Family Mic’d is a short-form, vertical video series featuring Vikings’ players’ wives as they watch their husbands play in the NFL. The series showcases a unique viewing perspective of the games while giving viewers something everyone can relate to: how we support our loved ones.

The objective of the project was to show viewers the emotion of a football game through an off-field perspective, while bringing them closer who they players are as people by showing the personalities of who they love most. Additionally, Family Mic’d gives viewers a rarely-showcased aspect of NFL Lifestyle through the game day perspective of players’ families since their game days are different from average fans.

Whitney Risner: Over 5.9M views across IG and TikTok

Wife of Vikings Guard, Dalton Risner

This season, Family Mic'd has gotten over 7.3M views and 800K likes on TikTok, with over 2.2M views and 75K likes on Instagram.

This series is consistently one of our top-performing content pieces, regardless of what happens on the field. It represents excellence in engagement because of its consistent performance and the way it resonates with viewers. Everyone has supported people they love, and everyone can relate to being nervous watching them while still enjoying the environment and experience. The series gives representation to many different people in different ways, creating a unique type of engagement that many platforms and sports teams don’t create.

Stephanie Ham: Over 800K views across two platforms.

Wife of two-time Pro-Bowler, C.J. Ham

This projects humanizes NFL players by giving viewers a personal and relatable glimpse into the people closest to them. By seeing who the players love, viewers can learn more about who they are and what they value. Additionally, Family Mic’d is helping to break the stigma of NFL wives being just their looks. We see that these women are intelligent, normal people that happen to be living a unique lifestyle.

Core Strategies:

  • Used GoPros to film to create a more relaxed and natural environment, rather than having a big camera and cameraperson in their face.
  • Kept each clip short and digestible to cater to short-form video focused platforms.
  • Thoroughly communicated with players and their families for them to feel comfortable with the content that would be put out.

Process: Identify a player and/or family member that we think would make for an interesting perspective and entertaining feature. Once they’re on board, we figure out how and where to set up the cameras for the game. On the editing side, we look for funny, relatable, or exciting moments that happened throughout the game to make 30-90 second compilation edits. Since the goal of the series is to connect with new audiences, specifically female and Gen Z, we knew we had to keep the edits short and snackable.

Leah O'Connell: Over 1.9M views across TikTok and Instagram

Wife of Vikings Head Coach, Kevin O'Connell