Footballs big win against Fairfield Prep in first round of playoffs By: Nash Teran '25

Staples Football has had a remarkable 2023 season; the team is now 10-1 overall, since their first round of state playoffs at home versus Fairfield Prep on Nov. 28. The Wreckers defeated the Jesuits 13-12, moving them along to the state semi-finals which is to be held on Dec. 3 at home.

It's a few minutes before the big game begins, nerves are high... Football players huddle up and cheer captain Morgan Tamm '24 prepares to cheer her heart out!
First Quarter
6:30 p.m. The Wreckers and The Jesuits are finally face to face once again. A year prior, the teams played against each other in the first round of playoffs and experienced an unfortunate loss - Staples: 22 Prep: 23
About 3 minutes into the first quarter, the Jesuits kicked the ball for a field goal at fourth down and made it. The Wreckers kept it pushing.
The first quarter of the game has come to an end and the Jesuits are up 3 points.
Second Quarter
Class of 2023 alumni, Emma Porzio, continues to support Staples. "I'm always happy to be back and support all of the people I love [...] I'm having a blast."
Quarterback Caleb Smith '24 makes first touchdown of the night for the Wreckers. Making the score 6-3, but not for long. The Jesuits lead with a score of 9-6 after a touchdown on their part.
The second quarter comes to an end and the Wreckers are down 3 points - Staples: 6 Prep: 9
What a chilly night! Cheerleading Captains Morgan Tamm '24 ( bottom left ) and Charlotte Moody '24 ( bottom right ) hand out hot chocolate for the cheer team and coaches during halftime. Grace Zhang '25 (left), Sam Hossain '26 (middle) and assistant cheer coach Diane McCabe (right).
It was around 20 degrees at the Staples v.s. Prep game- yet the crowd stayed ecstatic showing their Wrecker spirit. "I feel like my toes are about to fall off it's so cold," Malaika Glin '26 said. "I have my toe warmers to help though."
Third Quarter
The night is getting colder but the Wreckers are only getting stronger. Caleb Smith '24 scores yet another touchdown and field goal.
The third quarter ends with a score of 13-9, with the Wreckers up 4 points.
The Fourth and Final Quarter
During the last quarter of the game, the Jesuits made one field goal increasing their points by 3. Making them 1 point away from catching them up to the Wreckers.
8:50 p.m. Victory! The Wreckers stayed determined and reflected strong performance throughout the game. Final score - Staples: 13 Prep: 12
Superfans celebrated the win, hopped fences, and swarmed the field. Here we come semi-finals!
Staples Football is number one in the league (FCIAC), let's go Wreckers!

Proud to be a Wrecker.