Payment Plan Options boudoir by billie experience

Choose your Plan


We understand that pricing and budget come into play when investing in yourself for this Experience. We want to make it more convenient for you to get what you love and deserve which is why we offer multiple payment plan options.

Please note: atleast 50% of your desired Collection purchase price is due BEFORE your session date. Please choose which option(s) work best for you below. We will be in touch to set this up within 15 days of your Experience booking.


Our clients LOVE this option. Set up a bi-weekly or monthly payment schedule leading up to your shoot based on which Collection you think you may be interested in purchasing at your ordering appointment.

Take your time paying it off! What's great about this option? Don’t worry about expenses all at once! You can enjoy the Experience and can always upgrade later if you end up loving more images!

All major credit or debit cards will be accepted as payment. Automatic withdrawal on the date(s) of your choice each month.

Option 2: Post-Session Payment Plan

If you've booked your session & don't have enough time to set up the full payment plan, this option may be for you. This is great combined with Option 1: Pre-Session Payment Plan.

Please note: 50% of your Collection purchase price is due BEFORE your session date. You may also extend up to a 3 month post-session payment plan if needed as a last minute solution. 7% processing fee will be added.


If you're interested in a payment plan to pay off your products, the an interest free option is for Paypal Credit.

No interest for 6 months, and you get to order and get your images as soon as they're ready! No more waiting. It takes less than 60 seconds to see if you qualify. Click below to apply today.

An invoice will be sent on Paypal & you will choose the pay with your Paypal Credit option at checkout.

Option 4: Affirm

Most people will get approved for less than PayPal Credit. But perfect for use as a down payment!

Step 1: Create Affirm account

Step 2: Enter annual income when prompted. If you’re approved you’re able to create a “virtual card” this card can be used anywhere.

Step 3: On the Affirm app or in your browser on the Affirm website, go to the search bar. And type in “Boudoir by Billie". It will say "Can't find your store? Create a Virtual Card" click this option.

Step 4: Follow steps to create a virtual card. It will see if you’re approved for a virtual credit card with a line of credit.

Step 5: Reach out to us with your approval amount. Even if it's not the full amount, you may use this as a down payment while you figure out what other option(s) above work for you.

Please note: Images and products will not be ordered or delivered until the payment plan is paid in full.