We Reimagined Rogers YOU MADE IT HAPPEN


Brewster Academy’s new Grayson Student Center at Rogers is a wonderful achievement, of which our entire community can be proud. The vision for a reimagined Rogers building emerged around 2010, and by 2015 the project was one of the four priorities incorporated into the Academy’s “Our Watershed Moment” campaign.

The reimagination of the Rogers was made possible thanks to the generosity of Peter and Josephine Grayson and their family (Bradley ’14), through the Fund for Individual Potential. The project would not have happened without the Grayson Family, who made the lead commitment to the initiative—the largest outright gift in the history of Brewster—which sparked the success of the school’s most ambitious capital project ever.

We are immensely grateful for the generous support of our dedicated donors. Your commitment to the exceptional transformation of Rogers, a beloved campus icon, has significantly impacted our community and our students' lives. We want to express our heartfelt thanks to every one of you.


The Reimagine Rogers project was funded and built in three phases, and Phase I work began in 2020. This first and founding phase included commitments for the Faith Theater (a state-of-the-art black box theater) and the Coviello Dance Studio (a professional-level facility), both on the mezzanine level of the building, as well as the anchor gift resulting in the Grayson Student Center name.


The Grayson Student Center is named in honor of the Grayson Family (including Bradley, Class of 2014, and Trustee Peter Grayson), who believe that the arts play an integral role in education. Through The Fund for Individual Potential, they contributed the lead gift to the renovation of the historic Rogers Building, sparking the record-setting support that made the largest capital project in Brewster’s history a reality.

The Grayson Student Center is the hub of community activity at Brewster, and a place you’ll find students working their artistic skills, hanging out with their friends, and utilizing one of the many multi-purpose rooms located throughout the modern, open space. The main floor includes lounge areas, flexible classrooms with incredible amenities, study rooms, a soundproof music practice room (and there are even more on the lower level), and the much-loved Palmer Cafe.

During the week you’ll see students moving through the spaces and greeting each other between their classes, meetings, and commitments. On the weekends, the Grayson Student Center becomes the central spot for hanging out and enjoying weekend activities. It has also been the host of large gatherings like Brewster’s Community Dinners, Reunion events, start-of-school Registration, and very popular Coffee Houses. (Local music organizations have used it for concerts, and there’s even been a wedding!) It has become so vital to campus life that students marvel at what they did before the Grayson Student Center was opened!


The multi-use black box-style Faith Theater is a favorite spot for performing arts and community events alike. During the academic day, classes utilize the space to hone students’ theater skills, and after school it's the place for jazz band sessions, photo shoots, and performance rehearsals. Faith Theater is versatile, ready to transform for any occasion with its wrap-around curtains, three-tier chair seating, professional-level lighting system, and black-out window screens.

The generosity of Karey Fix, Brewster Academy Trustee and Brewster parent to William ’11 and Keenan '13, made this space possible, and she named it to honor her father’s favorite mantra: “Keep the faith.” His simple but caring advice, now a permanent part of Brewster’s history, will remind generations of student artists to keep their faith in themselves as they embark on creative discovery and performance.


The Coviello Dance Studio is a beautiful and expansive studio with mirrored walls, barres, and floor-to-ceiling curtains that draw back to reveal amazing views of the mountains and lake that are iconic to Brewster’s setting. Whether students are choreographing for a dance team performance or trying dance for the first time in class, the Studio is a perfect space to connect and collaborate with movement. The abundance of warm natural light sets a welcoming atmosphere and creates a great space for yoga and team-building activities, too!

The Studio is named in honor of Brewster Trustee Art Coviello and his wife Cathy Coviello, a trained dancer and musician. The couple believes this space will inspire students to push outside their comfort zones, discover new creative endeavors, and pursue their interests and talents to their fullest potential—and we are grateful that their generosity has made this vision a reality.


Located in the heart of the Grayson Student Center, Palmer Cafe offers Brewster students a relaxing space to socialize, study, and enjoy delicious food and drinks. The Cafe serves a range of tasty treats, including freshly brewed coffee drinks, boba tea, smoothies, pastries, sandwiches, and more—all with an incredible lake and mountain view!

The space is named in honor of Lynne Palmer, whose more than three-decade tenure at Brewster enhanced every aspect of the school experience for our students. Also a Brewster mom (TJ ’08, Jessica ’09, and Brady ’12), her ability to bring people together is legendary, fueled by her warmth, positivity, and genuine interest in others—making Palmer Cafe a fitting tribute to her spirit and positive impact on the Brewster community.


In conceptualizing the way the new space would be used by students, faculty, staff, and visitors alike, the Reimagine Rogers team knew that creating rooms that served multiple purposes would be key. The idea of “flex spaces” was born. By including top-of-the-line lighting, technology, seating, and even a glass wall of moveable doors, the design of the Grayson Student Center’s closed rooms shift hour to hour to suit the needs of the community. Open areas also morph from hang-out zones to formal event space seamlessly. Well-placed storage near the Cafe creates a counter that doubles as a serving area when students are using the space as a teaching kitchen. Even the graduated stone areas that flank the main entry staircase are flexible enough to serve as extra seating as well as display spaces for student art.


Phase II was fully funded soon after Phase I, with construction beginning in 2021 and ending in 2022. This lower level of the initial building provides expansive opportunities for exploring the arts and includes two multimedia rooms, one with an attached enterprise-class dark room, seven soundproof music practice rooms/recording studios, and a large open art studio/classroom specially designated for painting.


The classrooms in Phase II are an art teacher’s (and student’s!) dream come true. Incredible light and open, airy spaces are just the beginning. Floor-to-ceiling storage for supplies, large sinks and clean-up areas, and moveable work tables and chairs make learning joyful. During a photo shoot to showcase the new dark room, the professional photographer hired by Brewster for the job opened the door and declared, “This is the nicest dark room I’ve ever been in my 30 years of photography!” Around the corner, a corridor holds seven music practice rooms, each with fresh design touches, customizable lighting, and, of course, complete soundproofing technology.


The Phase II student commons area—positioned at the heart of this level—provides yet another space for connecting with peers and displaying student artwork. Pinboards, open corners, and display shelving allow the appropriate gallery options for paintings, photographs, fiber crafts and textiles, jewelry and metalwork, ceramics, and a lot more. It’s a space where parents, grandparents, and alumni have all enjoyed special art shows, taking in the breadth of creative work Brewster students have completed.


Phase III, fully funded in late 2022, saw construction start in early 2023, and included the only new building structure outside the original Rogers footprint. The one-story lake-facing addition houses the Tyler Balint ’21 Robotics Lab and a sun-filled ceramics studio with a kiln. Above the classrooms, a rooftop terrace extends from the main floor of the Student Center, providing a flexible space for a range of events including dinners, alumni gatherings, outdoor classes, cheering sections for Brown Field, or just contemplating our amazing sunsets over the lake.


The ceramics studio is a bright, sun-filled space with lake and mountain views to inspire creativity! Featuring new wedging tables, throwing wheels, two new kilns, sinks, storage, and even a clay recycler, the studio is equipped with everything students need for their projects. With gallery space just around the corner to display finished pieces, the entire community is able to view what our students’ hands create. “The futures of multitudes of Bobcats have been changed for the better,” says arts faculty member and alum Alicia Childers of all the creative spaces in Phase III. “They will have opportunities to throw clay and explore new mediums! Thank you to all those who made this possible.”


The Robotics Lab is named in memory of Tyler Balint ’21, a quiet and caring young man who loved Brewster, and saw that love returned. Tyler was an integral member of one of Brewster’s first robotics teams, and his passion for the technical aspects of robotics was only matched by his skill in theater production and his insistence on wearing shorts no matter the season! The lab is bright and airy, with ample storage space for the many tools and materials needed to compete in various robotics challenges. Flexible work tables enhance collaboration, an absolute imperative in the work of the Robotics team. The modular desks allow the team to easily move furniture to gain the space to run the robots in its arena. With a new 3-D printer with a build space of 6’ x 2’ x 2’, students can print large or multiple parts simultaneously. A touchscreen digital whiteboard called a Promethean board allows students to create designs and save images to make plans and return to them later.


Brewster is blessed with stunning views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding mountains, and the Reimagine Rogers plan naturally included the best ways to feature that vista. A new terrace runs along the entire back of the Rogers, and is the perfect place to enjoy the sunsets across Wolfeboro Bay and watch games on Brown Field. The Peter Mann Gathering Spot, named in honor of long-time teacher and mentor Peter Mann, includes seating, planters, and a firepit.

We look forward to officially dedicating the Tyler Balint '21 Robotics lab in the spring, and the The Peter Mann Gathering Spot during Reunion Weekend.


With Phase III construction now finished, the entire project is considered complete! We are so grateful for each donor who made this striking student hub possible.


See a before and after 360° image inside the Rogers main level here.