Principal's Message

Writing my newsletter entry is of the easiest things I do all week. It always starts with how great the children have been; true again this week! Our children are a credit to the academy. We have had a small group of footballers taking part in the EFL Kids Cup and the choir have impressed our visiting music lead from the Trust. The children have been able to talk positively about how we can deal with bullying and have created some very impressive posters. Well done to Oliver H for creating his own poster at home; which is now on display on our outside noticeboard. The children have been challenged to created their own anti-bullying comic strip or storyboard.

Let’s see who can earn 10 housepoints with their entries.

Star of The Week

Maple: Tommy

Silver Birch: Olly

Elder: Harper-Rose

Pine: Christopher

Sequoia: Calum

Willow: Oliver

Acer: Sasha

Oak: Lillie

Learning Round-up

Maple: It’s been another busy week in Maple class, this week have started our new reading text ‘The Big book of Trees’ the children have given their initial views on this text. In writing we have continued to explore ‘The Tiger Attack’ looking at text sequencing. In maths we have finished our first unit on multiplication and division, we now look at fractions and in history we learnt about ‘The valley of the Kings.’ Maple class have worked incredible hard this week!

Silver Birch: This week in Silver Birch class, we have we have continued to explore the incident report about the tiger on Elm Lane and had a focus on 1st and 3rd person whilst sequencing events. In reading, we have started a new text ‘The Big Book of Trees’. In History, we have begun to explore the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. In Geography, we have continued our learning about the river Nile and what it is used for. Well done, Silver Birch class!

Year 4: Year 4 have had another fabulous week. We have been busy in Talk for Writing with boxing up our text, in Talk for Reading we have been analysing the mood changes in the Jabberwocky poem and in RE have been looking at symbolism in the Nativity story. Geography has involved learning about how volcanoes are formed and finally Daily Music has been practicing our Christmas songs. Well done, have a lovely weekend.

Willow: Willow have had a great week. In history, they have enjoyed exploring and translating Mayan writing, by cracking the code. In geography, we have explored the supply chain for our food. They have been considering the all the different companies and transport it takes for food to arrive in our stores, as well as the cost involved. In Maths this week, Willow have been learning about prime and squared numbers and have enjoyed the prime number game. Keep up the great work Willow!

Sequoia: Well done Sequoia, we’ve had another great week! We have concluded our multiplication and division unit and have begun our fractions topic in maths, we have looked at one version of the christmas story in RE and have translated Mayan writing. We have also had our final practice with our clarinets and look forward to performing in two weeks time! Keep it up Sequoia!

Acer: This week in Acer, we’ve further developed our understanding of the compact column method and grid method to solve problems involving multiplying large numbers. In reading, we marked our text for expression and intonation and in writing, we created a suspense toolkit and boxed up our model text. During afternoon lessons, we investigated why Rio de Janeiro became more urbanised and the impact this had, developed our understanding of voluntary migration through the Windrush generation and explored the forces of air and water resistance. Remember, Acer - House Points are up for grabs for bringing your exercise diaries and anti-bullying comic strips back to school!

Oak: Well done for all your hard work, Oak class! In reading, we have worked on improving our fluency, expression and intonation while reading “No Ballet Shoes in Syria”. In writing, we have finished creating a story map and explored techniques to create suspense in a text. In maths, we have investigated different methods for multiplication and tried to apply them while solving word problems. In the afternoons, we have learned about the force of gravity and how air and water resistance slow moving objects, we have compared American Dream to Windrush Generation and learned about megacities in Brazil and around the world, as well as voluntary migration.

Speller Of The Week

Maple: Isabella P

Silver Birch: Florence

Elder: David

Pine: Joanna

Sequoia: Logan

Willow: Connor

Acer: Patrick

Oak: Clara

Family Learning

Family Learning courses offer free, fun opportunities for parents, carers and children to learn together. All courses are taught by experienced, qualified teachings who will help to identify learning aims for you and your children in a safe, friendly environment.

Parents and carers can attend courses in local libraries throughout Northamptonshire.

Find more info about courses starting in September and book at Family Learning courses

Dates for your diary

Mufti Day - Wear what you like (within reason) for a chocolate donation. Friday 24th November 2023

Christmas Lunch: Wednesday 6th December

Y3 New Intake Tour 2023-2024: Wednesday 6th December - 9AM & 11AM

Christmas Jumper Day: Thursday 7th December

Daventry Carol Service (Choir and Year 4) Holy Cross Church: Tuesday 12th December 1.30pm -2.30pm

Santa Run (Please collect sponsor sheets from the office): Wednesday 13th December

Christmas Disco: Y3 & Y4 13th and Y5 & Y6 14th - Times and year groups TBC

Christmas concerts: Mon 18th and Tues 19th December - Times TBC

Christmas Party: Weds 20th December

Reports: Monday 18th December

Extra-curricular Activities

Almost every day after school Adeline picks up rubbish whereever we take the dog for a walk.
Last weekend, Clara took part in the Dolphins Championship 2023. She swam in the following events: 100m breaststroke, 100m front crawl and 100m backstroke. This was her first ever swimming championship and, although she only joined Dolphins 3 weeks ago, she performed absolutely amazing.


Your child should have come in with their Accelerated Reader book and reading journal. Please remember to record when your child is reading at home. A target of 3 times a week or more is great.


Overall Attendance: 95.4%

Maple: 97.4% - 3rd Place

Silver Birch: 95.1%

Elder: 94.2%

Pine: 92.7%

Sequoia: 90%

Willow: 99% - 1st Place

Acer: 98.5% - 2nd Place

Oak: 96.3%

House Points

King: 444

Gandhi: 333

Pankhurst: 289

Parks: 324

After School Clubs - Term 2

  • Tuesdays: Football Club, Choir
  • Wednesdays: Multi Sports
  • Thursdays: Tag Rugby
  • Fridays: Shakespeare Club (Y5 and Y6 Only), Elite Football (Invitation Only)

Healthy Eating and Well Being

We are working hard to promote healthy eating in school. Caterlink provide a wide range of salads to accompany our school meal offer. Their meals are nutritional and well balanced. Below is a link to the Better Health website where you can find guides to healthy meals and lunchboxes.

Healthy Eating Award

We are working towards out Healthy Schools Award. Please take a look at our draft Healthy Food and Physical Activity policies. Please remember to send your child in with water in their water bottle and a healthy packed lunch. Don't forget to consider the fresh cooked balanced meals from Caterlink.

Reminder - snacks at playtime must be healthy e.g. fruit, low sugar/salt bars. This should not be crisps. Water bottles need to contain water and not squash OR fizzy drinks.

Allergy awareness - we are a nut-free school. Please ensure Nutella sandwiches and Celebrations and other sweets containing nuts are not brought into school.

Notice Board

Daventry Junior Park Run

When is it? It is held every Sunday at 9:00am.

Where is it? The event takes place at Daventry Country Park, Northern Way, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 2JB

What does it cost to join in? It's free! but please register before you first come along by visiting Junior Park run Only ever register with parkrun once and don't forget to bring a scannable copy of your barcode. If you forget it, you won't get a time.

For more information please visit home | Daventry Country Park junior parkrun | Daventry Country Park junior parkrun

Dear Parent/Carer, Are you looking for fun sports enrichment opportunities and childcare for the Christmas holidays? Please find attached flyers for ProSports’ Sporty Holiday Clubs and Fun Football Training Camps held in the local community. This is an amazing opportunity for children to attend a club that will help support their physical and mental well-being in a fun, safe environment delivered by qualified sports coaches. At the club, children will play lots of fun games, learn a variety of sports and will have the chance to win prizes every day! The club offers a sibling discount (50% of additional children). The clubs are ran between the hours of 9am-3pm / £25 per day or 6 days for £125. Places are limited, therefore we advise you to book your place early to avoid disappointment. To book, please go to www.pro-sports.co.uk to secure your child’s place. To find out more about ProSports’ Sporty Holiday Clubs and ‘Fun football Training Camps’ please visit their Facebook page’s @SportyHolidayClub or @ProGoalsFootballCoaching. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact ProSports via marketing@pro-sports.co.uk.

We use My Family Coach to help our parents and carers understand their children’s behaviour. My Family Coach is a free website written by behaviour experts with 20 years’ experience working with over 5,000 schools. My Family Coach will support you through the tough times, inspire you with new ideas, free online classes and share practical tips to make parenting that little bit easier.

My Family Journal App - Find patterns and triggers to make sense of your child’s behaviour and find helpful ideas to try with our free journal app. Your journal is completely confidential to you. We don’t offer prescriptions, just more ideas to consider to help you understand the reasons behind the behaviours you’re seeing. Enjoy the benefits of journaling with all the advantages of our free app. Using the power of the My Family Journal, we can help you find and tackle the reasons behind the behaviour. https://www.myfamilycoach.com/journal/



Our Vision

To ensure all our children are engaged in the present and prepared for the future. Our children will leave us motivated to take on new challenges and with the confidence to persevere in all they do. Through a world class education, all our children will develop the ability to become lifelong learners. Our exciting, engaging and innovative curriculum will ignite a passion for learning in all of us.

Our children are members of a diverse community that is kind, responsible and respectful to all. Everyone is valued and celebrated. Everyone is encouraged to be ambitious and aspirational. Through our active collaboration between home and school, we develop resilient, confident and independent learners.

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Term Dates 2023-2024

Term 1

Training Day 1st September & 4th September 2023

Term starts 5th September 2023

Term Ends 20th October 2023

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Term ends 20th December 2023

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