A Night in Mexico The Venue, High River AB

I first attended this event a few years ago and enjoyed the vibrancy and energy of it. I've been attending annually ever since.

In that time I've met Ima Moreno and his wife Sabrina Albright and their son. All who bring their passion for the culture and cuisine of Mexico to their new home in High River.

I don't think it takes much for the Mexican community to find a reason to party and what better excuse than the Independence Day for their home country. Even if Canada is now home, it's still a good reason and we all are invited to join the celebration.

The Venue was decorated for the occasion, inside and out.

As people arrive we are introduced to the game of Loteria, a version on Bingo, with a Spanish lesson thrown in for good measure.

No celebration is complete without food.

Ima has that covered with his company El Papalote providing tasty samplings of traditional street food. His fresh, locally produced products are available from local vendors year round as well as street markets throughout the summer months.

Some folks put the "street" into street food.

The event was ticketed so there could be a liquor license and as usual - it was a sell-out, but when there is a will there is a way. The Venue is open air and the food truck was set up on the street so no one was prevented from enjoying the evening's entertainment.

Two of the hardest working ladies but that didn't stop them from enjoying themselves.

Volunteers for The Venue were on hand to handle door duties, the sound system and to keep the place looking shipshape.

This particular piñata was one tough nut to crack!

The smashing of the piñata offers lots of laughter and treats - if you're not afraid of being trampled in the rush for the goodies!

Throughout it all there was dancing.

And of course - Music!

The music made people want to dance - so they did!

And then a party broke out!

Everyone agreed - what a good time!

Thank you Ima, Sabrina, all the entertainers and Venue volunteers that put this evening in Mexico together.

Until next time!