LPA Newsletter Friday 12th January 2024

Head of School Welcome

Dear families,

As we shared earlier this week, the report from our Ofsted visit in November 2023 has been published. We are pleased to share the report with you all in this newsletter.

I wrote last week about changes we have made to support positive behaviour in particular regarding truancy. These changes are showing a very positive impact and we are working with the families of students who do truant lessons.

During assemblies last week and this week, we looked at how we can all 'Glow Up' and raise our expectations. This included looking at examples of reasons for C1 and reward points to ensure our expectations are clear to students (and staff).

As announced last week, students are working towards two reward point challenges. The update from the first week was shared with students in assemblies and shows a really positive start.

Warm Regards

Ruth Roberts - Head of School

OFSTED Inspection Report

The school has high expectations of what pupils can achieve. The ambitious curriculum has been designed to make sure that all pupils gain sufficient knowledge to achieve well.

Following our recent inspection on 21st and 22nd November 2023 I am pleased to be able to share the OFSTED Inspection report with you, ahead of its publication on the OFSTED website within the next week.


As you will see from the report, OFSTED have rated Lodge Park Academy ‘Good’ in the areas of:

Quality of Education
Personal Development
Leadership and Management
Sixth Form

This is hugely encouraging, particularly so for the grade given for the Quality of Education, as this the first time in the history of the school this has been recognised as “Good”.

As you will see from the report, Behaviour is rated as “Requires Improvement”, and as you will know from our communications home, this is an area we are working hard to improve. Whilst we have a “Good” judgement in four of the other categories, this means that overall, the Ofsted grade is “Requires Improvement”. Ofsted will visit us again within two years to check that the necessary actions, (outlined in the report) have been carried out.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have shown of our high standards and expectations and for working in partnership with us. We are clear about the way forward and considerable work has already been undertaken in relation to behaviour at the Academy.

The inspectors clearly saw the ‘ambitious curriculum’ we offer and recognised the strengths in our teaching.

The curriculums for all subjects have been carefully sequenced so that pupils can build on their existing knowledge and deepen their understanding over time. There is a focus on literacy and communication. Pupils learn the vocabulary they need to discuss their learning and express their own ideas. Pupils read often from a variety of high-quality texts. The school quickly identifies pupils who need extra help with reading. They receive effective support to develop reading fluency so that they can access the curriculum.
Pupils in key stage 3 study a broad range of subjects. In key stages 4 and 5, pupils choose from a range of academic and vocational courses. All pupils have the opportunity to study the GCSE subjects that make up the English Baccalaureate. In the sixth form, the range of A-level courses has increased to meet students’ ambitions and interests.

Overall, the Ofsted inspection clearly recognises a lot of positive work taking place at Lodge Park Academy and identifies some areas where we can improve. The most important focus for us is that we maintain our unwavering commitment to the highest quality of education, care, and opportunity for every child.

Everyone at Lodge Park Academy, and at the David Ross Education Trust, are totally committed to ensuring that we continue to improve so that we have a school the students, staff, parents and community are very proud of. I am confident that the next time they visit us, Ofsted will see the further strides forward we have taken.

Thank you for your ongoing support, it is very much appreciated. As ever, if you have any questions please do get in touch through the school office in the usual way.


This week in House assemblies and tutor time, we announced the first House challenges for this term. The two challenges share a fitness theme with Pathway to Paris also being an inter Trust competition.

Let's get active and reach Paris first!

Assemblies also looked at the theme of developing your personal values and character, looking at the LPA Character Mountain.


What we do: Morning Line up

We start each day with students lining up in their tutor group as a House. Students move to lineup at 8.35am as the student entrance shuts.

Why we do it

Line up allows for a calm start to the academy day. It also helps create a sense of community as we begin the day together as a school. Line up is also a chance for the Heads of House to pass on messages and to share positives.

Table Talk

It is great when families sit down together and share a meal. We would like to encourage you to discuss important topics with your son or daughter that may impact their education.

Positive mental health it very important for all of us.

What Parents Should Look For: Changes in Eating Behaviour, Weight Loss, and Obsessive Body Image Concerns

Many teenagers become obsessed with their weight and have poor body image during adolescence. A change in eating habits could indicate an eating disorder, which is a very serious mental health condition that needs to be addressed as soon as the warning signs appear. If parents notice their teen has a change in eating patterns and/or is losing a lot of weight, they should seek professional help immediately.

Please take the time to speak to your son/daughter about this important matter.
Free Evening Webinars

Please find registration details below for ExpertEd’s free evening webinars, designed to stretch and challenge children in years 5-8 science and years 5-6 maths.

For more details see website www.expertedlive.org  or Email admin@expertedlive.org

What’s On Evening Events for Families When Registration

Family Science Led by Dr Becky Waldram from Swansea University, Family Science aims to offer some stretch and challenge to pupils and to encourage conversations about Science between inquisitive young people and their parents. For years 5-8. Wednesdays starting 17th January 7pm-7:30pm Parents Register here.

Family Science.docx

Family Maths The Midweek Maths series is a live, interactive, evening webinar for children and their parents in years 5&6. Our host, joined by special guests, provides intriguing problems that encourage logical thinking and discussion of applications. There is a takeaway question to attempt at home with prizes sent for the best answers. Wednesdays starting 28th February 7pm-7:40pm Parents Register here.



We are currently recruiting Invigilators to join our team here at Lodge Park Academy. We would welcome applications from family and friends for anybody looking for a part time job that will keep them busy for several weeks in Autumn, Spring and Summer.

Please follow the link below for more details:


Dates to Remember

Spring Term: Academy re-opens to students Thursday 4th January 2024
Spring Term: Academy closes to students on Friday 16th February 2024
Sixth Form Open Evening - Tuesday 23rd January 2024 - 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm

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