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Pat Todd is the most sincere Rock ‘n’ Roll singer/songwriter on the planet. He makes the rest of us look like a bunch of fakers.” - Blaine Cartwright, NASHVILLE PUSSY/NINE POUND HAMMER

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Pat Todd and Mad Macka (Cosmic Psychos) will be hitting the road doing solo shows in AUSTRALIA NOVEMBER 2023!

PAT TODD solo acoustic!

For PAT TODD, Rock 'n' Roll isn't a hobby or part-time pursuit- it informs all aspects of his life and how he relates to the world. Every note and word is an evocation of yearning for the road less travelled: interstates, truck stops, roadside motels, bars and stages -love lost and found- create a web of rich experiences and fond memories that inform the nuances of his songwriting. Though PAT TODD and the RANKOUTSIDERS have five full-length albums and innumerable singles under their belts, there are no signs of stopping...

"There’s no flash sound tricks or auto-tune going on here it’s just the sound of a kick-ass band cutting it up in a sweaty studio knowing that with every song, they capture a little bit more magic than the last take." - RPM Online

"The man is one of our great American songwriters, and he's backed by a band that can rock the hell out of even his most reflective material. This is just a brilliant album from start to finish - an essential purchase for both longtime fans and anyone who enjoys good, solid rock n' roll with a country influence." - Faster and Louder

"The album reflects the diversity of American rock n' roll. Love, hope, sex, death, betrayal, renewal -- it's all here. Pat Todd's songwriting is a road map that leads back to the self ? an existential longing to reside in the aesthetics of self-creation. Some call it art, others the blues, soul, country, rock n' roll." - forcedexposure.com

PAT TODD & the RANKOUTSIDERS are: Pat Todd (lead vocals/harp/guitar), Nick Alexander (guitar and vocals), Kevin Keller (guitar and vocals), Stephen Vigh (bass and vocals), and Walter Phelan (drums).

Pat Todd
Nick Alexander
Kevin Keller
Walt Phelan
Steve Vigh
Just Another Broken Day

2016 - Hound Gawd! Records

Photos courtesy Michael Passman, Rick Graves, David Yohi, and Mari Tamura

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