The Classical Academy High School Class of 2025 Senior Yearbook Catalog


12 years in the making, the moment has finally come! Let us be the first to congratulate you on your student's upcoming graduation! In celebration of this moment, TCA's yearbook staff has compiled this guide to begin the process of preserving your memories. Here, you will find all the information that applies to your senior photos for the yearbook. The information in this guide is also available on the TCA Website, which you can access here.


2024-2025 Yearbooks will be available for ordering starting August 26, 2024! Senior ads will be available for purchase starting August 26th. You can buy them along with your yearbook at and enter order number 7879.



TCA Yearbook may reject photos that do not meet these guidelines:

Background: Outdoor preferred, but the background of your photo should be uncluttered and free of distractions.

Pose: Should be forward facing with both eyes visible. Senior should be featured from the waist up. (No lying down, no hands on face, no knees visible, no hand gestures.)

Orientation: VERTICAL. No tilted or skewed photos.

None of these: studio names, logos, props, hats, pets, sunglasses, blurry/out of focus/"soft focus", vignettes, etc.

Attire: The Classical Academy dress code guidelines do apply for modesty, grooming, and jewelry. Note: Girls are allowed 2 earrings and 1 cartilage ring/stud in each ear. No other piercings are allowed for girls, and no visible piercings are allowed for boys.

Photo Format: Must be a .jpg file type at high resolution (300 dpi or higher).

The yearbook staff may crop photos as needed.


  1. File names MUST be named in the following format: lastname,firstname.jpg.
  2. Upload all student portraits to this website: (*Do not email photos.)
  3. Use the school code tcatitans and then enter the required information. Click on “Upload Your Portrait”. You will see our guidelines and a few sample images. Select your image, confirm the crop, and enter your senior’s grade as “12” and type your senior’s first and last names. After reviewing your portrait, please submit your photo
  4. SENIOR PORTRAIT DEADLINE: September 27, 2024
  5. LATE PHOTOS: We cannot accommodate late senior portraits because they can shut down our production, and we also have plant deadlines to meet.


The following photographers have a good professional relationship with TCA, and they would love the opportunity to photograph your senior. They paid to part of this catalog.

719-648-2152 / /

A place where Seniors have the space to be themselves. This is often the last time a person is photographed until they get married! Seniors can authentically and genuinely shine, so that they and their loved ones can remember this special time in their lives for decades to come. Show off your passions: whether that involves your sport, your dog, or even your car, or anything else that makes you YOU. We are a full service photography studio, so your images don't have to die on your computer. They can live on in the form of state-of-the-industry products and prints, leaving the people you love with something to hold on to long after you've left.

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We are a TCA Family and husband-and-wife team with 18 years experience as an established, full time studio specializing in giving families our expert guidance along every step of our print-based experience. We offer a variety of session options and both in-studio and outdoor portraits. Families who choose us appreciate our professionalism, dynamic and artistic imagery, expert guidance, and our wide variety of finished art and keepsakes to forever celebrate and remember this milestone. And...we take care of the yearbook submission for you! We are here to make things easy and provide finished pieces you'll be proud to display and enjoy in your home for years to come. Complimentary Studio Tour Q&A Consultations are the best way to start your senior portrait experience with us! We can't wait to tell your senior's story and celebrate their accomplishments!

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At Inspirations in Photography, our motto is “What’s YOUR inspiration?”. We start by meeting with you and designing the perfect session for YOU! We’ll show you locations, clothing and make-up tips, and you’ll leave with a magazine with all the product and pricing details clearly spelled out. Our goal is to capture senior portraits that are as unique and special as you are! After your session, we’ll go through all of your favorites and help you design exactly which prints and products you would like to cherish forever

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My fun and laid-back approach helps put my clients at ease, allowing me to capture genuine and natural expressions. I help guide my clients every step of the way making it a stress-free experience from beginning to end.

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