Marshall fire Unprecedented devastation and property damage in Boulder County

The sudden, and historic Marshal fire in Boulder County is by far the worst wildfire in Colorado. Details of the total unaccounted people are still not precise at this post. According to authorities, three people are missing and feared to have been killed.

The 110 to 115 mph wind-driven fire a day before the new year of 2022 destroyed a total of 991 homes and businesses. Details are still being updated at

Photos below are from the Creekside housing area in Superior, Colorado. According to authorities, three hundred thirty-two homes were destroyed by the fire in this housing area. The debris and remains of burned-to-the-ground structures are covered with up to eight inches of snow. Some structures are still smoldering.

Marshal Fire also destroyed 553 homes in Louisville, and 106 homes in the unincorporated Boulder County. Another 127 properties had some form of fire damage. Authorities are still investigating the cause of this 6000-acre wildfire.


On December 30th, 2021 multiple fires broke out across Boulder County. At this time 35,000 have been evacuated and it is clear hundreds of homes and businesses will be impacted. Community Foundation Boulder County, in partnership with Government and nonprofit organizations will work to support the needs of the community as they emerge. Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated. - Community Foundation, Boulder County


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