Director of Software Development We're Hiring

Join Branch and help us invent the future of structural design software!

Branch is a software startup within StructureCraft

StructureCraft is an award-winning structural engineering, manufacturing, and construction company that specializes in timber structures. StructureCraft’s mission is to improve the built environment by demonstrating how the integrated Engineer-Build model produces better, more beautiful, and more efficient structures than the typical adversarial and fragmented construction process. Branch is an extension of StructureCraft’s mission: Branch aims to change how the building industry works by building a smart, modern, end-to-end design tool.

What Is Our Product?

Branch is next-generation 3D design platform for mass timber structures. Branch aims to let users explore designs at a high level (like building massing) and immediately see the impact in terms of literal nuts and bolts (shop drawings, BOMs, CNC files, etc.). Branch is highly interactive and hackable, allowing designers to explore options without limitations. We believe that integrating data from all aspects of the process allows for faster exploration and holistic, elegant designs.

Our Opportunity

Changing the building industry is an ambitious goal! Here are some of the reasons why we think we can pull it off.

  • Great People: We have a team full of software experts who also understand and care about the building industry.
  • Solid Product Foundations: In our industry, getting the details right is table stakes. Branch has already been used to detail and produce fabrication data for more than 600,000 square feet of mass timber.
  • Access to Users and Expertise: Our siting within StructureCraft means we work closely with experts from every stage of the process, from architects to carpenters.
  • Long-Term Vision: We’re a startup, but without the short-term focus that often comes with VC funding. We know we’re tackling a hard problem and we’re in it for the long haul!

Having developed Branch quietly for use by StructureCraft, we're looking to grow Branch to the next level. We need your help in changing the industry!

Your Role

We’re substantially expanding our team and our product in the coming months. We need your help in leading us through our next stages of growth! This is a leadership position with significant responsibilities:

  • Manage, mentor, and grow our talented engineering team; Help individuals grow as developers and team members. Provide feedback on technical design via code reviews & design documents. Assess gaps in team and help recruit new people.
  • Take ownership of our technology strategy and the design of our technical architecture; Design Branch's technical architecture, both for new features and re-architecting of existing code. Plan for and lead actual implementation of designs. Further develop our strategy relative to other AEC software.
  • Responsible for our strategy for DevOps and technical infrastructure.

Who We're Looking For

  • Fast Learners: You love learning and applying new things.
  • Problem Solvers: You often think “there must be a better way"…and then you search until you find one!
  • Open Collaborators: You believe in clear, honest communication.
  • Team Players: You value feedback and are all about finding the best solutions together.
  • Built-Environment Enthusiasts: We love that our industry makes physical things: buildings! Good ones are beautiful and efficient. We want to help make more good ones.
  • User Focused: Our end goal is to help users design buildings better, faster, and more intelligently than ever before.
  • Diverse Thinkers: Different experiences and points of view help teams find better solutions, faster.
  • Mission-Driven: You’re unhappy with the status quo in building design, and you’re excited to have a chance to build something better.

Position Requirements

  • Professional Experience: You have 10+ years’ experience in software, with at least 3+ in a leadership role.
  • Product Lifecycle Experience: You have experience working on and leading software products through multiple lifecycle phases.
  • Technical Expertise: You are a technical expert: while you don’t write as much code as you used to, you know code inside and out and are willing to dive into the weeds when necessary. Our existing team has a lot of domain expertise; you need to be able to impress them!
  • Relevant Industry Experience: You know the AEC industry well enough to understand the existing systems…and you are excited to show the industry a better way!
  • Portfolio of Problem Solving: You have a track record and/or portfolio demonstrating your ability to solve conceptually challenging problems.
  • Agile and Adaptable: You are comfortable working in a lean startup: working in an agile fashion, pivoting based on lessons learned, and a willingness to both identify and help fill gaps.

Position Details

This is a permanent, full-time position. Given the importance of this position, we’d prefer candidates near (or willing to relocate towards) our Vancouver, BC or Seattle offices. However, for the right person, we’re willing to be flexible (as long as you’re willing to join our Pacific-time scrum!).

How to Apply

Send your application including resume, portfolio and links to your work in confidence to: