World Language Week boosts cultural celebrations by Samantha Sandrew '25

World Language week spanned from March 7 through March 15, kicking off with Chinese and ending with Latin. Each language contributed to the festivities by making posters, wearing costumes and sharing culture over the loudspeaker during morning announcements.

World Language week planners held a general meeting on Thursday, Feb 29 for all the language clubs.he Chinese language was celebrated on the following Thursday, March 7. The cafeteria served orange chicken and Mandarin students spoke the language over the intercom. Andrew Maskoff '25 was the one to present Madarin over the intercom.. "Andrew made a pretty sick rap and rapped it," Sirish Popuri '25 said.
French students prepared for their day, March 8, by crafting posters with fun French trivia. The answers to the questions were revealed when you scan the QR code. "We just wanted to spread our culture and why we originally took French and why we enjoy the language," Alexander Cozzolino '25 said. The Cafeteria also served chocolate eclairs and a variety of French food for students and staff.
German culture blossomed all around the school on March 11 with some of the German club's members dressing up as the German Haribo gummy bear. The cafeteria served chicken schnitzel with cabbage and spatzle, a type of egg noodle, and German chocolate cake for dessert. "We're wearing funny little gummy bear costumes for the morning and first lunch," co-president of German club Alina Guervich '25 said. "We also have our morning annoucements to spread German culture."
Spanish day kicked off on March 12 with informative posters and cultural food in the cafeteria. For lunch, there was Enchiladas and street corn. There was also nacho style chips with meats seasoned in traditional spanish style. "I have been looking forward to it all week," Eitan Eiger '24 said. "I am excited to share Spanish culture with the rest of the school."
Presidents of Italian club sold merchandise outside the cafeteria on March 14. The library set up icons of Italian culture for photo opportunities. Italian classes participated in a history based trivia hunt during the lunch period. "It is a great time to learn and share new culture and the language you've been learning with other people," Mickey Ross '26 said.
Latin students illustrate Latin posters about the Roman Empire to celebrate Latin Day on March 15. "World Language day was really good," Latin Teacher Perry Tavenner said. "Language information lined the halls. I thought the Latin broadcast was the best. All the other languages couldn't compare."

World Language weekconcluded on March 15, with all students gaining new culture and learning.