KC News Round Up Friday 26th January 2024

Classics Trip

Year 10 and Lower Sixth Classical Civilisation students visited The British Museum to see the the Bassai Frieze and Parthenon sculptures. Studying these is part of their GCSE and A Level courses and they were specifically looking at the use of mythology on the temples and how it portrays civilisation and power.

Drama Scholars' Workshop

On Wednesday we were delighted to welcome Kirsty Hoiles back to KC for a workshop focusing on performance to camera. The workshop formed part of the preparation for the scholars’ performance project that will be unveiled in the summer term!

Drama scholars were split into two groups (Years 7-10 and Year 11-Upper Sixth) and worked with Kirsty to refine the skills necessary for performing to camera. The scholars responded with enthusiasm and made significant progress with this new form of performance.

We would like to thank Kirsty for her energy and creativity and wish her lots of luck as she now embarks on rehearsals for the UK tour of Come From Away.

HALO Lecture

This week our HALO lecture was given by Mr Haslewood, Head of Physics. In a lecture entitled "The Physics of Time Travel", he gave us some background information on the scientists who first looked into the notion of time travel, explained the equation that informs time travel and gave us some demonstrations involving a tennis ball. He talked about moving forward in time and whether it might be possible to move back in time, before going on to talk about the role of wormholes. Finally, Mr Haslewood answered some very deep questions from the audience, including a question about whether it was possible to freeze time.

I really enjoyed the HALO lecture. I had never thought about time travel as a possibility and the lecture really opened my mind to the subject. Claudia, Year 9
I really enjoyed learning about how we had already exceeded in time travel, just not in the way most people expected. It was fantastic to learn about the very real possibility of more extreme time travel becoming possible within our life time, and that is was already very mathematically possible. Madeleine, Year 10
I found the topic very interesting. It was definitely an eye-opener. I never thought I would learn about time travel and I really enjoyed the talk. Erin, Year 8
The HALO lecture broadened my understanding on the perception of time. It opened my mind and prompted me to ask question about my understanding of our universe and the exciting future of time travel! Juliet, Lower Sixth


In Year 9, students have been honing their embroidery skills inspired by artist Victoria Villasana. Utilising photos of Frida Kahlo as an additional muse, they have created vibrant block designs. These were then sublimation printed onto fabric, serving as canvases for intricately hand-embroidered flowers and foliage drawn by the students. The result is a collection of beautifully embellished pieces proudly displayed in the dining hall.

Hettie, in Year 7, has been sharing her passion for textiles by creating beautifully sewn animals at home using odd socks and buttons. Her talent shone through in a workshop that she ran for our students this week. The engagement level during the workshop, involving Sixth Form helpers and Mrs Giacomini Martin, was so high that they didn't want it to end. Hettie is continuing the club next week, when they hope to finish their animals and share them with you.

If you wish to share your textiles skills and run a club, please to speak to Mrs Giacomini Martin or Mrs Smith.

Give flexi-boarding a go!

The evenings in H&H, our junior boarding house, are full of fun activities that day pupils can get involved in with our flexi-boarding offer. Join your friends in boarding for a movie night, sport and fitness evening or even a spot of pampering! If you are interested in giving flexi-boarding a try, please email handh@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk.

For our senior boarders in J&O, weekdays are often spent studying (their fun happens at the weekends) so if a night in boarding might help to get work done or focus on exams, then please get in touch with jando@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk.

Pupils can flexi-board from one to three nights a week on a regular or ad hoc basis, subject to availability. The cost for a full night of flexi-boarding is £60 (including supper and breakfast). Our new 'late arrival' flexi-boarding, after 9.00pm, is £40 (breakfast only).

Form Wellbeing Time

Pupils in 9 James have been writing their names in Korean in their form wellbeing time.

The Wellbeing Hub

Digital Resilience Talk - 5th February

Have a lovely weekend!