Paragon Patinuer The Artistic Chemistry of Patrick Kipper

Photos from the Hanuman Jade Patina Project

Several artists were involved in this momentous and awe-inspiring project for Patrick Kipper’s final touches in the Patination process. It’s only appropriate to mention them here: Holly Young, Bronze Sculptor and Artist, Kathy Page, Wax Chasing Artist, Bob Page, Metal Chasing Artist, Chris Buford, Metal Chasing Artist and Chris Gugelman, Metal foundry work. Each individual had a team of co-workers that played a significant role in materializing the spectacular Hanuman, currently standing tall in front of the picturesque Rudraksha Forest backdrop at Kauai Hindu Monastery.

The French term ‘“Patinuer’” means one that is an artist of Patination. Patrick Kipper is nationally recognized and respected in the bronze art world.

His portfolio includes bronze sculptures by renowned national and international sculptors, as well as an impressive restoration roster of works by artists such as Henry Moore, Fernando Botero, Francisco Zuniga, Daniel Chester French, Edgar Degas, Aristide Maillol, Frederick Remington, Erte, and Tony Smith.

Locally in Loveland, Colorado, he is venerated as the author of ‘Patinas for Silicon Bronze’ and ‘The Care of Bronze Sculpture.’ Both books have become the ‘bible’ for Conservators and Patinuers in the bronze art Industry.

His experience in the art of patination spans over 43 years, giving him one of the most knowledgeable patina palettes in the United States.

Patrick is also sought out in different parts of the world for his expertise and for his conservation project. His work today are found in galleries, museums and private collections.

Currently Patrick only presents workshops by request and on location for organizations such as art foundries and schools. He maintains a studio in Loveland, Colorado. Online, he can be found here.

Pallets of Patina
The magnificent Hanuman ready for another round of transformation. Patrick Kipper’s work starts from here with surface preparation and patination.

Mr. Kipper's interest in the bronze art of the eastern culture is so evident in co-relation to the tenets of meditation. He centers himself with undivided attention and concentration of his subject matter. Watching him in action during the Patination was like seeing someone immersed in a contemplative state.

The Master Patinuer at work
Metal Surface Preparation
The ‘Alchemist’ at work

Reflection of Chemistry

Patrick has the ability to seek and bring forth reflecting lights to the sculpture he works on.

Patrick’s meticulous work enables copper within the bronze to accept the reactions of chemical compounds from his patina process.

Action / Reaction

The Master Patinuer working in the color
Patrick unique application techniques is a multi-layered process and can transform bronze to look like natural stone, wood, leather and various other textured mediums.
Spritz & Fire
Heat distributed evenly

The 13-foot-tall Hanuman

Heat & Chemistry
“Using various chemical potions in unique and traditional applications to produce coloration on bronze is indeed a fascinating art.” - Patrick Kipper
Patrick in full concentration

The base layer worked-in by Patrick Kipper

Leaving no areas out
Enhancing the surface of metal with Patina
Heat at the right temperature and proper professional techniques equals awesome Patina
Patina in place one area at a time
Patrick had to reduce his clientele from 200 to 20 to concentrate on excellence.
The Jade Hanuman slowly materializes
“Light is color and color is light” - Patrick Kipper
Eyeing Iraivan
Iraivan Temple on Hanuman’s palm
Bronze turned into Jade.
Finishing touches with wax
Patrick applying wax to seal the patina

Patrick is also a Professional Associate of the prestigious American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) located in Washington DC, as well as a member of the National Sculpture Society (NSS), based in New York.

Paragon Patinuer
Patrick and Nancy Kipper at one of the reception during the early stages of the bronze project.
Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami bestowing the shawl to Patrick Kipper as a sign of appreciation and acknowledgment of this true form of art.
Recognizing a Patinuer
Patina Completed

Sponsors of this project were Alka and Thushar Doshi and, Rushika and Suriya Kumar. The brief overview video of the Hanuman Project journey can be seen on video here.

Jai Hanuman!