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OneFuture Coachella Valley is committed to advancing quality healthcare that embraces the cultural experience that local students will bring to their practice. By fostering the pathway of Coachella Valley students into PA programs, we aim to provide high-quality, compassionate, and individualized healthcare for local residents. This effort will also grow a sustainable pipeline of healthcare professionals as more graduates return to our community, enhancing the primary care workforce. Moreover, by increasing the number of local students entering the PA profession and serving the Coachella Valley, we will improve equitable and accessible healthcare, reducing healthcare disparities and enhancing overall wellness outcomes in the region.

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What is a PA?

PAs (physician associate/physician assistant) are licensed clinicians who practice medicine in every specialty and setting. Trusted, rigorously educated and trained healthcare professionals, PAs are dedicated to expanding access to care and transforming health and wellness through patient-centered, team-based medical practice. Generally, it takes 7 years to become a PA including your undergraduate degree and approximately 27 months in your PA degree program.

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OneFuture is here to help, encourage and inspire you on your journey...

Schools with PA Programs

OneFuture's goal is to help students from the Coachella Valley earn their Masters of Science PA degree and return to our region to serve. We are working with California based PA programs to increase consideration of our students.

"Our patients benefit from enhanced safety in the delivery of care that results in fewer errors." ~ Mary Allias


OneFuture Coachella Valley

OneFuture Coachella Valley awards scholarships in partnership with local nonprofit organizations and provides students with financial aid and student support counseling to help them navigate the college going process. With our College and Career Navigator (C2Nav) online system, students complete a profile, submit their scholarship application, and connect to resources to help them succeed.

California Academy of Physician Associates (CAPA) Scholarships

The CAPA Foundation offers a combined five scholarships to those demonstrating promise as both future PAs and future leaders. If you are a Student or Interim Student Member of CAPA, you may be eligible to receive one of five $2,000 scholarships. CAPA’s scholarship program is one of the many ways CAPA is supporting the next generation of PAs. Take a moment to learn about each opportunity. You may be our next award recipient!

National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program

The National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program (NHSC SP) awards scholarships to students pursuing eligible primary care health professions training. In return, scholars commit to provide primary care health services in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs).

Paying for PA School

PA school is demanding, and applicants will have limited time, if any, to work while attending school. Click below to see more resources from PAEA to help you pay for PA school.


Helping You with Your Application!

The PA Education Association (PAEA) is the only national organization representing PA educational programs. PAEA works to ensure quality PA education through the development and distribution of educational services and products specifically geared toward meeting the emerging needs of PA programs, the PA profession, and the health care industry.

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