Mercy's Prom 2024 Grace Burroughs

The theme of Mercy's Prom this year was Enchanted, which allowed for a lot of fun decorations and color schemes! Prom prep started around 10:00 when I woke up to shower and get my hair done. Around 12:30 I headed to my friend's house to go flower shopping! This year my friends and I decided to make our own bouquets with various flowers from Trader Joes and Hyvee. The bouquets were so fun and inexpensive to make, and they turned out perfect!
All of us girls got ready, finished our Tik Tok transitions, and once the boys came over, we ate dinner. Our original plan was to go to Joslyn Castle for pictures, but there was a wedding so we had to make a quick change of plans. We ended up going to the Gerald R. Ford Birthsite and Gardens, and the pictures turned out so cute!
My mom (middle), my little cousins (left), and my older cousin (right) came to pictures which was so fun because they finally got to meet all of my friends!
There were so many cute places to take pictures, and I love how all of them turned out! After we took pictures, it wasn't quite time to go to the dance yet, so we parked in the Hyvee parking lot and hung out!
After the dance we headed to Post Prom. The dance was so fun, but I think Post Prom was my favorite part of the night. Mercy's first ever Post Prom was held at Altitude Trampoline Park where we got to bounce around, eat Canes, and just hangout until 2:30 am! By the end of the night, we were all so tired, but it was worth it! I hope Post Prom is a tradition Mercy will keep for years to come because it made the night even better.