Empowering Change: Harnessing Qualitative Data for Impactful Project Evaluation in Charitable Work

A methods@manchester masterclass in partnership with Greater Manchester Third Sector Research Network

2-4pm, Friday 2nd February 2024, University of Manchester campus


Dr Amir Raki, University of Liverpool, Dr Ilma Chowdhury and Prof Judy Zolkiewski, University of Manchester
Dr Amir Raki, see his profile; Dr Ilma Chowdhury, see her profile; Prof Judy Zolkiewski, see her profile


In the charity and voluntary sector, the ability to analyse qualitative data is a game-changer. These skills go beyond the numbers, allowing a true understanding of the human experience, the ability to customise solutions, evaluate programmes and gauge impact. They are the key to fostering positive change, securing vital resources, and ensuring initiatives align with the unique needs of the target communities

What to expect

In the first half of the session, Amir, Ilma and Judy will tell you about a research project conducted in collaboration with charity organisations in Manchester, that showcases how qualitative data empowered partner charities to evaluate their work and enhance their impact (this presentation part of the project is available online). You can read more about their work here.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for staff and volunteers in VCSE (voluntary community and social enterprise) organisations as well as academic researchers and PGRs who conduct research in these sectors. In particular we would like to welcome researchers from the Greater Manchester Third Sector Research Network.

You can expect to:

  • Learn practical techniques for analysing qualitative data.
  • Strengthen your ability to communicate the impact of your work.

This session includes a presentation and a more practical aspect focused on the analysis of qualitative data (including coding and categorisation of data).

The workshop is primarily designed as an in-person practical session. However, if you wish to attend the first half hour of the workshop online to hear about the researchers' work you are welcome to do this (but the practical elements will be in-person only). We will be providing refreshments for in-person attendees.