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Rolf Krahnert

Rolf is a coach and mentor supporting people on their journey of self inquiry, self knowing and self awareness. He is a writer and speaker about non-duality and awakening. He is speaking from his direct experience and insights and enjoys investigating the related topics of shadow work and self-inquiry! He is known for his straightforward style and for making the subject matter clear and practical.

Rolf Krahnert
Self Inquiry and Shadow Work

I guide people to liberate themselves from personal and health challenges and from restrictive conditionings that seem to rule their lives and relationships.

The only Way OUT is IN

Apart from an archetypical genetic coding we take on limiting beliefs about the world and ourselves at an early age. Often without realising, these beliefs determine our worldview and behaviour.

I guide you to become aware of the core beliefs that are running your life and take you on a journey of reflective and joyful contemplation about your timeless essence, spontaneous awareness and insight, cultivating a vibrant awareness of the true nature of our own being and innate wholeness.

Individual and group online coaching sessions, creating a safe environment in which we can come into alignment with our highest potential and our true nature.
Inner Awakening

Integrating Collective Shadow Aspects

Waking up - Facing your Challenges through Self Inquiry

Waking up includes shining the light of awareness on the collective Shadow of VICTIMHOOD, it is undoing the Belief in Powerlessness. Identifying as a powerless victim of circumstances is usually projected in the form of blaming and complaining.

We are moving from Victimhood to Freedom! It means Transforming Shadows, Conflicts and Upsets.

​Growing up - Transforming Suffering through Self Knowing

Growing up includes shining the light of awareness on the collective Shadow of SEPARATION and ISOLATION, it is undoing the Belief in Fragmentation. Trying to relieve a sense of lack and inadequacy is usually projected in the form of resisting and seeking.

We are moving from Separation to Oneness! It means moving beyond Roles, Labels, Identifications.

Showing up - Transcending your Dilemma through Self Awareness

Showing up includes shining the light of awareness on the collective Shadow of FORGETTING, it is undoing the Belief in Materialism. Believing we share the limits and destiny of the body is usually projected in the form of attacking and defending.

We are moving from Forgetting to Awakening! It means Knowing 'I' as the Presence of Awareness.

Inner Awakening

Integrating Individual Shadow Aspects

To integrate individual shadow aspects we're working with your GENE KEYS PROFILE.

​Discover your prime gifts and how they tie into your Life’s Purpose. Learn how you can begin to open your heart in your Relationships. Gain insight on what's standing in the way of your Prosperity and how to break through it.

The greatest service you can render to humanity is to recognise the true nature of your being.

Integrating Shadow - Purpose, Process and Practice - A Guide

Deep Inner Work Leading to Awakening

Apart from an archetypical genetic coding we take on limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world at an early age. Often without realising, these beliefs determine our world view and drive our behaviour. We could call these limiting beliefs shadow aspects.

What are Shadows?

Every time you're not at peace and feeling upset, you're in shadow territory and fear is in the driver seat. Shadows are unconscious habitual response patterns, it’s also an energetic friction or a standing wave form.

When shadow reactions are triggered, you can be sure that fear based resistance patterns are active.

The key to a fulfilled, happy and successful life can only be found within yourself, your REAL SELF.

Guide for Deep Self Inquiry Practice

The fundamental question for deep self inquiry is the question ‘Who Am I?’

Readiness, curiosity and open interest leads to learning to dissolve perceptual filters and habits, investigating the truth about reality and finding living answers.

Dissolving Perceptual Filters

A sense of separation, the sense of being a distinct subject or self in a world of objects or other selves, the existence of an actual existing self, a distinct sense of I, an agency, a doer, instead of knowing oneself as unlimited, ever-present awareness.

Online Meetings

Meditation, Contemplation and Conversations about the nature of consciousness, awakening, non-duality and strategies to disentangle ourselves from the content of experience.

​Fortnightly Thursdays from 7-8 pm AEST (Brisbane)
Outer Awakening

We are FREE not because we claim FREEDOM, we are FREE because we practice it.

Maximise your True Potential

Just as deep inner work is important to know who you are at the deepest level of your being, you also need to recognise the system of manipulation and control and the role you are playing.

This leads to knowing yourself as Living Being with Sovereign Integrity. It is not equal to achieving sovereignty, which is a misleading label in a deceptive system. It is rather a Matter of Being, a Spiritual Process and State of Being, free from bondage and control. It is our absolute right to claim and hold, and will transform our lives and our world.

Supporting you to Recognise Systems of Manipulation and Control and to Live in the Private.

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