Capturing the Spirit of PRHS Softball by serenity wulfIng

The Varsity Girls Softball team consists of 14 players: four seniors, four juniors, two sophomores and four freshmen. Captain being Elie Chavez, Brielle Burt, and Kylee Nancolas. The team has a batting average of 29.8%, 569 plate appearances, 114 runs, 139 hits, 28 doubles, six triples and four home runs. They have a 7-12 win record overall and are placed 5th in Mountain league.


* named left to right

Kylee Nancolas: Nancolas is a junior on varsity and plays 3rd Base. She has been on varsity for three years. She has a 41.9% on base percentage, 18 hits and 15 runs batted in.

Elie Chavez: Chavez is a senior on varisty and plays shortstop. She has been on varsity for four years. She has a 49.5% on base percentage, 94 hits, 36 runs batted in and 87 runs.

Brielle Burt: Burt is a senior on varsity and is the catcher. She has been on varsity for three years. She has 46.5% on base percentage, 23 hits, 17 runs batted in and 7 runs.


Named Left to Right: Elie Chavez (12), Aalia Torres (12), Shelbi Griffith (12), Brielle Burt (12), Ava Burr (11), Madison Pritchett (11),Ashlynn Domingos (11), Kylee Nancolas (11), Chloe Van Pelt (10), Kendell Nancolas (10), Madison Paz (9), Natalie Davis (9), Preslie Lyles (9), Sienna Molina (9)


Highest Base Percentage (54.7%): ELIE CHAVEZ

Highest Fielding Percentage (98%): BRIELLE BURT

Highest Batting Average (39.3%): ELIE CHAVEZ

Most Home Runs (3): BRIELLE BURT

Most Stollen Bases (6): KENDELL NANCOLAS

Most Runs (19): ELIE CHAVEZ

Most Hits (23): BRIELLE BURT