Wood You Believe Splitting the difference

Firstly I must apologise to the guys who delivered a recent load of wood for cheekily appropriating their company name in the header of this document.

I used this photograph of a load of Ironbark that I had split over the weekend as a reference image along with a simple nine word prompt to produce the following series of images.

The point here is that AI in its many forms is simply a pattern recognition software albeit a very powerful one.

What happens when the encoded pattern you give it isn’t likely to be within its training parameters?

The loaded reference image cropped to the output format.

Sample outputs

You should be able to see where the neural network has identified basic shapes and colours that predominate as recurring motifs / tones in each image. In particular the light coloured piece of wood standing in the lower centre of the reference image and the light area in the top right hand corner. The rest of the shapes appear to have been randomly assigned.