Mckenzie Nuyen and Venelope Ortiz

Freshman Owen Ross
"The thing I'm most looking forward to in the spring is the football workouts. I just want to get better and really improve on everything to make my parents proud and people in general."
Sophomore Mariah Lee
“Probably my family's spring break trips. We go out of town: we'll go to Tennessee or different states and just do different things.”
Junior Nakia Palmer
“The weather is changing and possibly going outside, having a nice time and probably getting a new book, going to the library, maybe. To just have a nice relaxing time.”
Senior Naoko Isobe
“I am looking forward to the dance, the play in spring because I’m a foreign student and so I never experienced a party like prom.”
Security guard Jacqueline Hampton-Gardner
“Enjoying the weather, watching the flowers bloom, watching it rain and watching the sun come out. I just love it.”