Spring 2024 Edition

Achievement Spotlight

Highlighting prestigious award achievements for groundbreaking research and discoveries in the field.

Ali Yazdani has been named the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Physics.

Lawrence Cheuk has been chosen by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research for a grant under the Young Investigator Program, dedicated to advancing basic research relevant to the Department of the Air Force.

Spring in Review

This spring, the Department of Physics had some notable achievements, amazing news, and some stellar events.

Photos from Spring 2024 events and research.

Feb. 2024

The Prospective Physics Preview Program hosted nine talented undergraduate students interested in research. PC: Rick Soden

March 2024

WIP with our prospective women identifying graduate students.PC: WIP E-Board

April 2024

The 47th Donald Ross Hamilton Memorial Lecture: Joel Moore, UC Berkeley

World Quantum Day 2024

Watch our World Quantum Day video, featuring some of our esteemed faculty.

This Summer

Congrats Graduates

Gillian Kopp, Ph.D. Student

This summer, Gillian will continue her work on the CMS experiment as a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Chris Tully and is excited to present at upcoming conferences. Additionally, Gillian is looking forward to a hiking and camping trip this summer and spending time with family.

Thanks to everyone at Princeton Physics for making my years here such a memorable experience!

Kaiwen Zhang, Ph.D. Student

After graduation, Kaiwen will work as a quantitative researcher in Millennium management.

You are the universe in ecstatic motion. —Rumi

Stephanie Kwan, Ph.D. Student

This summer, Stephanie will return to CERN to continue her research as a postdoctoral researcher at CMS, under the supervision of her PhD advisor, Prof. Isobel Ojalvo. Additionally, Stephanie eagerly anticipates her post-grad trip in June to Rumney, NH, and Acadia National Park, along with more adventures planned for this summer and fall in Europe.

Graduating Ph.D. students (in order of appearance): Gillian Kopp; Kaiwen Zheng; Stephanie Kwan; Jingyao Wang; Remy Delva; Saumya Shivam; Cheng-Li Chiu; Charlie Guinn; Roman Kolevatov; Nick Haubrich

Amir Shapour Mohammadi, Undergrad Student

Amir will be an intern at HRL Laboratories this summer and will be starting his PhD in physics at University of California, Berkeley in the coming fall.

Hanako Helton, Undergrad Student

Hanako will be attending grad school at University of California, Santa Barbara in the fall.

Levon Tabirian, Undergrad Student

Levon will spend most of the summer back home in Florida and then spend a few weeks visiting several national parks around the country with friends. In the fall, Levon plans to begin his training as an officer and pilot in the US Air Force.

"Just Keep Swimming" - Finding Nemo

Sarah Kuo, Undergrad Student

"The exquisite order displayed by our scientific understanding of the physical world calls for the divine." - Vera Kistiakowsky

George Zhou, Undergrad Student

This summer, George will be spending time traveling a lot with family and friends. In the fall, George will be starting their PhD program at Caltech.

"I'm an expert at the Slow Fourier Transform. I would show you how to do it, but it'd take too long."

Ben Howe, Undergrad Student

This summer, Ben plans to travel with some friends and then look for a job. Ben will either move to the Bay Area or New York City in the Fall, depending on where work takes him. The plan is to work at a tech startup.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” - Gandalf

Nathan Tavakolian, Undergrad Student

This summer, Nate will be traveling to Europe and South America before starting his Physics PhD at University of California, Santa Barbara in the fall.

Graduating Seniors (Not pictured):

Henry Erdman, Nadya Fishchenko, Jason Gu, Nicky He, Zakiya Helm, Inci Karaaslan, Maxime Lahlou, Xinyu Liu, Noah Luch, August Weitfeldt, Nathan Woofter, Allie Zhao, George Zhou

Student Updates

Ravin Ramaraj

2024 Graduate School Teaching Award Recipient


Elliot Kauffman - Grad Student, Inci Karaaslan - Undergraduate Senior, Andrew Loeliger - Postdoc

Ross Dempsey

Won the Proctor Fellowship


Inci and Elliot having dinner with scenic views during a trip to CERN research site.

Ryan Lee

Won the Proctor Fellowship

The Latest in Student Groups

WIP (Women in Physics)

This spring, WiP members volunteered at the CUWiP conference but also lent their support to departmental prospective student events and tea and cookies gatherings with visiting physicists.


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EDI Highlights

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is working hard to generate a new structure that will go into effect this Fall. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Events Committee

In a combined effort, Physics and Astrophysics hosted an EDI Panel with Ayana Arce,Zoe Yan, Alejandro Cardenas-Avendano, Jamila Pegues, Kris Pardo, and Arielle Phillips. PC: Rick Soden

Postdoc Committee

New episodes of the "Postdoc Path Podcast" are now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Staff Spotlight

Stephanie Rumphrey, CRA | Grants Manager & Assistant Business Manager

Stephanie, Grants Manager & Assistant Business Manager, is part of the Physics Budgets and Grants team and supports the pre and post award activities of 13 Physics faculty. In her current portfolio, she works with such sponsors as the NSF, DOE, ONR, the Simons Foundation, and many more. Stephanie also works closely with the Manager of Grants and Financial Operations to reconcile the departments accounts and manages much of billing process for the Physics recharge centers such as the stockroom and machine shop.

Stephanie grew up a Jersey girl, received her BSBA from Centenary College and worked in corporate before finding Princeton. 15 years later, she just celebrated her anniversary as a Princeton employee. She started in CBE over at E-Quad and then moved to Physics 9 years ago. At Princeton, Stephanie has completed the Financial Management Academy program, received the Certified Research Administrator certification through the Research Administrators Certification Council and has been a part of the University’s Research Administrator Mentoring Program (RAMP). She finds mentoring an enjoyable way to help other research administrators work through problems or answer questions.

When not living the research administration life, Stephanie enjoys hiking, traveling to tropical locations with her husband Scott, seeing live music, especially the band Phish who she’s see more than 65 times, being outside in the fresh air with her dogs, and visiting her daughter and grandchildren in North Carolina.

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