Student Drama Spilled on Anonymous Instagram Account Anonymous Instagram account posted a variety of inaccurate and private details about students in February before being shut down and copycats efforts made


A three by six screen illuminated by over 100 Instagram posts captured the attention of hundreds of Bearcats as an anonymous account took false and/or secretive rumors and posted them about specific students without their permission. The Instagram account, taken down Feb 2024, gained over 500 followers in three weeks and is known as the “Tea Account.”

It quickly gained attention from students and administrators and was heard around campus that the posts paraded critical and comical information submitted to the account’s student administrator. Some of the information posted revealed students’ personal lives, romantic details, and topics that were not meant to be shared to a mass media platform. Sometimes the posts poked fun. Other posts were completely inaccurate and false. Some students viewed them as jokes because of how random they were.

3 of 100: These of three of the many posts that were on the instagram page. Some included comments to be taken down, others were just commented on.

“I just thought it was unfair that irrelevant drama from the past should be posted and cause rumors that aren’t true. It creates conflict between you and a person you’re on good terms with,” said a student who was put on blast.

A Google form link posted in the bio of the account allowed students to anonymously “spill their tea” or request for a post about themself to be removed. The form received over 900 responses. Also in the bio, the creator made note that “if you (students) don’t like it (the account) DM or choose to unfollow.” This was one of few disclaimers.

Other disclaimers posted in a seven-slide post pinned to the page included that the account purpose was not intended to hurt feelings. They informed followers that posts might not be taken down right away after a request because the account holder wasn’t always on their phone.

The account blocked students who were known to have informed a staff member or any part of admin about the account or what was posted on it.


The account caused a significant alarm once discovered by administrators, teachers, and parents. Principal Megan Fletcher sent out a Parent Square message and email to teachers during the week of Feb 25 about the negative repercussions of the account.

“It is crucial that we come together as a united front to reinforce the values of empathy, inclusivity, and respect within our school culture. We cannot allow such negative actions to overshadow the positive environment we strive to cultivate each day” the post from Fletcher read.

This email was an encouragement to teachers to share with their classes the importance of digital citizenship and kindness on the internet.

”It was disheartening that certain people would go out of their way to make other people feel bad,” Vice Principal, Michael Godsey said.

He explained the first step taken by staff in addressing the situation was to find out who was behind it or stop it. In the case that they can’t fix a problem alone they address the district for support, sometimes the platform, in this case social media, or even the police if a situation gets unmanageable.

“80% of our job is to just make this school a safe place that students feel good at,” Godsey said.


Another Instagram account, “PRHS Ships” has surfaced, a private account following students. This account is receiving photos of students via DM from students. These photos are posted without permission and are of people who peers think would be cute together.

Within 21 days this account took off, grabbing the attention of students and staff alike. Different accounts circulating through Instagram still, we are all wondering who was really behind the first Instagram tea account.


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