Checking Ballots: The Importance of Voting Reporter: Charley Harrison

With the 2024 primary election candidates appearing and the election soon in full effect, it is important to educate younger generations and new voters on the importance of voting.

Nearly 83.3% of students at Hammonton High School said they will vote when they are of age, and 16.7% said they will not.

The results of the poll consisted of answers that were concise but a common link was most did not see the importance of their own vote.

One vote can completely change the trajectory of an election- that can be a better quality of life for you or someone who needs it. A new law that needs to be put in place needs votes.

It is critical that voters understand the importance of their vote because they deserve the right and others too. Eradicating non ideals of change brings upon new ideas and collaborations to build a society worth being proud of. The undocumented population

Policies affect those who cannot vote

The undocumented population and reformed felons unbeknownst to the media, are unable to vote. The undocumented population is relied on heavily for us as a capitalist country with its mass consumerist ideals. It is only fair to show up for them as well. Former felons have served their time and are encouraged to reintegrate into society but cannot vote. These policies that are put into place affects those who cannot vote or policies that should be put into place aren't because no one is advocating in their demographic.

Educating voters on the importance of a single vote is extremely needed within our ever so constantly changing society.

Putting politicians in place for the people that are "for the people".

To be a voice for the voiceless.