards. The first is Lunch time queue challenge. The Year group with the highest per student reward point total will move to the coveted first sitting position. The challenge started 4th January 2024 and ends 2nd February 2024 with the winning Year group being announced 5th February.

The second challenge is a whole school challenge with each Year group being set a target number of reward points based on size of year group and previous point scores. If each Year group achieves (or exceeds) their target before Easter, we will hold a non uniform day.

Updates on the challenges along with the ongoing House Totaliser score will be shared with you as part of the newsletter. Please support your child with this challenge by checking they have their reward card and importantly that they hand to their form tutor completed reward cards. I look forward to seeing the reward point totals over the next term.

Warm Regards

Ruth Roberts - Head of School

Uniform Reminder

As part of our start of term assemblies, we have reminded students of our uniform expectations.

Students may have a single piercing in each ear but any other piercing must be removed with a clear flat retainer in place. Students will be asked to remove piercings if worn in school. Students should not have long coloured nails but may have clear natural nails.

There has been a recent trend of leggings for girls and very low slung trousers for boys. Neither are part of our uniform and should not be worn. Unfortunately, the trouser styles often sold as ‘school wear’ are more legging style. We ask that trousers are tailored fit trousers and not skin tight from the waist to the ankle. Narrow fit trousers are acceptable, but they must not cling to the leg like a pair of leggings. In particular for boys, trousers should fit at the waist and not require the wearing of additional shorts underneath to ensure decency.

Students who wear leggings will be issued with a school skirt to wear.

Students should have a shirt where the top button can be fastened and the academy tie. Our full uniform list can be found on the academy website and we will support families if there are concerns about the cost of uniform items.



What we do: Punctuality

We have clear expectations regarding punctuality especially to lessons. The bells indicate the end of lesson and students must be in their lesson within ten minutes.

Why we do it

Punctuality is an important life skill and one that employers expect. Students arriving late to lessons interrupts the start of lessons and causes disruption for all the students in that lesson. This means important learning time is lost. we reinforce the need for punctual starts with our 90 second rule.

It is also important from a safeguarding perspective that students are prompt to lessons as this helps to ensure class registers are accurate. This allows for quick identification of students who are truanting and who are putting themselves and at times others at risk. Any student out of lesson without a pass after the 10 minute time limit will be classed as truanting and placed in internal suspension for five periods and have detention until 4pm.

Table Talk

It is great when families sit down together and share a meal. We would like to encourage you to discuss important topics with your son or daughter that may impact their education.

Positive mental health it very important for all of us.

What Parents Should Look For: Excessive Moodiness

Moodiness can be considered typical teenage behaviour, but excessive moodiness could mean there’s an underlying mental illness. For example, bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that can cause big mood swings.

If parents notice their teens’ moods are up and down and all over the place, it could mean that there’s a mental health condition underneath those mood swings.

Here are three criteria that can help both parents and mental health professionals distinguish between moodiness and mental health disorders:

Intensity or severity: Is the intensity of the moodiness interfering with a teen’s everyday life, including family life, social activities, and school?

Duration (length of time): Is the moodiness ongoing, or does it only crop up now and then? When it does arise, how long does it last—hours, days, or weeks?

Domains, or situations: Does a teen’s moodiness persist in all situations, including with friends, or is it just with parents, or just at school?

The answers to these questions can help determine the extent of the problem and whether moodiness is a red flag behaviour or more typical teen behaviour.

Please take the time to speak to your son/daughter about this important matter.
Christmas Attendance Competition

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 12 Day of Christmas Attendance competition.

Wireless Sony Earbuds:

Kenzie – Year 8

£20 Amazon Vouchers:

Richard - Year 10

Joshua - Year 7

David - Year 11

Stephen - Year 11

£10 Shopping Voucher

Pedro - Year 11

Diana - Year 11

Ashraf - Year 11

Leandro- Year 7

Christmas Dinner at LPA

We were privileged to attend the Christmas dinner at Lodge Park Academy on Friday 15th December 2023 and wanted to express our thanks to staff and pupils who looked after us so very well.

It was a pleasure to see the young people so keen and confident, a credit to the Academy and the community.

Paul and Sheila


We are currently recruiting Invigilators to join our team here at Lodge Park Academy. We would welcome applications from family and friends for anybody looking for a part time job that will keep them busy for several weeks in Autumn, Spring and Summer.

Please follow the link below for more details:


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Spring Term: Academy re-opens to students Thursday 4th January 2024
Spring Term: Academy closes to students on Friday 16th February 2024
Sixth Form Open Evening - Tuesday 23rd January 2024 - 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm

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