KC News Round Up Friday 17th May 2024

Fairtrade Workshop

Visiting students from fellow MIST school, Farringtons joined six of our Year 10 EAL students and four of our Lower Sixth School Officer Team to give presentations on their research on Fairtrade in the International Study Centre. This was followed by a workshop on Fairtrade action and, in collaboration, students came up with plans on how Fairtrade could enrich different areas of school life.

It was a really good experience and we came up with a lot of interesting ideas about Fairtrade. Yuhan
At first, it was very strange to see students from another school in our classroom; we were all very nervous. After we got use to the feeling, we felt good about ourselves and very pleased to listen to and present to them. During the discussion round, after eating some delicious cookies made from Fairtrade ingredients, we came up with new ideas such as the Fairtrade fair. The students from Farringtons School were all very friendly which made us feel at ease. Carolina and Hermione
Both our school and Farringtons School contributed great ideas. I think we could have more events that integrate both schools in Fairtrade. They are all lovely people and I look forward to seeing them again. Chloe and Jaslyn
I really enjoyed meeting new students and collaborating with them. It was super interesting to hear their ideas and opinions on Fairtrade and how we can work together as schools to enrich our use of it! Sophie

Sport News

it has been a great week for KC sport with the junior athletics team winning their Track and Field event yesterday, beating Sevenoaks School, Benenden and Dulwich Prep, to name but a few of the other teams competing. Our U13 LTA tennis team also won their singles and doubles matches against Sutton Valence, and our Year 6, 7 and 8 cricket teams also won their matches this week!

Not only that, but Amber in Year 11 is the U17 1500m Kent Champion after a win last weekend, and Year 6's Sadhbh and Year 7's Elodie were part of the Sevenoaks Hockey Club U12 team who were silver medalists in the National Finals this weekend!

Congratulations to all of our sporting superstars on your fantastic achievements!

Student Voice Forums

On Thursday our various student committees met to talk through issues that are important to them. Through these committees our students are able to contribute to positive change at KC. The Student Voice committee spent their time reviewing the behaviour system at KC, looking specifically at rewards and consequences. Students identified what they wanted to be rewarded with and started remodelling our consequence system. Interestingly, all thought there needed to be consequences for negative behaviours.

It was a hugely useful session and will be used to help inform a full review of our Behaviour Policy for the new academic year. This was the first Student Voice committee with our new Head Girl team who will be able to use the committee as a platform on which to make change that the students want.

After half-term, the team will be sharing what changes have been made thanks to the Student Voice committee over the last year and will set an agenda for the following year to come. Meanwhile the Uniform, Charity and Food committees also met. The Uniform committee discussed how uniform fits within the behaviour policy.

HALO Lecture

Mrs Hill gave the HALO lecture this week, entitled Decision Maths: Real World Applications in which mathematics is applied to complex problems to allow better decisions to be reached. This discipline allows organisations to make decisions by being analytical in solving the problems they are faced with. Mrs Hill talked students through Eulerian graphs and Critical Path Analysis, showing them the links between Maths and Computer programming. She also showed our AIM students how these skills are applied to real world problems such as route and delivery planning along with planning for projects (such as constructing a house). Thank you Mrs Hill for such an insightful lecture.

I found it really insightful. Mrs Hill discussed aspects of applying Maths to areas that I hadn't really considered before. It was super interesting to learn how Google Maps works too! Megan, Lower Sixth
I thought that today's HALO lecture was very interesting because it was nice to see how Maths is related to simple, everyday things such as roads. I realised that Maths is truly fundamental to everyday tasks. Elsa, Year 10
I really enjoyed the HALO lecture as it showed us all the ways Maths woud be applicable in our daily lives, even if you aren't pursuing a career in Maths. Gabrielle, Lower Sixth
I found the HALO lecture really intriguing because I'm always wondering how the skills we learn in Maths can be applied in the real world and this gave a great insight. Sarah, Year 10

Computer Science

Rosie, Marja and ZĂ©lie (Year 7), Noreen (Year 8) and Connie, Arabella and Bea (Year 9) have achieved their Bronze iDEA Awards. So far 207 KC students have achieved their Bronze iDEA Award covering topics such as Online Safety, Cyber Security, Global Goals, E-commerce, the Cloud, Fake News, Digital Research, What is AI?, Problem Solving with AI, Virtual Reality, Making Websites, Growth Mindset and Innovation.

Salome (Year 7), Arabella and Sofia (Year 9) have achieved their Silver iDEA Awards, making a total of 54 students to have achieved their Silver iDEA Award covering five main digital themes of Citizen, Worker, Maker Entrepreneur and Gamer.

Congratulations to all - keep working hard to develop the digital and entrepreneurial skills you will need for your bright futures!

Northern Lights

We thought you would enjoy seeing the aurora borealis which made an appearance over Kent College last weekend. Spectacular!

Forest School

For Sport and Wellbeing this week, Chaplain Katie took Year 10 down to the Forest School where they learned all about how to build a campfire and fire safety. Students were able to build the fire from kindling to logs and then toasted marshmallows!

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week marks the Mental Health Foundation's Mental Health Awareness Week. Form time and assemblies have been focusing on the theme for this year, movement, and how movement can improve your mental health and how we can move more. KC also celebrated Wear it Green Day this week with students and staff all wearing an item of green clothing.

Diana Award Anti Bullying Ambassador Programme

We are thrilled to have been selected to host a Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training workshop for Kent College students, along with children from ten other local schools on 4th July.

This award raises awareness of bullying behaviour and equips students with the tools needed to tackle bullying behaviour head on and ultimately create a safer, kinder school community. Year 9 students will be taking part and will become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, once they have completed the training.

Click here for more information on the Diana Award.

The Wellbeing Hub

Have a great weekend!