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“with gratitude and thanks”

Mr Myles Hogarty

College Principal

As we come to the end of another productive year I would like to highlight and acknowledge the many people in our College community that have contributed to our continued growth and success.

  • I thank the committed, skilled and most generous teaching staff of the College. Their efforts and concern for the young men they teach truly reflects the beliefs and philosophy of John Baptist De La Salle. The young men of De La Salle are fortunate to have staff members engage with them and to encourage them to reach high standards and to provide the all-round education which we see as our vision for our young men. 2023 has seen challenges for our staff, but at all times they have put their students learning first and shown the zeal and perseverance that were qualities of our Founder.
  • The College student leadership team has been well led by our Head Boy Patolo Taito, his Deputies – Sam Vaotuua, Lafi Feo, David Niko Toleafoa, Robbie Dahl, Sae Etuati Muliaga, Fineanu’u Fineanganofo, Taka Pailate, Manatu’ofa Mila and the entire College Prefect team. This group has served their College with pride and loyalty. They have grown as young men and learnt of their role as Servant leaders to their peers. I thank them and our other Prefects for their leadership and their concern for the future of their College and young brothers.
  • I acknowledge and thank all the young men of our College who have accepted the challenges before them and aimed to strive for “Excellence”. A successful College must have all the students contributing to the academic programme, sport, music, cultural and faith dimensions. Each year we are lifting these key areas with greater student ownership and engagement. There is still room for greater engagement from boys in our Sports, Music and Service opportunities, there is no easier or better time to get involved in these activities than when you are at school.
  • I acknowledge the parents and families of our young men for your partnership and support of the College in creating great men. As you are constantly reminded, “We enrol the family at De La Salle,” and we are blessed to have families who are fully engaged with our teaching staff to complement the holistic programme of our young men’s education.
  • I thank the College Senior Leadership Team who pursue our College Vision and Strategic Goals with zeal in their specific areas of responsibility and work effectively as a team to provide a clear strategic vision for providing our students with an appropriate curriculum and learning opportunities within an environment of Love and Service. Their work in keeping our students and community well served this year has been outstanding.
  • I acknowledge and thank the College Board of Trustees who are a multi-talented group who have provided effective governance of the College and always challenge, yet support myself and the Staff to raise their and their student’s achievement to the next level. As a College we are fortunate to have a Board that is united in their vision and work together for the good of the community that they represent.
  • As a Catholic, Lasallian College, we are blessed to have experienced, committed leadership of our unique Special Character. Our team of Director of Mission Mrs Teuila Vaotuua, Head of Religious Education Mrs Janette Vercoe, Campus Minister Niko Lomano and College Chaplain Father Martin Wu, ensure that all year levels receive outstanding experiences and growth in our Catholic and Lasallian traditions, rituals and spiritual growth. Our Masses, Liturgies, Retreats, Sacramental Programme and Daily prayer focus all contribute to our unique and lively Special Character.
  • Special thanks to our College Support Staff for their work in and around the school.

In fact we consider them just as STAFF as they fulfil many roles that are well outside their job descriptions so that they are engaged with our young men and their families both in and outside the classroom.

  • De La Salle is blessed to be the home of our De La Salle Brothers and we are fortunate to have had their continued presence with students in the College. The Brothers’ presence in our College is a wonderful living reminder to our young men of Faith, Service, Community and selfless devotion to a religious life. We value and treasure the Brothers in our Community and their presence adds a deeper sense of Lasallian charism to the lives of our students and staff.
  • I thank Br. Sir Pat Lynch of our Brothers Community, a valued Board member, Old Boy, Principal and loyal supporter of the College. Br Sir Pat is a wealth of knowledge and support to myself, our Board of Trustees and Catholic education in New Zealand.

I thank those parents whose youngest son is finishing school at De La Salle this year. Thank you for working in partnership with the College in raising him into the fine young man he is today, thank you for being enrolled in his education and for your contributions to our College. I warmly invite you to continue your partnership with us in the many opportunities that exist in Sports, Culture, Music and Service.

Education in New Zealand is going through some significant changes and challenges in staffing and curriculum, our focus as always will be to continue to provide an excellent education for our young men with a very clear focus on the skills and knowledge that are required to allow them to transition into further education or employment while remaining strong and proud of their Faith, their Catholic and Lasallian traditions.

I wish you all a smooth end to the College year and a blessed Christmas season, one that is restful and brings hope of another highly successful year ahead.

Bonum Certamen Certa Fide

Building progress update

associate principal

Mr Dermot English

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You"

This is the last newsletter of the year, and the last week of the liturgical year. This Sunday our preparation for Christmas starts. I want to thank everyone for what they have contributed to the journey of the great ship DLS for 2023. All the efforts made, great or small, have been necessary, starting with families getting boys out of bed in the morning, finding socks, buying uniform, worrying, worrying more, paying fees and driving through the traffic. Thanks to the boys who get here in between their other commitments, maybe to other siblings, to church, to work, and for the effort that they make to complete their work despite all the distractions. I’d like also to thank all the boys who are so welcoming and positive towards their teachers and to visitors who come in to the school.

Thanks to all the staff who keep the office running, keep families informed, send out all the information, keep the teachers supported and look after the buildings and the grounds. Thanks to the teachers who come in day after day, fighting the traffic to get to early meetings, pushing and pushing to get the boys through the work, marking assessments, doing duty, taking extra-curricular activities and tutorials after school and in the holidays and keeping the benefits of a good education in the front of the boys’ minds.

All the very best to you all and to your families for the summer break and the Christmas celebrations. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

special character

Assistant Principal Mission- Mrs Teuila Vaotuua

Therefore, you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed. 1 Corinthians 1:7

Dear families

Thank you for a great 2023 at De La Salle Mangere! Sincere best wishes to all the year 13’s and their families whom we farewelled at our Leavers Mass at Holy Cross Parish Papatoetoe in November. It was a joyful celebration and I thank our school chaplain Fr Martin Wu, all our staff especially Miss Puleiku year 13 Dean, Music teacher Mr Folau, Campus Minister Niko Lomano, students, and families for making it very special.

For the next four weeks we take the Bethlehem shepherds and Magi as our guides, as we imagine ourselves travelling with them, preparing to meet Jesus in Christmas.

Advent is a beautiful time of wonder and waiting, as we prayerfully prepare and take penance as a source of strength. How will you prepare? How will you help others to prepare? And how will you use your gifts this Advent and Christmas period, to bring Christ to your family and community?

Wishing you all Peace, love and Joy this advent and upcoming Christmas season!

Staff Spirituality Day

This wonderful gift of our “spirit” is what we as a faith community believe, will live forever!

Staff spirituality day is like a mini bootcamp to warm up and give our spirit an intense workout to become stronger and durable for the “forever” journey.

We were super blessed as a staff to spend a day at Whanau Maria in Ponsonby last week for Staff Spirituality day. Warmly welcomed by the Logos team including old head boy Sam Mano (2002).

We spent time remembering our dearly departed staff, family members and students in liturgy and in sessions.

In the afternoon we had a captivating and inspirational session with our dear Br Lewis Harwood from Melbourne, on being Spiritual leaders in a Catholic and Lasallian tradition and using music as a spiritual medium for young people to draw out Sacred messages.

All in all, we had an uplifting time charged with spiritual nourishment and staff bonding.

Br Naqash Perpetual Vows

On Saturday 25 November Br Naqash made his perpetual profession in the school chapel, to be committed to Christ as a De La Salle Brother forever.

It was a beautiful ceremony and celebration, marking this significant commitment by Br Naqash

There was representation from the College community and wider Lasallian network including 6 brothers who had travelled from overseas. We also had our Lasallian family from John Paul College attend, unfortunately our family from Francis Douglas memorial college were unable to attend due to poor weather conditions but were with us in spirit.

Thank you to our students who participated in parts of the mass, singing and haka for Br Naqash, all of this added to the mana and auspiciousness of the occasion. Finally thank you to Sir Br Pat for his instrumental role to bring the whole day together. Read more about the day here.

Live Jesus in our Hearts forever

Br Naqash Perpetual Vows


Deputy Principal Curriculum- Mr Phil Doyle

NCEA Exams finished

We had our last exam this week with Level 3 Earth and Space Science and Level 2 Gagana Samoa. A huge thank you to Mrs Barbara Warrender and her supervisors. She reported that our young men were respectful and focused in exams and were well prepared.

Well done to the young men of the college.

Mrs Warrender and the Level 3 Earth & Space Science class before their big exam
The Level 2 Samoan Exam was sat digitally this year. The boys were very happy to have the opportunity to give the digital exam a go! They walked out of the exam with positive comments regarding how much easier it was to sit the exam digitally

Digital Exams were an important part of the exams this year. Don’t forget that all Year 11 – 13 students will need access to a device in 2024.

A reminder to all students that Exam results and external assessment results will be available no later than 25 January. You can access your results for New Zealand qualifications, standards and micro-credentials in the learner portal. Nothing will be sent to you. However, you can use the MyNZQA learner portal to see all standards and national qualifications you have achieved.


Year 7 – 10 students received their De La Salle Certificates and on Wednesday we held our 2023 Junior Prizegiving. Last month we celebrated our Seniors at their Prizegiving. These are all important events, where we all get to celebrate and acknowledge our young men. They are also times that allow us to reflect on our year – both the successes and the challenges.

Some students are expecting to receive an award, most are surprised, and we hope all will be happy to be acknowledged. We hope that boys are proud of their successes but win with humility, realising that their success reflects all the support that they have received from friends, families and teachers. We are proud of all students who have turned up and tried every day, taken risks, got involved in the full life of the college and attempted something new.

There will also be some boys who will be disappointed, and some parents and families will be too. Firstly, it is important to note that the awarding of awards and prizes are based on a full year’s work and go through a rigorous process based on data. Secondly, I hope that students who miss out do not lose heart or consider giving up. Remember our College theme – Let perseverance finish its work. Many of us have succeeded in other areas of their school life, and this may have been recognised in other ways, such as on the Millionaires board, at assemblies, in newsletters, or on the sports field. There are even more who have got very close to their goals, and they too must be proud of their efforts. We want young men who can take a disappointment and use it as motivation to do better next time. Set yourself a goal and bring on 2024.


Your son was given a paper copy of his school report to bring home on Monday and Tuesday after their De La Salle Certificate ceremony.

As always you can also view the report on the KAMAR Parent Portal. You can access the KAMAR Parent Portal at or via the school website If you have any concerns regarding your son's report please make contact with your son's Homeroom Teacher.

Manuia le Kerisimasi male Tausaga Fou, Maligayang Pasko, Monuina e Kilisimasi, Kilisimasi Fiefia, Meri Kirihimete


Deputy Principal- Mr Elton Charles

Junior School Activity Week

Our junior school had various activities during activity week 28 Nov- 4 Dec from Rainbow's End, swimming, white water rafting to crossfit, a quiz and house chants.

Thank you to all staff involved for making this week a success for the student's and also to the Brown Pride team Johnnie Timu, Tee Faalili, Jairus Smith etc

Academic Year 7/8

Assistant Principal- Mr Herbert Tanuvasa

Finally, we have reached the end of 2023!

“Let perseverance finish its work”

I would say the perseverance from students, teachers, and families to get through a disruptive 3 years has started to bear fruit for our young men. It has been tough going, but everyone has come out stronger as a result. Now it seems we are entering a summer where we can reflect back and enjoy the body of work.

Speaking of reflecting back…

I know the last two years I have been pushing hard our academic growth and wanting our boys to achieve the greatest success. It can be very exhausting, not just for the student but also for teachers (I am guessing families as well). Assessments, deadlines, next steps, a myriad of challenges; when does everyone get a chance to catch their breath and enjoy their time at De La Salle College? As we reach our final week of school and the pressure is lifted, I start to see a little bit clearer now the humanity of our students. It reminds me of my core purpose as a teacher of De La Salle which is more than just education. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I wish you all an enjoyable summer holiday break and pray we all get to take a breath and enjoy the wonderfully simple things of humanity around us. God bless and let us always remember we are in the presence of God.

In Christ

literacy centre

Basic facts Superstars

by 7FEL

Mr Doyle tried to beat 7FEL in a 10x10 multiplication grid race and got smoked. Way to go! Ms Felise and your amazing class.

The record for the class was 1.17 seconds by ‘Una Ma’ameivai and Hein Sun Shwe who holds the fractions, decimals and division record.

Have a go and see how long it takes you!

Chocolate for our favourite people!

7TNV and 8KUR were tasked with designing a chocolate bar to celebrate someone special to them. They carefully planned and developed their designs, in consultation with their stakeholder, conducting interviews and seeking feedback on their ideas. This led them to their final design which they would make into a 3-D mould to be vacuum formed.

They used hand tools to shape their piece of wood into a chocolate bar. They then used techsoft to design the finer details on the top of the chocolate bar. This meant they could cut the designs on the laser cutter allowing for greater detail and accuracy.

Next was the vacuum former. A new piece of equipment the technology faculty is very grateful for. This machine heats a thermoforming plastic allowing it to become malleable. The mold is then pushed up into the plastic and the air vacuumed out. This creates the negative of the shape the boys had sculpted hence creating the mould for the chocolate to be poured into (like an ice tray).

According to the boys the best step of all was saved till last. We headed down to the food technology room, melted the chocolate and filled our chocolate moulds (and the boys may have had a little taste tester or two!).

The chocolate bars were then set in the fridge and taken home to be given to their special people the boys had designed them for.

A lot of learning and fun was had by all!

Technology Lessons

St. Mary MacKillop and De La Salle College Join Forces for Technology Lessons

by Ms A Dromgool

This year, the Year 7 and 8 students from St. Mary MacKillop Primary School have engaged in a collaborative technology education initiative at De La Salle College, fostering camaraderie and mutual growth.

The program involves students delving into various technology subjects, including Food Technology, Materials and Processes, Digital Technology, and Textiles. Each of these disciplines presents an exciting opportunity for young minds to expand their horizons, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

What truly stands out in this symbiotic partnership is the St. Mary MacKillop students' exceptional character and work ethic. Their presence in De La Salle classrooms has proven to be an invaluable asset. With a commendable commitment to their studies, they serve as role models, demonstrating exemplary behaviour that inspires their De La Salle counterparts.

De La Salle College wishes to express our appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with St. Mary MacKillop. This initiative has broadened horizons and forged lasting bonds between the two schools. There is a palpable sense of excitement to continue this collaborative journey into the future, building upon the foundation of shared knowledge and enduring friendships.

AIMHI Science Teachers PLD

AIMHI Science Teachers PD planning for New Level 1 Science Curriculum

De La Salle hosted teachers from across the AIMHI schools looking at the new level 1 achievement standards.

junior prizegiving

Congratulations to all our junior recipients for their achievements this year. Your hard work, commitment and perseverance in all areas of your education deserve to be recognised. Well done to the students who placed overall in each year level for general excellence.


Well done to the following students who received the top prize of the general excellence cup in their year level for 2023.

  • Una Ma'ameivai 7FEL
  • Job Saberon 8OLI
  • Noah Mati 9KAF
  • Jason Tran 10TAN
GENERAL EXCELLENCE YEAR 10 Jason Tran also awarded the Walia Memorial Mathematics scholarship and first in subject Computer Science Technology awarded a laptop sponsored by Toshiba
GENERAL EXCELLENCE YEAR 9 Noah Mati, 1st in Year English and 1st in Year Gagana Samoa
GENERAL EXCELLENCE YEAR 8 Job Saberon also awarded the Mase Family scholarship, 1st in Year English, 1st in Year Science and 1st in Year Mathematics


  • Lucas Vaaga - 1st in Year Accounting & Economics
  • Riel-Aukan Espinoza-Leota - 1st in Year Art
  • Agapetos Evalu - 1st in Year Art Design
  • Elijah Wilson - 1st in Year Business Studies
  • Jason Tran - 1st in Year Computer Science Technology
  • Zion Pritchard - 1st in Year Materials Processing Technology
  • Evander Su'a - 1st in Year Design & Visual Communication
  • Toa Vaetoru-Sakalia - 1st in Year Drama
  • Marques Tominiko - 1st in Year English
  • Elijah Wright - 1st in Year Food Processing Technology - Food, Hospitality & Technology
  • Desmond Ene-Vanilau - 1st in Year Gagana Samoa
  • Sione Telua - 1st in Year Lea Faka Tonga
  • JJ Palea - 1st in Year Mathematics
  • Francisco Fidow - 1st in Year Music, 1st in Year Social Studies
  • Jacobshalom Liu - 1st equal in Year Health & Physical Education
  • Harvey Smith - 1st equal in Year Health & Physical Education
  • Marques Tominiko - 1st in Year Religious Education
  • Sio Vea - 1st in Year Science
  • Penieli Vaomotou - 1st in Year Te Reo Maori
  • Maua Tukimata-Vakaafi - 1st in Year Vagahau Niue


  • Cruzito Fuimaono-Tevaga - 1st in Year Art
  • Lucian Nuuausala - 1st in Year Drama
  • Noah Mati - 1st in Year English, 1st in Year Gagana Samoa
  • Christian McKenzie - 1st in Year Japanese
  • Siosaia Sefesi - 1st in Year Lea Faka Tonga
  • Travis Brace - 1st in Year Literacy
  • Niklis Toti - 1st in Year Mathematics
  • Lucian Nuuausala - 1st in Year Music
  • Mosiah Apulu - 1st in Year Religious Education, 1st in Year Health & Physical Education
  • Leroy Lauvao - 1st in Year Health & Physical Education
  • Elvis Luu - 1st in Year Social Studies
  • Ta'amilo Jnr Emani-Johnson - 1st in Year Science
  • Steve Roberts - 1st in Year Technology, 1st in Year Te Reo Maori


  • Jay Mataafa - 1st in Year Art
  • Elijah Tuala - 1st in Year Drama
  • Job Saberon - 1st in Year English, 1st in Year Science, 1st in Year Mathematics
  • Shaye McEwan - 1st in Year Health & Physical Education
  • Aaron Fa'aui - 1st in Year in Physical Education
  • Solomone-Palavi Tahaafe - Year 8 Mathletics Award
  • T J Gafoi - 1st in Year Music
  • Joseph Malele - 1st in Year Religious Education
  • Tali Kepu - 1st In Year Social Science
  • Jerome Iloilo - 1st in Year Technology
  • Patrick-Maliu Tahaafe - 1st in Year Te Reo Maori


  • Halo Halo-Ofisa-Tavana - 1st in Year Art
  • Aldric Quilantang - 1st in Year Drama, Year 7 Mathletics Award
  • Gabriel Mananghaya - 1st in Year English, 1st in Year Technology
  • Ruben Rudolph - 1st in Year Health & Physical Education
  • Henry Peterson - 1st in Year Mathematics
  • Gabriel Mananghaya - 1st equal in Year Music
  • Admin Wuatai - 1st equal in Year Music
  • Joesiah Emanuela - 1st in Year Social Sciences, 1st in Te Reo Maori
  • Kolaz Luamanuvae-Lokeni - 1st in Year Religious Education
  • Peter Fidow - 1st in Year Science


Year 7 – 10 students received either a First in Year for each subject or a De La Salle Certificate with Excellence.

386 students received their De La Salle Certificates. The De La Salle Certificate acknowledges a years’ worth of work in Faith, Service, Community and Excellence. Students who have achieved more than 80 points in a year have been recognised for their work. For example, this year our Year 7 – 10 students have completed a combined 11 205 hours of service to others have been involved in more than 100 different groups, teams, and clubs. Students achieved points each time they were successful in their studies. The De La Salle Certificate also recognises those daily habits of turning up and getting involved in class.

Over 140 students received their badge for achieving their De La Salle Certificate with Merit. Today we will be honouring those students who have Achieved their De La Salle Certificate with Excellence. These students have achieved more than 150 points and have shown themselves to be examples of Faith Service, Community and Excellence.

The badges were designed by the class of 2021. Each badge takes an element from our College crest.

The Radiant Star Year 7

  • The five-pointed star is the symbol of the De La Salle Brothers and is found in all their works. It is the ‘sign of faith’, the spirit of the Lasallian family.

The Silver Fern leaves Year 8

  • The fern leaves represent New Zealand and the growth from the koru frond to mature leaf reflects the journey of boys to men.

The Cross Year 9

  • Everything about the crest points to the Cross, the symbol of the Christian faith, showing that the College’s principles and values are embedded in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Lightning Bolt Year 10

  • The lightning bolt symbolises the divinity and power of God.


  • Una Ma'ameivai - Helen Dallaston Scholarship: $1000 scholarship for good attendance and displays diligence and resilience
  • Job Saberon - Mase Family Scholarship: student with a strong academic focus and significant achievement
  • Jason Tran & Elijah Wilson - Walia Memorial Mathematics Scholarship: awarded to students who show real promise in Mathematics and who demonstrate the core Lasallian values in their life here at the College. Donated by the family of Mr Inderjit Walia, past head of Mathematics at De La Salle College


  • Joseph Malele - Outstanding achievement in Literacy
  • Taliui He Lotu Hifo - Literacy Centre Award: Excellence in Reading
  • Marcus Coward-Ramsay - Literacy Centre Award: Excellence in Reading
  • Dtanian Motuliki-Laumatia - Literacy Centre Award: Excellence in Reading
  • Jay Mataafa - Br Jack Cup: Year 7 & 8 Speech Competition
  • Niklis Toti - Most Promising Junior Science Student
  • Psalms Vaotuua - De La Salle Cup for Music: Outstanding Achievement in Music
  • Desmond Ene-Vanilau - Top Samoan student in Year 10
  • Steve Roberts - Pursuit of Excellence in Public Speaking
  • Leroy Lauvao - Dejoya Legacy Junior Debating Cup: Excellence in Debating
  • Tevita Lutui - Lasallian Cup: Outstanding Work in Faith, Service & Community
  • Michael Maselino - Epeleli Kaihau Award: For Courage & Character

The winners of the House Cup for 2023 goes to MIGUEL

Literacy Centre Award recipients for excellence in reading Taliui, Dtanian and far right Marcus. Outstanding achievement in Literacy cup winner Joseph all pictured with Director of Literacy Miss Amanda Chapman
First in Year 8 Music TJ, Year 8 Mathletics award & De La Salle certificate with Excellence Solomone-Palavi, First in Year 8 Technology Jerome and De La Salle certificate with Excellence in Year 8 Christian
De La Salle certificate with Excellence in Year 8 recipient Ka-lel pictured with Mosiah Apulu: first in subject Religious Education and first equal in Health & Physical Eduation and De La Salle certificate with Excellence
Congratulations to Psalms receiving the De La Salle cup for Music for outstanding achievement in Music pictured with proud mum Teuila and sisters Athalia & Maretta
First in Year 10 Music, First in Year Social Studies: Francisco also receiving a De La Salle certificate with Excellence in Year 10 alongside Joel
Clark Family cup recipient Niklis: most promising Junior Science student and De La Salle certificate with Exellence in Year 9
First in Year 8 Technology: Jerome pictured with mum Deborah and sister. De La Salle certificate with Excellence in Year 10 recipient Vinnie pictured with his mum Elaine

college sport Rugby League Winner 2023

Congratulations to Kalani Peyroux-Donaldson who was nominated as a finalist and won, representing De La Salle College for Rugby League at the 33rd Annual College Sport Auckland Young Sportsperson of the Year Awards.

Here's what Kalani's 2023 looked like:

College Sport Auckland Season

  • De La Salle College 1st XV Rugby Team
  • De La Salle College 1st XIII Rugby League Team
  • 1st XIII Team Captain
  • Runners Up 2023 Auckland SS Premier 1st XIII Grade
  • 2023 1st XIII MVP (Player of the Year - Shared)

NZ Secondary Schools Tournament

De La Salle College 1st XIII National Team 2023

  • Team Captain
  • 3rd Place 2023

Selected in Tournament Team - NZ Secondary Schools Team

Outside School Performances

TOA Samoa U18’s 2023 - Pacific Youth Cup

Dean Bell Black

  • 2023 DB Champions
  • Team Captain
  • Most Valuable Player of the Tournament

Auckland National Youth 9s Team

  • 2023 National Champion
  • Team Captain

Howick Hornets Men’s Premier Reserves Grade

  • HHRLFC 2023 Emerging Talent Award

U18s Counties Manukau Maori RL

  • NZ Maori Rugby League National Champions 2023

Counties Manukau Stingrays U18s Rugby League 2023

NZOne Warriors SG Ball (U19) Team 2023/24

gateway & careers

by Mr G HobbsGateway/Trades Teacher

As we come to the end of 2023 Careers, Gateway and Trades have had a very good year.

With a record amount of scholarships and students continuing to do their learners and restrictive licenses, the Careers department has supported many Students and Staff. It has largely been the great effort of Ms Nayagar with support from Ms Fannon, Mr Shirley and Mr Hobbs.

This is only a small part of the department but significant as many of our students are going to be able to study with financial assistance and feel more confident going in to 2024.

The Trades students for 2024 are ready to go at NZMA and we are confident that the students that go there will doing a great job. At present we are still waiting if we can get students in to MIT for Automotive, so we are hoping that some other students will pull out so our students can go there in 2024.

The Gateway programme has been great this year with 110 students completing Gateway and many have moved on to Part Time and Full Time Employment because of their work experience at the organisations we have used.

Our special thanks to the number of University, Tertiary and training providers that we have worked with throughout the year. Without your support we would not be in the position we are in now. Too many to write down, but we sincerely thank you all.

Our department wishes you all a blessed Christmas and New Year. Please be safe and be thankful for God’s love and grace in our lives.

Meitaki Maata

De La Salle College


2024 UNIFORM SHOP HOURS Open week days from Monday 15 January from 9.00am to 3.00pm. Closed on Auckland Anniversary and Waitangi Day. Start of Term One, Tuesday 30 January: Every MORNING 8am to 9am, INTERVAL 11.25am to 11.55am and LUNCH BREAK 1.40pm to 2.15pm. Hours outside of what's listed is subject to availability.
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