What will happen if Proposition 1 does not pass?

Proposition 1 requires a simple majority vote of approval to pass. If the Proposition is not successful, we pledge to continue every effort to provide the highest level of services possible. However, it is anticipated that our response capability for all types of incidents in all areas of the RFA will be challenged.

Emergency responses continue at all-time high levels of individual and simultaneously occurring incidents. When RFA resources are over-stretched, responses will be prioritized to ensure the most urgent needs get the quickest response. Response delays of fire engines and ambulances will occur as emergency requests for service are answered by priority rather than in the order received.

Maintenance of high service levels, along with program expansions (described in the Q&A "How Will Riverside Fire Authority Use the Funds?"), form a comprehensive strategy to address existing and forecast challenges. Elements include an adequate number of well-trained personnel – career and volunteer – who can be amassed to safely and effectively deal with all emergencies, investments to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place and limiting the impact of incidents when they do occur.

With all elements working together, this strategy creates a force multiplier to achieve readiness and response goals into the future. Removing any element will diminish our overall effectiveness. Attaining these goals is unlikely without the additional resources of a fire levy lid lift via Proposition 1.