Year 7 History excursion

Year 7 camp

A reminder to all Year 7 families that the Year 7 camp will be held on Monday 8th April until Wednesday 10th April at Broken Bay. As in previous years, we look forward to hearing about their brilliant experiences getting to know each other and testing their adventurous sides! I would also like to thank all staff for attending and ensuring the camp is a success! Thanks to Mr Maunder for coordinating.

Uniform Sale

The P & C have generously coordinated another pre-used uniform sale. The date will be 11th April. Details will be announced shortly but save the date! A huge ‘thank you’ to our P & C for all their support, as always!

Senior debating team two wins from two debates!

Our senior debating team continues their winning way in their statewide debating competition. This week, they defeated Burwood Girls’ High School, making it two wins from two debates! Well done to Edward, Dean and Anthony and we wish them well in their next round. Mr Maunder has done a fine job preparing the squad and he has high hopes they can progress to the very top of the competition!

Year 10 Minimum Standards assessments taking place this week.

All Year 10 students have completed their practice Minimum Standards assessments and this week completed two of their actual assessments. Mr Jackson, our Coordinator, reports that students felt well prepared for the assessments with no surprises encountered. Well done to all Year 10 students for completing the accreditation.

Duke of Edinburgh Trek this week.

Mr Dimopoulos and 29 students beginning their Duke of Edinburgh campaign (Bronze level), on Thursday and Friday next week (weather pending), will trek overnight on a track in the Blue Mountains. We wish the intrepid travellers well and thank 3 of our staff for attending and supervising this most worthwhile endeavour.

“Harmony should not just be for a day.”

Our world is plagued by war, conflict and social unrest. Even in modern Australia, some communities are tainted by discrimination and stereotypes.

At the heart of each of these crises, however, lies a solution: kindness, tolerance and acceptance.

But, what does that mean? For example, what does it mean to be ‘kind’?

Kindness is the sincere and voluntary use of one’s resources, time and energy to better the lives of those around them. It is the choice to do something that helps others or yourself, motivated by genuinely considerate feelings.

Sometimes, students are made fun of because of how they look, their sexuality, gender, and other things that identify them. This is very disappointing, especially at a school like RBHS, given how diverse we are and because, at the end of the day, each of us are part of one school, within this one world, and we all need to accept everyone for who they are. We have a responsibility to make sure everyone is accepted and treated equally.

On Harmony Day, Randwick Boys' celebrated a broad variety of cultures, ethnicities and religions. The day was one of hope and celebration that our world can achieve global peace, once we educate ourselves to abandon prejudice and better the lives of everyone around us.

In the words of Malala Yousafzai, "The only way our world can progress is through educating our hearts and our souls", I feel this was a very important message to communicate to everyone this week.

It's nearly SHOWTIME!

Tickets for The Show are available now.

Cat found

Dear RBHS community,

Kensington Public School has a cat living in Bowral street that they have been helping for a while and he desperately needs a loving home.

They call him Draino as they first found him living in the drain. He is affectionate and very well behaved but needs a vet visit and some love and care. If you are interested in adopting him please feel free to come and speak with Mrs Tovey or Ms Fredman at Kensington Public School on 9663 3955. It would be great for him to have a new home before the holidays.

The much-anticipated winter sport season is officially underway, and what an exhilarating start it has been! While the majority of our esteemed grade sports teams enjoyed a bye this round, providing them with an opportunity to gear up for the upcoming challenges, our 7s rugby and tennis teams showcased their prowess on the field and courts.

In a day filled with intense competition, our playing teams experienced a mix of results. Shining brightly amidst the array of matches, it was our formidable 15s rugby team that emerged victorious, clinching a well-deserved win for RBHS.

As we look ahead to the next week, anticipation mounts as we prepare to face off against our long-standing rivals, Epping Boys'. With the first full round of matches on the horizon, there is no doubt that our student athletes are ready to give it their all and uphold the proud tradition of excellence that defines Randwick Boys' High School sports.

Second-hand uniform sale | Thursday 11 April | Donations still accepted

If you have any uniform items you no longer need, please help them find a new home. Laundered items in any size can be donated at the school office. All uniforms in good condition, summer and winter, are welcome. Our first second-hand uniform sale of the year will take place on Thursday, 11 April, from 8.00am to 9.00am. All proceeds from the sale will go back to the school.

If you are able to help out at the sale, please let us know. Email us info@randwickboyspandc.org.au

Mother’s Day BBQ breakfast | Friday 10 May | call for volunteers

Building on the success of our Father’s Day BBQ breakfast in 2023, we will be holding our inaugural Mother’s Day BBQ breakfast this year. To make the event work, we will need quite a few hands on deck! So, if you can help in anyway, either on the day to help set up, cook and serve, or pack away, or donate a plate of treats to share, please let us know.

Competition - Lights, Camera, Action! Showcase your creativity and passion for fitness!

Create a video that captures the essence of physical activity in an entertaining and motivating way. Why get involved? There are cash prizes up for grabs! Plus, you’ll play a vital role in promoting health and wellness among your peers. So, grab your camera, gather your friends, and let your imagination run wild!

Together, let’s make physical activity fun, accessible, and downright irresistible. Let’s get moving!

School Absence Notification System

Regular attendance at school is essential to assist students to maximise their potential. At Randwick Boys' High School, we must ensure our school has effective measures in place to monitor and follow up students absences. We are required under Section 22 of the Education Act (1990) to undertake all reasonable measures to contact parents promptly and within two school days of absence. We have implemented additional measures to ensure we are upholding the NSW Department of Education standards here at Randwick Boys' High School. Our school absence notification system consists of a text message, follow up email and Sentral notification in the parent portal, to minimise unexplained absences. An absence is unexplained if parents have failed to provide an explanation to the school within 7 days. Thank you for your understanding and assistance.