From Locker Room to Spotlight The WOMENs varsity basketball media day photos

The women's Varsity basketball team has had a great start to their season. They have won five games and lost two. With a team of 13 players, there are nine seniors, one junior, two sophomores, and one freshman. They will have 21 games this season, 12 being home and nine being away. They are in the sunset league.


* named left to right

Riley Milder, 12, PG

Nevaeh Dyer, 12, SG

Madi Hall, 12, PG


Pictured Left to Right: Genesis Gavilanes, 10, Adrianna Hobson, 11, Marlie Thompson, 12, Leila Barela, 12, Kate Harrington, 10, Amaya Contreras, 12, Nevaeh Dyer, 12, Tori Holbrook, 9, Riley Milder, 12, Madi Hall, 12, Samantha Kee, 12, Kayli Ruano, 12 Not pictured: Georgina Abreu, 12