Khu.éex':The Magic of Noise A feature documentary

As of May 2024, we're in the last steps of post-production with plans to release later this year starting with select film festivals. Help us reach our final fundraising goals by donating or attending our art walk event on June 6th in Pioneer Square! To find out more about the band visit:

Michael Kleven (Director) and Elke Hautala (Producer) began filming the local Seattle band Khu.éex' (which means potlatch or "a sharing of culture" in the Tlingit language) in 2013. It all began from a chance meeting between internationally renowned glass artist and musician Preston Singletary with legendary music innovator Bernie Worrell (Parliament Funkadelic, Talking Heads). Preston mentioned an idea for combining indigenous music/cultural performance with jazz and funk. Now, over a decade later, their story is ready to be told...

Visit us at the Art Walk in Pioneer Square on June 6th at 210 S Washington St. to contribute by purchasing art donated by Preston Singletary! This includes framed prints and cast glass while supplies last.

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Khu.éex's most recent album

$100 -- Latest Khu.éex' CD & Thank You in Credits

Panoramic Frog Serigraph Print by Preston Singletary

$500 -- Framed Serigraph Print or Cast Glass Moon Mask & Thank You in Credits

Cast Glass Moon Mask by Preston Singletary

$1,000 -- Cast Glass Spirit Face & Special Thank You in Credits

Cast Glass Spirit Face by Preston Singletary

$5,000 -- Your Choice of Available Preston Art work (Serigraph, Spirit Face or Moon Mask), Special Thank you in Credits & Private Screening or Watch Party for the Film

Panoramic Killer Whale Serigraph Print by Preston Singletary

$10,000 -- All of the above plus a Co-Executive Producer Credit!

Sun Mask Serigraph Print by Preston Singletary

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame icon Bernie Worrell plays Organ/Keyboard with Khu.éex'. (Image courtesy of Russell Johnson)

Preston Singletary has a moment of reflection while playing bass with Khu.éex' at Town Hall in Seattle.

Gene Tagaban performs in Raven Regalia while the audience looks on.

Gene Tagaban plays a traditional flute at Town Hall in Seattle.

Khu.éex' including Sondra Segundo, Gene Tagaban, Captain Raab, Denny Stern, Preston Singletary and Nahaan bring their unique sound and energy to the stage.