Bharathanatyam - The Indian Classical Dance

These are photos taken at a nonprofit dance program in Denver. This collection of photos are converted into a mild sepia tone instead of color to highlight the expression and gestures of the dances which otherwise would have been a distraction. However, it must be stated here both the act of dancing and the artists were distinguishably colorful.

Other than the photos, most of everything I have in writing below is compiled from OnlineBharatanatyam.com

The Basics Of Bharatanatyam is here:

Apart from striking facial expressions, Indian classical dance speak using hand gestures known as Mudras.

In Bharatanatyam, hand gestures are divided into two categories:

Asamyukta Hasta – That which is done with one hand or single hand gestures. They are 28 in number.

Samyukta Hasta – That which is done using both hands or double hand gestures. They are 23 in number.

Each hand gestures has many applications. The Shikhara hand gesture below may depict: An Armour, A Bow, A Pillar, Making offering to the Spirit of Ancestors, Upper lips, A tooth, Questioning, Saying No, Recollection, Pulling a griddle, An act of embracing, Sounding of Bells, and Drinking.

Shikhara gesture - all fingers are bent and pressed against the Palm except the thumb. The thumb is raised and held erect. (like the thumbs-up Sign)

With that said I have no inclination of these hand gestures, expressions nor do I remember the context of each Bharathanatyam dance on any of these photos.

This shot perhaps was 1/50 sec too fast before both hands came together in the Kurma gesture
Lord Vishnu lying on a Serpent Bed that is known as 'Ananta-Sajya'.
There are also expressions with neck movements (Greeva Bheda) and head movements (Shirobheda)
Goddess Sarasvathi Veena?
The right hand depicts the Kapitta gesture
Live music in the background
A juxtaposition in dimension
‘Reining The Serpent’
In Unison
Bharathanatyam connects!

Content excepts from: OnlineBharatanatyam.com

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