Rogers Band News November 11th, 2023

Rogers Band NEws

November 11th, 2023

All-Region Success

Over the past week, Rogers Band students competed against the top musicians from 28 middle schools in one of the most competitive regions in the state of Texas for a chance to make the All-Region Band. This is the highest honor that a middle school band student can achieve. Nearly 1800 of the best student musicians throughout the region auditioned and Rogers had 19 students win the status of All-Region Band Member!!

Please Congratulate the following students who made an All-Region Band!

  • Kasey Dailey - Flute - 8th Chair Symphonic Band - 28th Chair Overall
  • Camille McConnell - Flute - 12th Chair Symphonic Band - 32nd Chair Overall
  • Cara Sturrock - Flute - 4th Chair Concert Band - 36th Chair Overall
  • Nathaniel Hansbrough - Oboe - 2nd Chair Wind Ensemble - 2nd Chair Overall
  • Seth Anderson - Bassoon - 1st Chair Honors Band - 5th Chair Overall
  • Destiny Pham- Clarinet - 3rd Chair Wind Ensemble - 3rd Chair Overall
  • Madison West - Clarinet - 11th Chair Concert Band - 45th Chair Overall
  • Madi Fuller - Alto Sax - 4th Chair Wind Ensemble - 4th Chair Overall
  • Brody Wallis - Bari Sax - 2nd Chair Concert Band - 7th Chair Overall
  • Emihl DuPlooy - Trumpet - 4th Chair Concert Band - 38th Overall
  • Kate Chapman - Horn - 3rd Chair Honors Band - 11th Chair Overall
  • Elisa Ramirez - Horn - 3rd Chair Symphonic Band - 21st Chair Overall
  • Jason Limber - Trombone - 8th Chair Symphonic Band - 26th Overall
  • Garrett Shannon - Trombone - 4th Chair Concert Band - 32nd Overall
  • Camden Burgess - Euphonium - 5th Chair Honors Band - 11th Chair Overall
  • Nicholas Thomas - Percussion - 5th Chair Wind Ensemble - 13th Chair Overall
  • Preston Moss - Percussion - 8th Chair Honors Band - 27th Chair Overall
  • Gavin Rencher - Percussion - 9th Chair Honors Band - 28th Chair Overall
  • Alexander Gonzalez - Percussion - 1st Chair Symphonic Band - 31st Overall

The following students are alternates and will have the chance to be called up as all-region band members in the event that a spot opens up if a student is unable to attend the All-Region Clinic and Concert. Students will be notified on an individual basis.

  • Caleigh Brown – Flute – 8th Alternate - 52nd Chair
  • Vivaan Bejjenky - Bassoon - 4th Alternate - 20th Chair Overall
  • Emersyn Moore - Clarinet - 11th Alternate - 57th Chair Overall
  • Haruma Cheung - Alto - Alto Sax - 3rd Alternate - 33rd Chair Overall
  • Avery Adkins - Tenor Sax - 3rd Alternate - 11th Chair Overall
  • Meagan Hopkinson - Horn - 3rd Alternate - 41st Chair Overall
  • Nathan Wagnon - Tuba - 4th Alternate - 29th Chair Overall
  • Taylor Wells - Percussion - 6th Alternate - 58th Chair Overall

This Weeks Sectional Schedule

Winter Concert – December 7th @ WGHS Auditorium

Get ready for a Winter Extravaganza in the Walnut Grove Auditorium featuring the Beginner Band in their first ever concert and the 3 performing bands of Concert Band II, Concert Band I, and Symphonic Winds. This is going to be a wonderful night of music featuring every Rogers Band student 6th – 8th grade.

Beginning Band Corner

Our beginner band reward trip is this coming Thursday, November 16th for students who earned their way and purchased a ticket. We work hard so that we can play hard, it’s going to be a fun trip.

It’s almost time!!!!!! We have begun rehearsing the music that will be playing on the Holiday concert in December and the students are doing great! All beginner band members need to attend a required full band rehearsal from 3:40 to 4:45pm on Wednesday, December 6th at Rogers. This will be our only opportunity to put everyone together and play through our program before our premiere performance on Thursday, December 7th.

The Holiday concert will be held on Thursday, December 7th in the Walnut Grove High School Auditorium. Please look for details in the next band news!!

Performing Band Formal Concert Attire (SW, CBI, CBII)

It’s that time of year! Our Rogers Band students are nearing their first “formal" concert, and it is important they look the part! Our concert dress consists of an all-black concert attire, so students all look the same. It also looks professional on the concert stage! Students need to have all the parts of their uniform purchased by Friday, November 17th, so it is ready to go for their Winter Concert on December 7th. Please see the examples in the handout for what is (and is not) acceptable “concert black” attire: Formal Concert Attire Handout!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Nov 16th - Beginning Band Trip
  • Nov 20th-24th - Thanksgiving Break YAY!!!!
  • Dec 6th - Beginner Monster Band rehearsal after school (3:30 - 4:45, required)
  • Dec 7th - Rogers Band Winter Concert (Beginners, CBII, CBI, SW)