Leese Bass producer / DJ

@ Botanique, Bxl & Illegaal, Bxl

Leese, based in Brussels, is an electronic music producer whose project emerged in July 2020. Her compositions deftly blend percussive and organic elements, evoking the depth of Bass Music while offering unique and danceable beats.

Her music reflects a synthesis of diverse musical influences, spanning from underground electronic genres to more traditional styles, manifesting prominently in her artistic production. With her innovative and audacious approach to electronic music, Leese continues to chart new musical territories, delivering a captivating auditory experience for her audience.

In addition to her production work, Leese also performs as a DJ. Her sets are heavily influenced by Bass Music, with dark and hypnotic undertones, creating an immersive and powerful atmosphere on the dance floor.


Tracks / Remix on some labels


"This project has been a true artistic challenge, surpassing everything I've accomplished so far. I constantly questioned every detail, starting from scratch numerous times, leading to a delay in the release by several months. I delved into every aspect deeply, and although there are always possibilities for further creativity, I decided to stop at this point.

My aim was to return to the essence of Nomaa by blending more deconstructed productions with melodies and basslines, thus uniting the styles of my last two EPs with Yuku. The quirky and unexpected rhythms remain at the heart of my tracks, accompanied by new influences that sneak in here and there. Each track possesses a personal structure and tells a captivating story that never ceases to take you on a journey without stagnation.

This EP also provided me with a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with three artists I hold in high regard, both personally and artistically: Capiuz, Le Motel, and Ravl. Our values, tastes, and working methods perfectly harmonized, bringing to me lightness and balance to a project that was inherently introspective.

If there's one word that describes Drift perfectly, it's maturity. This EP represents my final breath of this year.

I've decided to take a break from solo production and focus on future duo projects. I've poured my heart and soul into this endeavor, and I hope you feel the emotions I've infused, just as I have."


Capiuz x Leese - SAAM EP [OMB005]

"Embrace your primal nature and let the frenzied beat lead you back to your ancestral roots". Leese and Capiuz join forces for a new split EP on Over My Body. Along with two mutual remixes of previous recordings and a brand new track from the experimental oriented duo.

Capiuz is the experimental dance project of producer and performer Luca Favaro. Based in Italy, his genre-merging production focuses on exploring rhythm and sound design in a club context. Often leaning towards live performances, Capiuz’s music takes the form of a heavy hitting outburst filled with heavy bass, breakcore progressions and granular textures.

Leese, based in Brussels, is an electronic music artist who has gained recognition for her unique style blending break and tribal influences. She recently signed two EPs with label Yuku, one of which was named the Best Bandcamp Release of April, and performs at clubs and festivals throughout Europe. On stage, Leese delivers a passionate and energetic performance, mesmerizing her audience with her powerful beats and enchanting atmospheres. She is becoming increasingly well-known in the electronic/bass music scene and her project is continually evolving and developing.


"8 months ago, I released my first EP with YUKU.

Nomäa was intended to be hard-hitting, and was experienced as a daily outlet, both live and digital. Däarm continues an inner journey with new tribal influences, deep and cathartic bass that will bring you back to your primal instincts.

I'm always carried by Afro/Arabic influenced percussion, it's my own style and it's going to follow me for a while. This kind of rhythm inspires me a lot, there's no doubt about it: it's like feeling each instrument through all the bodies, which are just moving.

A more ambient and low-key feel for Däarm came to me.

Nomäa was an opportunity to evolve and develop my drums. After that, it was natural for me to return to this more "melodic" side, more musical in a way. Some synths appear and I'm happy that this other part of me has emerged and merged with the percussive/groovy side of my tracks.

The bass is also more present. I wanted this time, that people make faces when listening to this new EP, the ones we make when it's too heavy inside and that it shows on the face (cfr "Vuil").

I had the idea to separate "Donker Dag" in two parts: the first one in Nomäa, and the second one here. During a live show I had transitioned Donker Dag with an old track "Az5". This transition seemed so obvious to me that I decided to make a second version, and I like the idea of two EP's finally being intertwined.

With Däarm we are still walking along this line, other new things just came on it."



"This EP is the result of years of identity research.

After more than 10 years of electronic music, I succeeded in this second EP to gather all the musical currents which inspired me and made vibrate all my life. My artistic approach is to create a fusion between the different musical genres that influence me, and especially, to give each of my tracks, a real identity. Percussive, a heaviness that we recognize Bass Music, rhythms shifted and dancing, this is what qualifies Leese.

This mixture is tasty, between the emotional, and the technical, I want at all costs to build original structures, varied and innovative, while traveling through all these currents, in the desire to make the listener feel.

I like this round aspect of this EP. Everything ties together, and is carefully handled. I don't know exactly what I'm trying to bring together, but I feel when I'm going in the right direction or not, each time I produce. It's a heavy and sub urge that takes to the trips, with these percussions that recall our primal instincts and speak directly to our body. The human reconnection that allows the addition of oriental voices, accompanied by melodic layers (with partimony).

I hope to touch the originality, I hope to create the astonishment, the surprise. The moment of creation can sometimes be very introspective, I do not count any more the hours or I tore off the hair of my head, to try to find my personal touch and what will make me vibrate myself in this process. The end result is self recognition. I am very happy to be able to present you this EP, as well as to deliver you a part of me."

— Leese

Reviews on NOMÄA

" Mature release ! " ★★★★★ - Tijana T - Rinse FM, Belgrade

" Brilliant release, great sound. Love it ! " ★★★★★ - Solid Blake - Apeiron Crew

" Sick EP - Start to finish " ★★★★★ - Jonnie Wilkes - Optimo, Sub Club

" Doesn't get better than this. Hard beats and dark electronic magic. Look forward to promoting in future mixes. Thanks " ★★★★★ - BARRcode - NSBradio, Backseatmafia.com

" How have I never heard of Leese ? Unreal release " ★★★★★ - Ben Sleia

" Consistent through all tracks, this one is a sonic tapestry of woven beats and textures. A layered mix you'll be noticing elements of months or years down the track, some real longevity here " ★★★★★ - Eric Downer, 99.9 Bay FM, Byron Bay, Bayfm.org

" Insane " - Kessler

" Massive leffield bass tracks ! " ★★★★ - Romy Mats, HigherFrenquency

" This is absolutely killer, super interesting and original with influences coming from all over the place, it really feels like it defies categorisation which is a massively good thing. The wonderful production and engineering is the icing on the cake, I really can't wait to play some of these " ★★★★ - Sigha

" THIS is definitively going to be part of my TRANSCENDENTAL PLAN ! " ★★★★ - Dave P



DJ Set @ Vostock @ Mont des Arts (Bruxelles) - 13/07/24

Live @ Genre quoi @ Liege - 29/06/24

DJ Set @ Magma Festival @ Illegaal (Bruxelles) - 25/05/24

Live @ Ravie Party @ Illegaal (Bruxelles) - 26/04/24

Live @ Caninal Terra 78 @ Petit Bain (Paris) - 24/04/24

Live @ Yuku Event @ Fuchs2 (Prague) - 13/04/24

Live @ Listen Festival @ C12 (Bruxelles) - 29/03/24

Live @ Breaxx (Bruxelles) - 01/03/24

Live @ Cluster Festival (Ghent) - 16/02/24

Live @ Submerge @ Illegaal (Organizer & DJ) - 9/12/23

Live @ Fifty Lab @ Bonnefooi (Bruxelles) - 17/11/23

Live @ Grid @ Illegaal (Bruxelles) - 16/11/23

Live @ Ravieversaire @ Atelier210 (Bruxelles) - 28/10/23

Live @ Aphrodite Dnb Night (Namur) - 27/10/23

Live @ Boomtown (Gand) - 15/06/23

Live @ First part for Asian Dub Foundation (Huy) - 15/05/23

Live @ Bon Air festival OFF (Marseilles) - 10/05/23

Live @ Les Aralunaires (Arlon) - 06/05/23

Live @ Powerism (Bruxelles) - 01/04/23

Live @ Kiosk Radio (Bruxelles) - 30/03/23

Live @ La Sacrée Déter (Lausanne, Suisse) - 24/03/23

Live @ Brasserie de la Mule (Bruxelles) - 14/03/23

Live @ Trix (Anvers) - 10/02/23

Live @ Les filles de la Soeur (Grenoble, France) - 03/02/2023

Live @ Kultura (Liege) - 12/11/22

Live @ Invited by KESSLER @ Point Club (Rotterdam) - 28/10/22

Live @ Pilar Festival (Bxl) - 13/10/22

Live @ Metarave (Berlin) - 07/10/22

Rockerill (Charleroi) - 29/09/22

Live @ Polychrome & Inertial (Bxl) - 27/08/22

Live @ Supervue Festival (Liege) - 29/07/22

Live @ Boomtown Opera Hall (Ghent) - 16/07/22

Live @ Dour Camp Festival invited by Maloca Record (Dour) - 13/07/22

INDEx (The Hague) - 02/07/22

bru-X-elles (Bxl) - 17/06/22

Stachemoule (Bxl) - 28/05/22

Optimal Bass (Bxl) - 20/05/22



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