LEEMING SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL vOLume 1, 28 February 2024

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to the Leeming Senior High School Community. It has been a very smooth start to the school year. Our new Year 7 students have settled in very quickly. It is always exciting to welcome students back to the start of the school year. Year 7 students spent 3 days of team building and getting to know you activities in their house groups. Feedback from the students has been very positive. We also welcome nine new staff and four returning staff to Leeming.

Our Class of 2023 achieved outstanding results. Congratulations to staff and students on amazing results.

A snapshot:

Median ATAR achieved 81.3 from 68 students

ATAR +95 - 10 students achieved - 15% of ATAR cohort.

ATAR above 90 – 20 students achieved - 29% of the ATAR cohort

ATAR between 80 and 89. - 22 students achieved -28% of ATAR cohort

Certificate of Distinction 1

Certificates of Merit 17

Subjects in top 15% of the state - 1

Graduation rate – 98.1% above like schools

Our NAPLAN results remain at or above like schools. For full details, please see our annual report which will be published at the end of the term.

Our school P&C is looking for parents and carers to attend meetings twice per term. The P&C raises valuable funds for the school through the operation of the Canteen and Uniform Shop and parent contributions. There is no fundraising. The role of the P&C is to keep the businesses going and spend the funds on school projects. If you would like these services to continue, we need your help. Elected office bearer positions are open for nominations at the AGM which will be held on Wednesday 20 March, 2024. Numbers are needed for support and to keep a meeting quorum. Meetings are held in the conference room, which is located next to the admin building. The students deserve our support, please consider joining our P&C for 2024.

We are also looking for two dedicated parents to join the School Board. Meetings are held twice a term – 1st meeting will be 28 February in the school conference room. If you are interested in joining the School Board, please send me an e-mail to matthew.paton@education.wa.edu.au.

Mr M. Paton, Principal


It is important that you have Compass downloaded on your phone to receive all school notifications.

If you haven't updated your Compass app to receive push notifications on your phone for upcoming events such as excursions, please follow the steps below.



Our new Year 7 Student enjoying their first days, here at Leeming SHS.

Farewell to Natsuko-Sensei and Welcome Sakiko-sensei!

Last year, we were privileged to have Ms Natsuko Omura offer her native language skills as our Japanese language intern. Natsuko was a 2nd year university student at Kagoshima Immaculate Heart University, who deferred her studies to volunteer at Leeming SHS for the past nine months. Our students benefitted greatly from Natusko’s friendly nature and positive approach. A special thanks to the Wong, Spears, Sgro and Jarvis families who hosted Natsuko during her stay at LSHS.

This year we welcome Sakiko Miyagawa, from Kagoshima Immaculate Heart College, who has taken a year off from her studies to volunteer at Leeming Senior High School as a Japanese language assistant.

We thank Sakiko for her commitment to promote Japanese language and culture to our students, and look forward to learning many new things from her this year.

A message from Sakiko

こんにちは。わたしは みやがわ さちこです。かごしまから きました。いっしょに 日本語を べんきょう しましょう!


Translation: Hello, I am Sakiko. I come from Kagoshima. Let’s study Japanese together! From Sakiko

Mr Lee & Ms Srgo welcoming our new Japanese Assistant Sakiko.
GOLD Japanese Exchange Program from 21 -30 March 2024

URGENTLY SEEKING -Leeming Senior High School Host Families.

Become a part of one of the most exciting international programs at LSHS.

Students in Year 9 & 10 Japanese Specialist Program hoping to join the Outbound Japanese Exchange Program in 2025 should consider becoming a part of this program in 2024.

Open your heart and become a host family for a Japanese Exchange student in 2024.

Leeming SHS is looking for 5 more host families to participate in the GOLD Japanese Exchange program from the 21 March - 30 March this year.

Can your family become involved in this amazing International Exchange Program?

Explore Japan in your own home by hosting a student from Kobe University High School. Note: Host families will be paid $50 per day. See the draft program attached.

If you require further information email, joanne.sgro@education.wa.edu.au.

How languages can boost your brainpower

Learning another language is an exciting experience for you. While you have fun discovering new and unique ways of expressing yourself, you also exercise and strengthen your brain.

No matter what your ability is, research shows that learning another language can:

Stimulate brain development

Learning another language helps develop essential areas of your brain. It also helps you to think more creatively, connect ideas and solve problems more easily.

Significantly enhance English literacy skills

Learning another language means more than just memorising lists of words. Languages all use different 'systems'. You automatically compare and contrast the system of the new language you are learning with English.

This gives you an insight to how English works, which accelerates your ability to read and write.

Improve memory, concentration and numeracy skills

Learning another language strengthens your memory for sequences (patterns) and your ability to concentrate and build connections.

Improve overall performance at school

Learning another language is associated with excellent, long-term academic results. Studies show that in the world's highest-performing school systems, all students in all year levels learn one or more languages.

Encourage respect and understanding of other cultures

Learning another language sparks your curiosity for other cultures. It opens your mind to different ways of living and promotes harmony and respect in the school grounds and beyond.

Learning another language is crucial to preparing you for our increasingly globalised and multilingual jobs market.

Remember, learning any language – whether it's Italian, French, Japanese or Indonesian – helps you to become a better thinker, better communicator and a better global citizen.

Learning a language early will put you on-track to be proficient in another language, ready to seize the world of opportunities that this brings.

Learn a language, live your dreams

You might be at a job interview, at university, or overseas when the question comes up: 'Do you speak any other languages?'

It doesn't matter whether your answer is 'Chinese', 'French', 'Japanese' or 'Indonesian'. If you have learnt another language, you are more open to the world, and the world is more open to you. As well as being a global citizen, learning another language demonstrates skills and aptitudes that will make you far more employable in Australia and overseas.

Boost your CV

Speaking another language will help you meet the challenges of globalisation, including an increasingly multilingual jobs market. Career options extend beyond the traditional areas of interpreting and foreign affairs to journalism, aid work, engineering, business, health, science, education, technology, tourism, hospitality and the arts. Employers in all fields value people who speak another language because they are better thinkers, better communicators and better at relating to other people.

Open the door to new experiences

Travelling is exhilarating when you can speak the local language. Instead of getting stuck on the tourist trail, you are a participant in everyday life, and can make friends and find work more easily. Speaking the local language also enables you to understand nuances of a culture that are otherwise lost.

Boost your brainpower

Learning another language helps develop essential areas of your brain. Research shows that it also improves your memory, concentration, creativity and problem-solving skills.

Improve your English

Learning another language means more than just memorising new words. Languages all use different systems, so when you learn a language, you compare and contrast that system with English. This deepens your understanding of English and significantly improves your English language skills. It also means that you learn other new languages more easily.

5 Best Websites for Finding Japanese Tutors Online


10 Great Free Apps for Studying Japanese


2023 Japanese Exchange Program

Welcome back to the 24 students and 3 teachers from the 15 day Japanese exchange program (2-16 December). During the program the group visited Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fushimi-Inari, Nara, Himeji and Osaka.

Students had the unique opportunity to experience life as a Japanese teenager, spending six nights in a homestay with a Japanese family from our sister school HKG.

Below are some of the amazing pictures from the program.


We are thrilled to introduce two new members Dr Balakrishnan, Mr Dingle and welcome back one familiar face, Ms Teena Cagney to our Mathematics team this year.

Dr Balakrishnan

A message from Dr Balakrishnan

“Throughout my career, my passion for education has been driven by a singular goal:

To cultivate an environment where every individual is empowered to achieve their fullest potential. I am committed to fostering a classroom atmosphere that inspires curiosity, encourages critical thinking, and supports each student on their unique educational journey. I look forward to getting to know each of you and working together to make this school year a memorable and rewarding experience”.

Dr Balakrishnan joins us from Coodanup College in Mandurah where he taught Maths through the Teach For Australia Program. With his passion for teaching and innovative ideas, we are excited to see the contributions he will bring to our department.

Mr Dingle

Mr Dingle an experienced educator who brings with him a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence in mathematics education. His experience and dedication will undoubtedly enrich our department and benefit our students.

Beyond the classroom, Mr Dingle is a multifaceted individual with a range of captivating hobbies that enrich his life and interactions with others. With drumsticks in hand, Blake unleashes rhythmic magic as a drummer, infusing beats with energy and creativity. His passion for music extends further into the realm of vinyl, where Blake is an avid record collector, always on the hunt for hidden gems and timeless classics. And when he is not playing music, he is ardently following NBA.

Returning to our school after a year away, Ms. Cagney brings with her a depth of experience and a familiarity with our school community. With her transition from science to mathematics, we are confident that her expertise will continue to inspire and guide our students towards mathematical success.

As we embark on a new academic year, the Mathematics Department extends our gratitude to the school community for your continued support and partnership in fostering a love for mathematics in our students. Together, let us strive for excellence and empower our students to reach their full potential in mathematics and beyond.


The school year has had a smooth start with all Year 7s completing a session in the Library as part of their Induction program.

The Library has lots of new books which are out on display for loan plus we also have a selection of databases covering a wide range of topics.

Information regarding these will be on the Library Information & Activities section of your Connect.


Students are able to join any of our clubs located in t Library at any stage of the year. All year groups welcome.



The Study Smarter Strategies session on a Monday afternoon is specifically aimed at helping Year 7 & 8s get organised for high school but all students are welcome if they would like a refresher session.

They will learn valuable skills to develop solid study strategies to help them become lifelong learners. They will set up their diaries as well as a weekly planner to manage their time successfully.

Students gain a lot by finding out their learning style then using this knowledge to become a more efficient learner and how to stay focussed at school.

Students are welcome to come along when they feel they need to work on some specific skills or come along on a weekly basis and use it as a revision and weekly organisation session while learning a few new study tips


The STEM Robotics Club is very popular with students. Several students from previous years have continued to attend and are very good mentors for the new members.


The Chess Club has lots of new members who are keen to test their skills against the older students, which is fantastic. Our more experienced chess players are also very keen to teach new players how to play, so if there are students who are interested in learning chess please come along and join in.

Fresh competition keeps players on their toes and increases the enjoyment for everyone.


All students are reminded to bring their device to school every day, fully charged.

This year, the aim was for Year 7s to start using their own device at the beginning of term 1. Students brought their devices to Digital Literacy class where the initial setting up commenced.

Students can also bring their devices into the Library at lunch-time and after school to the Study Smarter session for assistance.

Leeming SHS - Preferred device.

Surface Pro or Surface Go tablet or laptop with Windows 10 

However parents can purchase any device providing it meets the minimum specifications.

PASSWORD: leemingshs2024

Parents can also go into a JB HiFi store, show their child’s Education Department email address and negotiate a price.


Students from all year groups come in at lunchtime - sit down, relax and enjoy a movie.

Health and Physical Education

Huge congratulations to Kiri Di Prinzio on making the Australian team in the 2024 World Muay Thai Championships held in Bangkok 12th-20th March 2024.

Join our debate team


Our school is aiming to offer an increased variety of training and pathway opportunities for our students in 2024. We would like to welcome all current and former families and friends of Leeming Senior High School who might have learning, training, or employment opportunities at their workplace to please contact Mr Vance Bryan.

email Mr Bryan 📧 - vance.bryan@education.wa.edu.au

call the school 📞- 9237 6800

message us 📩 - via one of our social media channels

Mr Bryan is our former Senior School Student Services Manager who has taken the newly created role of Pathways and Transition Manager. Mr Bryan is a student advocate, passionate to achieve suitable career pathways for all students.

In his role, Mr Bryan is there to guide all students towards a fulfilling professional future.

Mr Bryan would specially love to reconnect with former students and families who are keen to "give back" to our wonderful school.

Health Centre
A message from our Community Nurse

Welcome families, my name is Deb Kitak and I am the Community Nurse here at Leeming SHS. I would like to send a warm welcome to all our new students who have started in 2024.

The nurse's health centre office is located in the student services building area. Any parents wishing to meet or discuss student medical issues please feel free to contact myself. Students are welcome to make an appointment to see me if they would like to discuss an issue or problem confidentiality is always respected.

I am happy to meet parents and discuss medical issues that may be a problem for your child. I am also happy to meet the students, especially if they are new to Leeming SHS. Please come to the health centre and say hello. I do encourage students to come and see me in their own time, before school, break times and after.

The School Health Service

The school health service aims to promote healthy development and wellbeing to help students to reach their full potential. Students are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe, and happy.

School Health Services provide an easy access point to health care for students. The school health nurse may carry out health assessments and provide information, advice, referrals, and support for students. The support encourages development of knowledge, skills, and behaviour, and encourages the young person to deal with their health issue(s) and make healthy lifestyle choices. Individual students can seek information, guidance and support about a range of issues that may include coping with illness, feeling anxious, stressed or unhappy, healthy eating and nutrition, healthy weight and body image, mental health and wellbeing, loss and grief, problems at home, relationships, sexual health, smoking, alcohol, drug use and other adolescent concerns.

There may be times when the school health nurse needs to share information with parents or guardians or certain others in the school community, to provide support and care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the young person. The school health nurse encourages and supports young people to talk to their parent or guardians about significant health issues.

Medical Conditions

If your child has a medical condition or develops a medical condition for example asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes, or epilepsy please inform the school.

A signed Action Plan will be required for school staff to manage your child’s medical condition appropriately whilst they are at school.

Anaphylaxis - checklist for parents of students at risk:

• Tell the school administration if your child has been prescribed an adrenaline autoinjector (EpiPen), has experienced anaphylaxis, has any changes in allergies, and/or any other health care needs that may affect anaphylaxis management.

• Make sure your child carries an adrenaline autoinjector (EpiPen) in their bag and replace the device before it expires.

• Make sure your child knows how to use the adrenaline autoinjector (EpiPen). Show his or her friends, brothers, and sisters if they are old enough to understand.

• Provide the school your child’s ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis completed and signed by your child’s doctor.

• Update the plan (including a photo of your child) when the adrenaline autoinjectors (EpiPen) are renewed (usually every 12-18 months).

• Action Plans are available from www.allergy.org.au Help the school to develop an Individual Health Care and Risk Minimisation Plan for your child.

• Educate your child about how to avoid known allergens (triggers). Remind your child to immediately tell someone if she/he feels sick whilst at school

Parents/Guardians if you have a child at the school that has Anaphylaxis can you please make sure that their Anaphylaxis Action Plan is updated 12-18 monthly as this is the Department of Education policy.


Parents please note that the nurse is NOT allowed to give paracetamol or other medication to students. Parents/Students are reminded that they can bring a dose of paracetamol to school to take if you have pain. E.g., headache, period pain, toothache etc.

Mrs Deb Kitak- Community Nurse - Deb.Kitak@education.wa.gov.au

Community News
Southside BMX located in Bull Creek is hosting a Come and Try BMX day on the 9th of March. The session will be run by qualified Southside BMX Club Coaches.
Acknowledgement of Country

We respectfully acknowledge the past and present traditional custodians of this land on which we are meeting, the Whadjak/Noongar people.

It is a privilege to be standing on Noongar country. We acknowledge the contributions of Aboriginal Australians to the education of all children and people in this country we all live in and share together – Australia.

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