St John Vianney R.C. School Newsletter 13.10.23

Assistant Headteacher's Message

Mr G Damant

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are having a great week. As we approach the end of a very busy half term it is important that we maintain our excellent attendance and continue to do all that we can to ensure the pupils are in school every day. Your support with ensuring that pupils are attending, and ready to learn, is greatly appreciated.

The school build will move into a new phase of development after half term with the demolition of some old buildings and moving of the site boundary line. This will result in a change to our play areas and less space for car parking and taxi drop-off. The multi-use games area is almost complete and ready for use at break times and PE lessons.

Multi-use games area

On Wednesday we will be celebrating our Harvest festival, all donations will be going to South Manchester food bank. If you have any non-perishable food items that you would like to contribute please send them into school before Wednesday. The contributions so far are amazing!

God Bless,

Mr Damant

Dates For Your Diary

  • Friday 20th Oct @ 15:15 - School closes for the Half Term break.
  • Monday 30th Oct @ 9:00 - School re-opens after the Half Term break.
  • Friday 1st Dec, All day - School closed to pupils. INSET day for staff.

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week!

  • Class 3 - Adnan - For fantastic listening and engaging in all lessons.
  • Class 2 - George - For good attitude towards work and being a good friend.
  • Class 6 - Szymon - For working hard and always being a reliable member of the class.
  • Class 1 - Oskar - For more interaction with his peers and the staff in the class.
  • Class 8 - Jason - For much improved effort and focus in lessons.
  • Class 5 - Maisy - For being kind, generous and committed to her chapliancy role.
  • Class 11 - Finlay - For excellent reading and great answers this week.
  • Class 12 - Allice - For showing friendship to all in her class, settling in well to post 16, acting maturely and working hard in her lessons.
  • Class 7 - Miya - For being resilient and being a good friend.
  • Class 4 - Jon Paul - For being sensible, making the right choices in situations where he hasn't in the past and showing great improvement.
  • Class 9 - Andrew - For his excellent effort in all of his lessons and helpful attitude towards his class team.
  • Class 10 - Bruno - For an always smiling face and positivity.
  • Class 13 - Liz - For having a great week and doing great independent work.

Employee of the Week

Mr Lomax is a flexible member of staff who can fill many roles and adapt to a wide range of classes. His willingness to engage and go above and beyond in lots of situations makes him a real asset to our staff team. Last Thursday saw another series of fantastic poetry interventions that I know were enjoyed by staff and pupils alike. He has really raised the profile of poetry across the school and is having a positive impact on developing whole school literacy.



  1. What have you been doing this week? We went to Father Nicks to the retreat, it was nice to be with my class. We went to Longford Park gym in P.E I went on some ball thing , it was big and it was funny. We went to GMOL on Monday and moved some woodchips.
  2. What is the best thing about being in SJV? My friends , my lessons, especially P.E.
  3. How could SJV be even better? If they had an XBox
  4. What are your hopes and dreams for the future? To go to college straight away when I've left here then I would like to work in CeX game shop.

Mrs Fitzgibbon

Mrs Fitzgibbon
  1. What is your role in school? Examinations Manager/Administration.
  2. What have you been doing this week? This week I have been preparing the Annual Review paperwork and organising meetings for parents and Local Authorities. I have been ordering school uniform for pupils and staff, who all look exceptionally smart. Best of all, informing pupils they have been awarded the Headteacher's reward treat, a McDonalds lunch, and collecting it for them.
  3. What is the best thing about being in SJV? SJV is a unique, special and very rewarding place to work. The staff and pupils are a cohesive community working together to support each other in whatever capacity necessary.
  4. How could SJV be even better? It will be even better when the new build is completed with all the modern facilities available for the pupils.
  5. What are your hopes and dreams for the future? To continue to work in the school office and provide a first class service to staff and parents.

Class 5

  • Who are the members of your class? Staff: Mrs Garfin, Mrs Rock and Mrs Foden Pupils: Zach, Riley, Ruby, Lee, Will, Joe, Maisy, Ayla, Bailey and Rome.
  • What is the best thing about your class? They are very generous, kind and always up to the challenge.
  • What would make your class even better? If we could realise all of their wonderful ideas. Unfortunately there is just not enough time.
  • What has your class been learning this week? We have been learning about the wonders of the world, electricity, reading Mr Stink and looking at how we should protect the environment.
  • What activities have your class undertaken this week? We have been to Cronkshaw farm, City in the community and lots of extra curricula activities including the talent show, choir and chaplaincy.
  • What is the class looking forward to in the future? They are looking forward to starting travel training and their half term break!! (as are the staff 🙂)

Class 6

Class 6
  • Who are the members of your class? Staff: Mr Healey, Miss Ratcliffe, Mrs Kay, Miss Wilkinson, Miss Watson Pupils: Aiden, Chael, Charlie, Cormac, Is’haaq, Jackson, Kyan, Sean, Szymon, Thomas
  • What is the best thing about your class? We have built up some brilliant friendships and are always keen to help each other. They are a very creative class and enjoy making each other laugh.
  • What would make your class even better? If we all had iPads/computers and went on more trips.
  • What has your class been learning this week? We have been learning about the Mayan civilisation in Topic, writing our own stories in English and converting measurements in Maths.
  • What activities have your class undertaken this week? We walked to Morrisons in Chorlton during our Enrichment lesson on Tuesday. We had to buy and compare foods whilst sticking to our budget.
  • What is the class looking forward to in the future? We can’t wait to get back to Bendrigg and are looking forward to all the Christmas activities.

Highlights Gallery

Our Catholic School

‘Together, we pledge our commitment to raising awareness about the stewardship of creation.’

-Pope Francis

Thank you so much for the many wonderful donations to our Harvest Festival collection for our local food bank. We are collecting up to the 18th of October and each class are creating their own Harvest hamper.

In our Catholic school we continue to pray and reflect on the Rosary. Within RE our lower school have been focussing on the care of our environment and the upper school have been examining their dream job and what makes a job a vocation.

This week's edition of the Wednesday Word is 'Invitation'. Click on the button below to access it.

Mrs Garfin

Poetry Corner

Very exciting poetry news this week! Some of our talented young poets have caught the attention of local Manchester radio station ALL FM, they even sent one of their DJs into school to record and interview our pupils. Spending time in Mr. Lomax’s gifted and talented poetry club, reciting their work and talking about their passion for literature and poetry live on air. Tyler was the first of our poets to appear live on the radio station, an SJV future poetry star in the making! Everyone was amazed by the sensitivity and power of his writing.

Useful Information

Kidz to Adultz run events across the UK for children and young people with disabilities and additional needs, and the people who support them. These events are open to everyone and are free once registered. It is a great opportunity to try out equipment and products or join in the fun and activities. There is even a visit from Father Christmas 🎅!!

Mrs Griffin

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