Lemay Audio was featuring Modulum Audio Vibration control platforms and accessories (Modpods). Also iFi Audio Diablo DAC.

"The Lemay Audio room comes with a sweet story and a giant killer"...
The system, comprised of the Dayton-Wright Hommage speakers ($58,000), a Tenor Audio Line 1 preamp ($160,000), two Tenor Audio 350M monoblocks, a Roon-core Baetis Audio server ($15,000), a couple of Lemay Audio Type GR Research active subwoofers ($10,800/pair), cables by Inakustik and Silversmith Audio, and stands by Modulum Audio, delivered some of the most natural-toned and textured sound I've ever heard. Vocals were out of this world, as was the delineation of the soundstage. François told me he hates when there's an instrument in a mix he can't identify. Here, it seemed I could hear every violin string being bowed. It was uncanny.

...Now look closely at the photo, at the half a million dollars worth of equipment, and what do you see?

The DAC is an iFi Diablo, retail price $1300. François, who has tried $20,000+ DACs and fancy R2R ones, swears by it. Crazy, right?

Robert Schryer

The room was deathly silent aside from the music as people listened with an intense sense of religiosity. That alone told me I was in one of the Best Rooms Of Montreal 2022 at the show. I sat down to verify that truth.
And to prove the above quote I offer this photo of the iFi Audio Diablo DAC for $999US, supported and anchored by Modulum vibration-absorbing copper footers

Rick Becker

Marianne Lambert Soprano

Ford the occasion, Marianne Lambert and Valérie Milot offered a private concert