The Driver Era Concert April 11, 2024

The evening started off with getting ready and blasting music by The Driver Era! Allie Harbold and I were so excited and couldn't wait to get to the venue.

We got to Steelhouse Omaha around 5:45 and waited in line for about an hour. After Allie and I got there the line became so long it went all the way down the street. The doors finally opened at 7:00 and everybody was running in trying to get a good spot!

This is the screen above the doors of Steelhouse and of course, I had to get a picture. At this point Allie and I were so close to getting in!

Ross Lynch and the rest of the Driver Era came on stage around 9:15 and everyone was so excited! The Driver Era is a duo of brothers: Ross and Rocky Lynch with their band members. The first song they played was "Rumors" and it was so good!

Everyone was fan-girling over Ross Lynch all night! Ross Lynch is very well known in Generation Z because of his starring roles in "Austin & Ally" and "Teen Beach Movie", a show and movie we all grew up watching.

Every concert Ross Lynch will ask someone in the audience to throw him a pink cowboy hat to perform one of his songs. Here he is singing "When You Need a Man" and it was such a fun song to sing along to!

Ross Lynch is the lead singer of The Driver Era but it was really cool when he shared his moments of spotlight with his brother Rocky. Rocky plays the base, but also wrote "Low", one of the songs they sang that night!

Ross Lynch also played the keyboard for a couple songs which was really fun because we got to see him play something other than the guitar.

After about an hour the band left the stage and made it seem like the show was over. The crowd started shouting "Encore!" and they came back on to sing more songs!

The concert ended and Allie and I were so happy. Ross Lynch ended up singing "On My Own", a huge hit from "Teen Beach Movie" which Allie had been hoping for all night!

Of course we had to stop by the merch table and get shirts to remember this fun night! The shirts were super cool and we were so excited about them!

Overall, the concert was so fun and Allie and I are so glad we went. Before we went neither of us knew a lot of songs by The Driver Era, but now we can't get enough! If you're thinking about buying concert tickets, this is your sign... it will be so much fun!