Full Circle Family Fall 2023 QUarterly Newsletter

Welcome! Deep Gratitude and Much Love for your precious Presence.

"So there's a devotion here with this gathering and this showing up. To continue recognizing and deepening into and cultivating peacefulness that exists beyond right doing and wrongdoing, good and bad. And all the rest. It's a commitment and devotion to discover That which is not coming or going and yet gives rise to all coming and going. Not separate in any way from that which arises, abides and falls away, arises, abides and falls away. There is a constancy an at-rest-ness, absolute stillness and silence that is also dynamically dancing into being.
And in our intellectual reasoning, this is a paradox. It's something that seems unreasonable. And yet if we look closely, and sit quietly and devotedly listening without agenda and expectation, but just in a simple kind of humble way, we can recognize this truth. And even though the relative world is continuously being born in an appearance sort of way and the judging aspect of the mind is continuously assigning belief of goods and bads and shoulds and shouldn'ts and all of that on top of the appearance, although that is happening, there is an at rest peacefulness that exists here and now.
Never coming, never going . Without attributes. Uncreated, unmanufactured. It's not a memory. It's not an experience. It simply is. As we bring attention to, as we cultivate this recognition through our attention, it begins to bloom and grow and come forward . You might say, it becomes context for all the content. It becomes conscious. Consciously available, no matter the situation the circumstance. And from that discovery, that recognition, fresh, illuminated and enlightened action that is beyond memory and conditioning and reaction becomes available as response. Responseiveness that is beyond right doing and wrongdoing, response beyond good and bad and evil and all the rest. So, this is our devotion.
It begins with just noticing where our attention habitually wants to go. And in a gentle and kind, humble, simple way, just returning the attention again and again and again to this profound Stillness . Silence at the heart of Being."

Listen to the teaching here Morning Mediation, November 3, 2023

Mondays and Fridays from 6:30-7:15 AM, Pacific Time. Contact us for the ZOOM link.

You can find many morning meditations with pointers for disentangling the attention from habituated thought here: Morning Meditation Pointers

When one awakens to the Heart of Being, the view of the world as a cause of suffering and dissatisfaction gives way. And the world as an instrument of opportunity and transformation comes into view. The "me" is overwhelmed by circumstances but the Fullness of Being sees creation as just that , Creation.
Circumstances will be what they are. And some circumstances are begging for our loving attention and creative innovation. Heartfelt liberation that is available only when conditioned memory is surrendered.
But when Life is seen from the view of an existent Wholeness, rather than the narrative of otherness and warfare, the wisdom of the Universe unfolding becomes consciously available. As one firmly inhabits each Holy Instant, from/through/AS spontaneous Presence, Universal True Nature responds naturally with creative pathways, fresh strength and innovation beyond the capacity of the divided mind.

Jennifer Tyler, Silent Retreat


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Evening Gatherings

An invitation to sit together in contemplation and recognition of Life's Mysterious Origin.

via ZOOM

November 7 * January 16* February 13* March 5*

5-7 PM, Pacific Time

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A safe and intimate place where you can give voice to the heart's unfolding. As the mind/body/consciousness shifts and evolves in response to spiritual realizations, it can be stabilizing and comforting to have a safe place to express yourself. With an understanding guide that can assist you in finding your unique way of expressing and embodying the transformational process of spiritual awakening. Through sacred conversation, spiritual inquiry, guidance and intuitive healing the session encourages resonance with the potentialities of spiritual unfolding, wholeness, awakening, transfiguration, emergence, growth and discovery

I am excited to be offering in-person as well as Zoom sessions. Giving voice to one's journey is a vital aspect of the realization process. Over the years I have noticed that almost every session begins with "I don't know what to say and I don't know why I'm here." And almost every session ends with "I'm so glad I came." MORE INFO


Rio Chirripo Lodge, Costa Rica



In deep gratitude for this Retreat with Beloved Sharon Landrith

Information and Registration



Heart of Winter retreat

with Ani Lodro

November 30, 2023, at 6 PM through December 4, 2023, at 1 PM

Vajra Vidya Retreat Center, 3203 Camino Baca Grande, Crestone, CO 81131

In deep gratitude for this retreat with Beloved Ani Lodro

Silent retreats with Jennifer Tyler


The Way of Love Silent Retreats

In beautiful Cove, Oregon, Ascension camp is a quiet, peaceful facility devoted to "time apart". It provides an inviting, peaceful and supportive container for the remembering of one's True Nature.

May 30- June 5, 2024

Registration opening November 6, 2023 at fullcirclefamily.us

More information

Fall 2024 dates have changed related to scheduling conflict at the retreat center. Please note that Fall retreat will be October 8-14, 2024. Registration TBA.

The playlist of videos from Fall 2023 is now available on youtube. Thank you Timo!

Deep Dive Intensive

Holy-days Community Celebration of Light

December 15-16th, 2023

at HeartBeat Wellness Center Enterprise, OR

And via Zoom
An immersion in profound gratitude and deep reverence for the Full Circle Family. And the ever-giving , eternal , lit-up-ness of existent NOW. The Dazzling Dark dancing. SHE who is birthing her shimmering Joy AS she rises from the ineffable SILENT SOURCE.
Friday evening Sound Bath celebration of sound, vibration and light with Tai and Trish; 6-8pm
Saturday Deep Dive with Jennifer; 9am-3pm


In the fullness of right here right now, unmediated by the narrative of time, there is direct KNOWING of Oneself as uncaused Love. Original Love and Beauty. Love without opposite or object. Love beyond circumstance and the will to control or compensate. Its the purity of existence as it arises from the Unknown, the Hidden One, the Dark Radiance, Life’s mysterious Origin.
Jennifer Tyler
The Beauty of Fall Silent Retreat 2023
Our prayers from retreat finding ground in the Peace Rose garden.

The beloved Hybrid Tea Rose, Peace, was hybridized by Francis Meilland in the late 1930s. The outbreak of World War II disrupted Meilland's plans to introduce the rose to the public. In order to protect the rose, Meilland sent cuttings to his friends and colleagues in several countries, including Germany, Italy, Turkey, and the United States. Each country gave the rose a different name, with the American name being Peace. Robert Pyle, the head of the Conard Pyle Company, recognized the rose's potential as a symbol of hope and peace, and introduced it to the American public in 1945 as the war in Europe was coming to an end. The rose quickly became popular and was even given to delegates at the inaugural United Nations meeting that same year as a symbol of the hope for peace in the post-war world.

Right here, right now we are whole, indivisible and essentially free. The fundamental Love that we are, is not far, distant, separate or unavailable. It is infinitely, eternally abundant and the essence of all expression. Willingly give into this peace, this inner silence. In the discovery of uncaused Love there is a responsive immediacy of wisdom and compassion that is beyond the stories, causalities and descriptions of the thinking mind.--- fullcirclefamily.us

Jennifer's beloved teacher, Sharon Landrith (a teacher in the lineage of Adyashanti), has confirmed her as a teacher in the lineage. She is moved to be a guide in the remembering and inhabiting of the essential nature, uncaused Love. Jennifer's joy is to be of service in sacred togetherness and communion. Lending Presence, whole-heartedness and compassion to one's unfolding evolutionary/involutionary journey through: private meetings for spiritual-inquiry, group silent retreats, online discovery courses and evening gatherings.