Adobe Days Empowering students and teachers to make the most of their Adobe tools

Adobe Days are a (free of charge) interactive digital creativity incursion to inspire engaging learning experiences with the help of Adobe's software to develop digital literacies, creative problem-solving, life-long learning and build confidence to innovate and connect the curriculum with career and community.

Adobe Days aim to promote digital fluency, creating opportunities for students to be users, designers, and producers. They also provide teachers with resources to embed digital skills aligned with curriculum through the option of an after school professional event.

Note that completing the EOI form does not commit the school to running an Adobe Day. It is a starting point in the planning process.

What are the benefits?

  • Provide teachers with a variety of digital tools & techniques to engage students in any curriculum area.
  • Bring creativity and fun into the curriculum giving students a voice to tell their own stories and express themselves.
  • Give students creative control over their work and improve their engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Offer a range of digital tools that empower expression and persuasive communication through presentations, videos, animation, images, and more.

Topics can include:

  • Storytelling with video and instruction
  • Digital Portfolios
  • Infographics for any topic
  • Design Thinking and prototyping
  • Multi-modal presentations
  • Photo editing to bring ideas to life

Example Adobe Day program

Although customisable for each school, a typical Adobe Day program involves rotating classes of students through a dedicated space with good wifi and a quality screen. For example ...

  • Period 1 - Year 7A English, Year 7B History
  • Period 2 - Year 9 Media Year 10 Media
  • Period 3 - Year 8B Mathematics, Year 8C Science
  • Period 4 - Year 11 & 12 Media,
  • Lunchtime activity/competition (optional)
  • Period 5 - Year 10A History, Year 10B English
  • Period 6 - Year 11 & 12 Visual Communication & Design
  • After school professional learning event

Adobe Days also involve the opportunity for a school to run an after school staff professional learning event so that teachers in any curriculum area can experience first-hand the value of their Adobe access to enhance digital literacy, communication and creativity in the classroom. Running the Adobe Creative Educator (ACE) level 1 micro credential course course is a popular option and requires a minimum of 90 min.

Using the digital tools found within the Adobe Creative Cloud, students are empowered to tell their stories, express their ideas, show their learning, and grow their skills in ways that are truly fun and exciting.

If you would like to discuss this further, contact Adobe's Senior Education Specialist (APAC) Dr Tim Kitchen -

The students and staff found the activities extremely engaging and relevant. It was clear to both staff and students that the apps you covered can be used in many situations, indeed some work was being done on Express the very next day! (Charles Travis, Design and Technology Leading Teacher - Somerville Secondary College, Victoria).
Infographic about skills to thrive from Mentone Girls Secondary College in Melbourne

Videos from recent Adobe Days ...