Rogers Band News October 6th, 2023

Rogers Band NEws

October 6th, 2023

October is a busy Band Month, full of great experiences for our bands!!

This Weeks Sectional Schedule

Middle School Football Game – Band Performance on October 11th (SW, CBI & II)

We are so excited to head over to Children’s Health Stadium to support our Rogers football team against Hays on Wednesday October 11th. All Symphonic Winds, Concert Band I & II students will be bused over to the stadium so we can play music and support our football team. Detailed Itinerary Here. A pizza dinner will be served at 4:45pm at Rogers. Please plan to pick up your student or carpool of students directly from the Prosper Stadium outside of the home entrance. There will not be a bus back to Rogers. Even better, come on in and join us in supporting the 8th grade football teams. We’ll take tubas and percussion instruments on a truck, all other instruments need to go home with students. Go Eagles!!!

We need parent/student volunteers to follow us back to Rogers to help unload the truck after the performance. Please use this link to volunteer to help.

Pep-Rally on Thursday During School

We are excited to have our first school wide pep-rally during the School Day on Thursday October 12th. All band students in CBII, CBI, and SW will be performing. Students need to wear any Rogers or Rogers Band T-Shirt and any shorts, pants, jeans, etc. It is going to be on the football field so dress accordingly.

Rogers Band Fall Concert – October 18th

All are invited to our first concert of the school year on Wednesday, October 18th in the Rogers Competition Gym. The Fall Concert will feature music performed by the Rogers Symphonic Winds, Concert Band I and Concert Band II. There will be no beginning band students performing at this concert, however we welcome all students to come and listen. See you there!!!!

Prosper ISD is Hosting Bands Of America

We are getting so close to the BOA competition we're hosting! We still have a handful of volunteer spots that need to get filled, including:

  • helping with parking!! We need help with this all day.
  • helping the bands navigate through warmup areas. This can be done by adults or teens, and is a great option for recent grads of the band program!
  • ticket takers! This can be done by adults or teens.
  • elevator monitor--make sure only those who are supposed to be up in the tower get up there (you're inside and sitting for this one--and right next to the volunteer food!)
  • and more!

Why volunteer?

  • Because it's fun, obviously
  • Volunteers get into the competition for FREE!
  • You'll get a snazzy BOA t-shirt
  • Free food!!
  • Most importantly, you'll be able to pat yourself on the back for helping our amazing band program.

Sign up today! You'll be so glad you did... Go Band!!

PISD Band Night, Marching Band Showcase and Trunk or Treat in Children’s Health Stadium

Come one come all!!! All Rogers Band students are invited to watch all 3 PISD High School bands perform under the lights at Children’s Health Stadium on Wednesday October 25th. Audience members will get to see the Walnut Grove, Prosper and Rock Hill Marching bands perform their entire UIL Marching Band Show. It is going to be a spectacular night!! Invite everyone you know to come out to a beautiful night of band! More details out soon.


Following the event will be an enormous trunk or treat put on by every band in the district. Please consider signing up to either present a trunk or to just donate candy.

Beginning Band Corner

Beginners are now starting to play more out of their band books as well as instrument specific exercises. They should be practicing these every day, and it would be fun for them to play these exercises for friends and family members at home! Performing for an audience helps build confidence and can also count toward their practice time! Students will be receiving a 2nd Nine Weeks Practice Record next week. Students that receive an 80% or higher each week on their practice record will be invited to attend the Beginner Reward party in November.

Now is the time to make sure brass players are oiling their valves and greasing their slides! Make sure your student is taking care of this at least once a month, or whenever they start having sticky valves or stuck slides. Keeping a consistent monthly maintenance schedule will keep their instrument in good working condition!

When clarinet and saxophone students are down to the last three reeds left in their box, it's time to purchase a new box! This will keep students ahead of the game in case they need to replace reeds during class or add to their reed rotation.

All-District and All-Region Auditions are Approaching (SW and select CBI)

On October 23rd (All-District) and November 7th and/or 11th (All-Region,) all Symphonic Winds members and select Concert Band I members will participate in the Region 24 All-District/All-Region Auditions. An information packet with more details will be distributed next week.

Monday Oct 23rd Prosper ISD All-District auditions

This is a practice audition to get students ready for the All-Region Band Auditions. Students will follow the same process as all-region, but will only be competing against students from the 4 Prosper middle schools. There will not be multiple phases, but it will give students a great experience and let them know what to expect. The top-ranking students from the all-district audition will form one All-District band that will perform in January. ****Morning 8:00am – 12:30pm – individual times will vary****

Tuesday Nov. 7th Phase I (All Instruments except: b. clarinet, tenor/bari sax)

Instruments that have a large number of students auditioning will have two phases (flute, oboe, bassoon clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, horn trombone, euphonium, tuba, percussion). Phase I will take place on Tuesday Nov. 7th at McKinney Boyd High School. The highest placing students will advance to Phase II Saturday Nov. 11th. The audition process will end here for students who do not advance. ****Evening 5:00pm – 9:00pm – individual times will vary****

Saturday Nov. 11th Phase II (b. clarinet, tenor/bari sax, and advancing phase I students)

Phase II will take place on Saturday Nov. 11th at Cockrill Middle School in McKinney. This audition will be for all single-phase instruments (b. clarinet, tenor/bari sax) and those who advanced from Phase I. ****Morning event: 8:00am – 4:00pm – individual times will vary****

Upcoming Dates:

  • Oct 11th - Band plays in stands for Rogers 8th gr. Football at Children’s Health Stadium
  • Oct 12th - Pep-Rally - (no beginners)
  • Oct 18th - Fall Concert - SW, CBI, CBII (no beginners)
  • Oct 23rd - All-District Auditions (SW and select other students)
  • Oct 24 - Pep-Rally (no beginners)
  • Oct 25th - PISD Band Night and Trunk or Treat (optional)
  • Oct 30th - 8th grade night with the WGHS Band
  • Nov 7th - All-Region Phase I
  • Nov 11th - All-Region Phase II