Bottles & Windows Wisdom out of glass

Bottles & Windows - Discover wisdom through the beauty of glass. Immerse yourself in captivating photos capturing the essence of old bottles from the 1900s, accompanied by thought-provoking quotes for contemplation.

A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. — Denis Waitley
Life is a little like a message in a bottle, to be carried by the winds and the tides. — Gene Tierney
The encryption genie is out of the bottle. — Jan Koum
We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled, but as candles to be lit. — Robert H. Shaffer
The entrepreneurial instinct is in you. You can't learn it, you can't buy it, you can't put it in a bottle. It's just there and it comes out. — Alan Sugar
Every empty bottle is filled with a great story. — unknown
Read yourself, not books. Truth isn't outside, that's only memory, not wisdom. Memory without wisdom is like an empty thermos bottle - if you don't fill it, it's useless. — Ajahn Chah
Life is a little like a message in a bottle, to be carried by the winds and the tides. — Gene Tierney
Comedy is like catching lightning in a bottle. — Goldie Hawn

There’s more to bottles than the stigma it is labeled for — unknown

When one door closes, another window opens. — Julie Andrews

A quart bottle should hold a quart. — Boyle Roche

Language is a window into human nature, but it is also a fistula, an open wound through which we're exposed to an infectious world. — Steven Pinker
Poems . . . are perfume bottles momentarily unstopped—what they release is volatile and will vanish, and yet it can be released again. — Jane Hirshfield
Memories are like corks left out of bottles. They swell. They no longer fit. — Harriet Doerr
Morning breaks. So do bottles and bones. — Clint Catalyst
Top-down approaches do not work. The bottleneck is at the top of the bottle. — Iqbal Quadir
Doubt comes in at the window when inquiry is denied at the door. — Benjamin Jowett

God is not a genie in a bottle, and your wish is not His command. His command better be your wish. — Mark Batterson

If I could save time in a bottle the first thing that I'd like to do is to save every day — Jim Croce

People call me energy in a bottle. — JoJo Siwa

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