Conexus Indiana Making Indiana. Moving the world.

We are the driving force making Indiana a global leader in advanced manufacturing and logistics.

Our Impact

  • Building a robust talent pipeline
  • Delivering industry research and insights
  • Stimulating digital transformation
  • Convening AML leaders
  • Driving public sector engagement

Talent & Workforce Development

  • Catapult Indiana - In this Conexus-operated 160-hour program, participants learn about and prepare for new careers through classroom work and hands-on simulations.
  • Student Industries - Conexus Student Industries is a statewide program that strengthens the impact of School-based Enterprises, preparing more high school students for careers in advanced manufacturing and logistics.
  • Education Readiness Grants - Education Readiness Grants help Indiana secondary schools prepare students for careers in the increasingly high-tech advanced manufacturing industry through direct grants for the purchasing of Industry 4.0 technologies.
  • Talent Development Case Studies - Our partners are employing everything from collaborations with local School-based Enterprises to launching flexible schedules to meet the needs of a "gig economy" - developing the workforce they need now and in the future.

Research & Public Awareness

  • Make IN Move - We spotlight different young professionals in the advanced manufacturing and logistics industries to share the diverse stories of these rising stars throughout Indiana and inspire the next generation to consider a future in AML.
  • Conexus Indiana Industry Blog - As an industry thought leader, we share stories and news going on within the organization and across the industry.
  • Newsletter - We share industry news and stories with our subscribers on a monthly basis to inspire them and keep them in the know.
  • Research & Reports - With our partners, we survey the strengths, needs, trends and opportunities of the AML ecosystem in Indiana to keep industry on the cutting edge of innovation.

Digital Transformation

  • Manufacturing Readiness Grants (MRG) program - The MRG program exists to help small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Indiana adopt new technology through a matching reimbursable grant program in partnership with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.
  • Industry 4.0 Forums - Through our Emerging Tech Showcases and Peer-to-Peer Network Forums we have created a library of resources and webinars that companies can reference as they consider their Industry 4.0 journey.
  • Technology Case Studies - As industry thought-leaders, we have built up a library of case studies to help Hoosier businesses navigate their Industry 4.0 technology adoption journeys while showcasing the impact of the Manufacturing Readiness Grants (MRG) program.

Convening & The Council

  • Network of Industry Peers - With more than 130 manufacturing and logistics partners on our Advanced Industries Council, this vast consortia gives us the ability to hold numerous events with the best Hoosier AML companies.
  • Advanced Industries Council Meetings - Held quarterly, our team organizes council meetings which feature industry speakers leading discussions on a variety of timely topics, tours of Indiana manufacturing facilities, networking opportunities and more.
  • Industry Working Groups - Our working groups include industry, academic and public-sector professionals focused on the issues and challenges that impact the AML industries.

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