Five Tips to be the Best You Joy Ryan

Have you ever wondered what clothes or hairstyle suits you? What are your strongest features? What makes you stand out in a crowd? Well, here are some tips to bring out the best version of yourself.

High Visual Weight vs. Low Visual Weight

"Low and high visual weight" is a method used to consider which makeup look best matches you. If you are high visual weight, you suit bolder and more colorful makeup looks that use dramatic techniques to stricken the appearance. If you have a low visual weight, clean or softer makeup looks are best suited for you. Low visual weight makeup looks focuses on your natural features and can give the impression that you have no makeup on.

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If you are unsure what visual weight you are here is one test you can do to determine your visual weight. First, take a picture of your face and put the contrast to negative one hundred. Secondly, set the settings to one hundred positive. If your facial features seem more prominent in positive one hundred contrast, then you are a high visual weight. If your features seem more clear in negative one hundred contrast, you are a low visual weight.

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Consider what colors suit you

When deciding the color of your makeup, hair color or clothes, knowing what colors suit you can make a world of a difference. By focusing on color, you can brighten your whole face and pull together your outfit.

One of the ways you can find out what colors suit you is by getting a color analysis done. Color analysis is where a person helps you decide what colors look the best on you. They provide their opinion and explain why certain colors fit you and why other colors don't fit you.

Another way to determine what colors match you is using your primary skin shade. For example, lighter colors may wash out people with lighter skin compared to someone with darker skin and vise-versa with darker clothing.

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Face Shape

Your face shape can determine what type of hair styles that suit you the best and that will highlight your facial features. There are seven common face shapes: oval, triangle, diamond, square, round, rectangular and heart. If you don't know what to look for when finding your face shape, click for more information here.

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Body Type

Knowing your body type allows you to choose clothes that flatter your body. Clothes should make you feel confident in your own skin, understanding what styles work with your body type can help you choose clothes that boost your confidence. If you need help in finding out your body type, click here for more information.

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Jewelry can tie together your whole outfit and add personality. It can compliment your features in a way that clothes otherwise can't. When considering what type of jewelry to wear you should consider if gold or silver compliments your skin.

To determine if gold or silver looks better on you, you have to identify your undertone. People with warmer undertones suit gold jewelry better, while silver jewelry looks best on cooler undertones. To find your undertone you have to look at the color of your veins on your wrist. Veins that appear a greenish color mean you have warm undertones while if they appear a bluish color you have cool undertones. If you have a mixture of the two colors, both gold and silver would look good on you.

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