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Friday, November 17, 2023

Steele Hill A.M.E. Zion Church

Rev. Dr. Jerret Fite, Pastor

A Dash of Salt & Pepper from Dr. Fite

Great Day Steele Hill Family,

It has been great getting to know everyone. My family and I are blessed to be with you all and look forward to working with each of you. I pray that each of you have a great and warm thanksgiving filled with love from your family and friends.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Andrea and I have tried to establish traditions within our household that will give our children a foundation of gratitude for the blessings that God has bestowed upon us.

“Give thanks in all circumstances.”

God calls us to a life of thankfulness. A thankful person is a humble person. So can a proud person be a thankful person? Probably, however, they will have to come down from their high horse to truly be humble enough to reach this Godly level of thankfulness.

God calls us to give thanks in everything. Giving thanks in everything is not giving thanks for everything. It’s hard to be thankful for a flat tire, a negative doctors report, or a difficult marriage. However, we can give thanks in those situations because you know God is still in control. You can be thankful that He works for your good and will never forsake you. You can be thankful for what God will do in these challenging situations.

Thankfulness is an attitude. It is confessing that all you have and all you are comes from the Lord. Giving thanks is a confession that God is good, and He takes care of His children. I say all of this to say my family and I are thankful to have the Steele Hill family as our family now. Our family has grown yet again, and we look forward to traveling in ministry together.

Grace and Peace,

Dr. J. Fite


The Next Big Thing!


Sunday School Lesson

Lesson 12 - November 19, 2023

Adult Unit III - Christ Frees, Laws Enslaves

Adult General Lesson Title - Life In Christ Brings Freedom

Adult Topic - Live as You Were Taught

Background Scripture - Colossians 2:6-23

Home Daily Reading

Friday, November 17 - Psalm 23 - God Provides and Comforts

Saturday, November 18 - Colossians 2:6-15 - Rooted and Built Up in Christ

Sunday, November 19 - Colossians 2: 16 - 23 Hold Fast to Christ

Truthville 2023

Contact Tina Johnson, CED for more information

Thank You Veterans

Sometimes, until we we see what is happening in other countries, we do not not realize how blessed we are in the USA!

Veteran's Recognition Program

Sunday, November 12, 2023

(l-r) John Weather, Elmore A. Bellamy (WW II Veteran), Rev. Dr. Fite
Veterans were escorted to the front for special recognition.
(l-r) John Raeford Witherspoon, Sr. Eddie Waiters/Trafonda Patton, Odell Witherspoon/Shante Waiters
(l-r) Derral Tims/Margretta Morrison, Nadine Morrison/Sam Morrison, John Weathers/Doris Weathers
(l-r) Walter Davis Timity Taylor/Shameika Morrison, Rev. April Wolfe
Shellie Springs, Jr./Patrice Tims
John E. King/Willette King
Cheryl Lindsay representing Lewis Lindsay, Sr.

Not Pictured (Clarence McIlwain)

Willie J. Witherspoon, Air Force, (1969 - 1973) sent greetings from Marietta, GA

A special thanks to the Culinary Ministry for preparing a delicious meal following service!
Blow Out The Candles

Jerry Tims - November 17

Deann Butler - November 20

Carmen Webb - November 20

For Your Health

The health risks of ultra-processed foods

Have you heard that it’s healthier to shop the outer aisles of the grocery store? That’s because they include more whole or “real” foods, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat and fish. The inner aisles are where you typically find more processed and ultra-processed foods. But what do “processed” and “ultra-processed” mean, how are they different, and are these foods really that bad for your health?

Diabetes educator Jana Pilkington, RN, explained what ultra-processed foods are and why it’s important to limit them.

What are ultra-processed foods?

“The term ‘processed food’ can cause some confusion because many foods are processed in some way,” Pilkington said. “A mechanical process – such as grinding beef, heating vegetables, or pasteurizing milk – does not impact how healthy the food is. Ultra-processed food, however, contains preservatives and other ingredients.”

There are two types of ingredients that classify a food as processed: one is an industrial food substance and the other is a cosmetic additive.

Some examples of ultra-processed foods are:

Flavored crackers

Potato chips


Frozen meals

Processed cheese products

Breakfast cereals

Candy and ice cream

Instant noodles and soup

Reconstituted meats like sausage, nuggets, fish sticks, and processed ham

How do ultra-processed foods affect your body?

Processed foods are typically higher in trans fats and have either no or very, very little fiber.

“They’re quick calories, leading to a likelihood of taking in more calories than the same amount of fresh food,” Pilkington explained. “Because they’re so processed, they go through the body faster, which makes you hungrier quicker.”

Eating this type of food can cause weight gain, predisposing you to type 2 diabetes and leading to cardiovascular disease.

To improve your health, try eating more less-processed food such as fruits and vegetables. Pilkington offered some ways to increase your fruit and veggie intake:

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as often as possible by having a prep time each week.
  • Experiment with food by trying new vegetables and adding fresh or dried herbs to kick up the flavor.
  • Add vegetables to sauces, eggs, smoothies and guacamole to increase your vegetable intake.
  • Try eating raw vegetables for snacks instead of potato chips.
BTW, Maya Fite told me that she eats carrots as a snack!

It Is Not Always How You Start. Do You Know?

The Lancaster High Bruins football team only won 1 game during the regular season. But somehow, Lancaster made the playoffs and have won 2 playoffs games! Lancaster has also now advanced to the third round of the SCHSL 4A state playoffs, something it hasn't done in 15 years. Tonight, Lancaster High (3-9) vs. South Florence (12-0) in Florence, SC #GoBigBlue BTW, The Bruins Basketball team went to the State Finals last year! Let's support Trevor (Mariah's husband) and the Bruins Basketball Team - except when they play Indian Land High!

Season of Advent

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