St John Vianney R.C. School Newsletter 06.10.23

Headteacher's Message

Mr A Moloney

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had another very busy week in school. Thank you to those parents and carers who joined us last night for our Welcome Evening; we had a good turnout. I hope you enjoyed the opportunity to see your child’s classroom and meet the staff in school they work closest with. It was lovely to meet with you. If you have any worries or concerns please do let us know and we will do all we can to support you.

On Wednesday afternoon we had a great turnout from prospective parents and pupils at our Open Afternoon. We received some lovely feedback about our School ‘welcome’ from the many families in attendance and it’s great to know that our reputation, as an excellent SEND school, continues to grow. If any parents, looking for a place for their child, wants to have a more personalised one to one visit, please also let us know by contacting our SENCO, Ms Nesbitt.

New Build progress: the new playground and changing room area is taking shape! The pupils loved watching the crane bring the changing rooms over the trees, placing them in the play area.

New Build Progress

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Mr Moloney

Dates For Your Diary

  • Friday 20th Oct @ 15:15 - School closes for the Half Term break.
  • Monday 30th Oct @ 9:00 - School re-opens after the Half Term break.
  • Friday 1st December; INSET Day for Staff, School closed to pupils.

SJV Feedback; Good News

This week we received some feedback from the ‘Hideaway Centre’ at Partington, which we use with Class 1. It is lovely to get such amazing feedback, which we wanted to share with you.

‘On another note, at the Hideaway we have had a lovely class attend each week since the beginning of term. The teachers have a lovely relationship with the children, the children respond very well to their teaching styles and are a pleasure to see each week. The children have a structure to their afternoon visit with us, a story, a craft session, free play, bubbles, and a visit in our sensory room. The children are amazing, they all take part in something if not everything. I am in awe of the staff you have and see how much they enjoy working with this class. The children have built up trust, positive relationships with the staff and each other, which is clear to see for observing them during their session at the Hideaway’.

Well done Class 1!

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week!

  • Class 1 - Aidan - For positive transitions to and from school and off site visits.
  • Class 2 - Ben - For being a good friend and working independently in Maths.
  • Class 3 - Jenna - For better listening and engagement in lessons.
  • Class 4 - Mikail - For exemplary behaviour, trying hard in lessons and encouraging his classmates to interact more positively.
  • Class 5 - Joe - For improved engagement and improved lesson attendance.
  • Class 6 - Kyan - For being more settled in the morning.
  • Class 7 - Sana - For trying hard in Maths and always being a good friend.
  • Class 8 - Katie - For being resilent with changes this week and contributing to lessons.
  • Class 9 - Sadie - For a great start to the year, supporting younger students during transitions and a great attitude to learning in class and off site.
  • Class 10 - Harley - For adjusting calmly and maturely to his new class.
  • Class 11 - Rayyan - For improving his communication, independence and being a joy to have in the classroom.
  • Class 12 - Amy - For managing more challenging work and trying hard to remember classroom rules.
  • Class 13 - Dylan - For making a great start to his Computing course.

Employee of the Week

Congratulations to Miss Carney!

Miss Carney has been a great TA support, contributing to the emotional wellbeing of Class 9. This support has allowed all the pupils of Class 9 to flourish since the start of term.



  1. What have you been doing this week? I have been working hard at GMOL. I have been to do some citizenship and work experience at the Salvation Army and played some Disc Golf in PE.
  2. What is the best thing about being in SJV? The freedom in Post 16.
  3. How could SJV be even better? We could do more Science experiments.
  4. What are your hopes and dreams for the future? To get married, have children and get a job.

Miss Ratcliffe

  1. What is your role in school? I am a Teaching Assistant in Class 6.
  2. What have you been doing this week? This week I have been have been assisting my class with their travel training and independence skills. I was very proud of their attitude and behaviour whilst independently shopping in Chorlton. I enjoyed my first Lego Therapy training session with Mrs Dinsdale and I am looking forward to leading a group after half term.
  3. What is the best thing about being in SJV? The variety in our day to day school lives, no day is the same.
  4. How could SJV be even better? I think it is great as it is however, I am looking forward to the new build.
  5. What are your hopes and dreams for the future? I hope to make a difference to the pupils lives and help in their future, and to develop myself in my role.

Class 3

Class 3
  • Who are the members of your class? Staff: Miss Walsh, Miss Murphy, Miss Harley, Miss Mahon.
  • Pupils: Adnan, Ezra, Ethan, Jenna, Khalil, Meera, Zack.
  • What is the best thing about your class? 'Drawing' (Adnan), 'Maths' (Zack and Ethan), 'trips' (Khalil), 'I like Topic' (Jenna).
  • What would make your class even better? 'More running' (Ethan), 'make more friends' (Zack), 'it's perfect' (Jenna), 'something awesome for star of the week' (Adnan), 'going on more journeys' (Khalil).
  • What has your class been learning this week? 'The Ancient Maya empire' (Zack), 'hammering' (Adnan), 'make a fire' (Ethan), 'how to use different pencils' (Ezra)
  • What activities have your class undertaken this week? 'Forest School' (Zack and Meera), 'Yoga' (Adnan), 'Archery' (Ethan), 'Painting in Art' (Ezra)
  • What is the class looking forward to in the future? 'Awards' (Adnan), 'trips' (Jenna), 'being an adult' (Ezra), 'Going to a church' (Khalil)

Class 4

Class 4
  • Who are the members of your class? Staff: Mr Wood, Mr Davies and Mrs Sirovica. Pupils: Dylan, James, Jon Paul, Kayden, K-Leum, Leon, Mikail and Ryan.
  • What is the best thing about your class? The friendships between the boys.
  • What would make your class even better? It would be even better if we could move into our new school already!
  • What has your class been learning this week? This week we have been learning about long addition and subtraction in Maths, using and building electrical switches in Science and we have made apple crumble in Food Tech.
  • What activities have your class undertaken this week? Some of the Year 9 boys have been to Duke of Edinburgh this week and the whole class went to Cronkshaw Farm, where we learned about different soils and tested soils for acidic properties.
  • What is the class looking forward to in the future? The class are looking forward to KS4 next year and choosing their options. We also can't wait for the new playground to be built so we can play football on it!

Mrs Roca Tattershall

  • What is your role in School? Parent Governor.
  • Why are you on the Governing Body? To bring an SJV parent (my daughter Ayla is in year 5) voice and perspective to the table, along with many years of experience and knowledge and a strong desire to support our children, their families and the school, in any way I can.
  • What do you think is best about being part of the SJV community? The amazing staff, how much people care and the childrens’ access to learning, enrichment and positive relationships.
  • How could SJV be even better? We could have more functional communication and interaction with parents / carers and learn ways to support each other and our children.
  • How can I, as a Parent Governor, help you? If you have a question / suggestion / comments etc. then please drop me an email by clicking on the button below, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in the 'Get in Touch' form. Please type "FAO Caroline PGov" in the Comments box. Or just say “Hi” when you see me around the school 😉

Highlights Gallery

Our Catholic School

‘We can all improve and change for the better’

Pope Francis

Within Our Catholic school, this week we celebrated October being the month of the Rosary. As a school we are going to pray the Rosary throughout October.

We are asking for donations for ‘The Harvest Festival' which will take place on the 18th October in School, proceeds of which will support a local South Manchester food bank charity who work to make life more affordable for people on low incomes. We would be very grateful for any donations of non-perishable food items. Please send these in to school via your child/young person's form tutor in the next couple of weeks.

This week's edition of the Wednesday Word is all about being God's messengers. Click on the button below to access it.

Mrs Garfin

Poetry Corner

This week we celebrated National Poetry Day at SJV with our resident poet delivering workshops across all key stages. This year’s theme is ‘Refuge’ and Mr. Lomax transformed the classroom into a 'portable poetry paradise', asking our young poets to create their own poetry passport and consider the hopes and dreams of displaced people across the world.

We explored and performed the work of a range of poets who have responded to the Refugee Crisis, all pupils made amazing contributions and showed a level of sensitivity and respect that reflects the culture here at St John Vianney. It was an inspiring day of poetry and taught us all that poetry does make the world a better place.

Useful Information

Family Fund, Discover Digital workshops are free and here to support Parents and Carers. The support they provide covers everything from:

  • skills workshops on how to use your iPad, from learning about accessibility features, to how to use parental controls.
  • creative workshops for the whole family, using fun apps you can get on your iPad.
  • social stories workshops, to help Parent and Carers create quick and personalised social stories from their own home.
  • money support workshops, to help families maximise their benefit entitlement.

Family Fund have a full calendar of free workshops coming up over the next few months and they would love to share this with families. Click on the button below for more information or to book.

Mrs Griffin

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is a project of Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian international relief organisation. Their mission is to provide local partners around the world with shoeboxes filled with small toys, hygiene items, and school supplies as a means of reaching out to children in their own communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ. They ship these simple gifts outside the United Kingdom to children affected by war, poverty, natural disaster, famine, and disease.

At SJV we will be putting together 3 shoeboxes per class to send to these children. Parents and carers will receive a letter which will give more information on what items can be donated and when. Take a look at the video below to see the impact these small gifts have and how happy they make the children.

Keep up to date with SJV on our website and on social media. Just click on the buttons below:

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